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  1. A very very beautiful Starfighter! Awesome subtle weathering and the rivets are... without a doubt, spot on!
  2. Well, it really turned out better than I thought with the painting and the rivetting.... I'm even thinking about a more thorough consideration towards Alclad II for my model as well. A very very GJ with the weathering! These subtle nuances look so awesome, especially with the contrasting decals. It's really beautiful!
  3. +1. It looks amazing! Just needs a little bit more weathering, at least to my taste. Some more scratches (silver and black/grey), some vertical streaks, a more contrasting panel wash, the decals also look very pristine..., especially on the portside near the cockpit. Hope you will do it justice with any further weathering, but it is a matter of personal preferences after all. It looks superb already!
  4. What an adventure! . . . When I get to the part with the lenght of the stripes and the spacing of the rivets, I figured out what really ''rivet counting'' mean. But that's next level!
  5. So far so awesome! I just noticed (in the second to last pic) that the nozzle itself is slightly angled downwards in comparison to the lenght of the engine/exhaust duct. Should it be like that? It could be just an illusion though.
  6. I'd say go for both ways - a mix of coarse(r) sandpaper under the Alclad and drybrushing above it. It could be the same after all, but, it's an extra layer of flavor. The goal is to keep the final pattern of the scratches as uneven as possible. While for the riverts - the resin ones seem just fine and yet, a mix with the goold old riveter here and there might look even better. For this plane, ''different is better''.
  7. Just a tip: make an easy stand out of foam or another common material. The plane should be easy for balancing because of its narrow and thin shape. Btw about the super detailing of the cockpit - I thought a lot about it and after seeing a couple of finished models - hmm... the cockpit of the Starfighter is so small that not everything will be nicely visible. That's why I only got a resin seat + pilot. The cockpit will be even mroe ''stuffed'' with them. But it would be very interesting to see how it will turn out the cockpit in your model. Do you plan to use a pilot figure as well? And do you
  8. Oh yes oh yes Hi Chuck! Very nice edneavour. Btw it will be a very important topic for me too, cause I have the same kit and I plan to start it after the Nighthawk, which will not be soon. Nevertheless, I prepped quite a bit of research on the Starfighter in the meantime. I'd like to make a conversion from the same No.2514 kit into an American C-version jet. So I also got the special metal foil adhesive from Microscale and I plan to cover the entire plane with kitchen aluminum foil - a couple of foil types maybe, plus a standard aluminum tape (already with adhesive layer on one side) from a
  9. I just catched up. Very GJ with the decals and stencils! And the subtle weathering (before the real one) is superb.
  10. wow, That's a kilo of stencils Very nice and sharp looking!
  11. Oh yes oh yes! That's the monster! Have a great fun building it, it's an amazing model!
  12. Very well done! This accentuator relly nicely highlighted the details. Make it guuut!
  13. All white. btw guys, congrats and happy 50% successful completion of the crewed Dragon demo-2 mission to the ISS! This ship looks out of this world! So firstly, here are the rims. I used the original ones from the kit because they had the right number of holes... but they were quite small (the holes), and I had to enlarge them. There is one rim done (left) and one still with the small holes (right): w/ the GTR brake disks/systems *for F-15. And here both rims are with enlarged holes: And here is all pa
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