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  1. Canopy adventures... So basically I "reupholstered" the inner side of the frame with 1mm plastic sheet to add more thickness. That's how it was before: and after, with the detailing and the 2 hidraulics for the closing/opening: Then, I'm about to change the plastic zig-zag ram pattern with PE pieces. The original plastic ram is too too thick and had imperfections from the cutting: Still not glued but those are the PE pieces:
  2. The adventure with the side frames of the cockpit. OOB they are just long clean pieces of plastic... That's how they look like in the real plane: I made provision for the canopy handle and for this huge black knob in the pic above, then I glued another stripe of plastic with the same thickness undernead and sanded them. The two cooling tubes that go into the frames are also added while the cooling grids will be easier to add after the painting - with just thin stripes of tape... and it is so much better now. Still not painted though.
  3. The cockpit rear bulkhead. A lot of cockpit mods are going on and at least that part is just about done. Here it is before: And those are the hydraulics for the opening of the canopy in their imaginary positions (not functional yet). I somewhat cheated and made them retractable 'through' the bulkhead. One shows how they should look like when the canopy is open and the other - when the canopy is closed. And here it is painted, with wires and rivets and basically it's prepped:
  4. Gorgeousness at its finest... What else to say the 7th and 18th pics from top to bottom are my most fav ones!
  5. Basically the same journey with the side panels... The vertical side panels are done too and they are glued to these side panels. All is weathered good and I`m dealing with the closing/opening of the canopy... i.e the rear bulkhead of the cockpit. Hopefully it will be ready for pix soon.
  6. It's a pretty good looking bird with those black glossy shades! Very GJ and keep on keeping on.
  7. Tomcat, Afghanistan, OEF, 2002, Diamondbacks.... sounds like a very nice plan! :) And that's a wonderful start. Make it real good, keep us posted, and WELCOME! :)
  8. hi Squizzy, it's awrsome to see another huge Nighthawk! nice IPs for start!
  9. The main ip is done: - the amount of holes; - the rods to replace the switches/knobs; - and the ready thing...
  10. btw here is a video of the FLIR testfitted and the tourette rotating.
  11. well they are in a reversed order but I'm at the ip now. cheerio
  12. again sry about the lack of spacing between the images. The nlg is ready and glued in the bay, which is then glued to the cockpit tub and then all will be glued to the lower fuselage cause its easy this way (for the making of the nlg bay door and the canopy moveable). So for the cockpit, i decided to make something for the first time as well - replacing the toggle switches and the knobs with plastic rods, then cut them, shape them, etc. I have now micro drills and can make tin almost invisible holes, so they will get in use nicely here. the side panels are the testbed and they are just about done... still plenty of detail to be made. Then i got started with the main ip. its painted and the decals are added. I have Micro Set and used it, it's perfect, the decals accepted amazingly the shape of the buttons, knobs etc. Pix in a sec.
  13. guys sorry about the displaying of the pix. I'm trying to post from my phone for the first time... not easy but my pc is kind of broken.... from over a month now, and they still don't know what is going on with it. but i couldn't wait to update the build. So, I'll try to explain the pix above. first the Flir is done. i made it moveable via two gears with an accessing port through the nose wheel bay. kind of neat. i also choose the scared plastic method to imitate the screen, which is fitted after making a small recessed edge along the perifery of the provisioning. it's glued and the ram stripes are glued along the edges but i couldnt take pictures yet. I'm continuing with the cockpit...
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