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  1. F`s are my favs

    B-2 SPIRIT | 1:72

    I'll definitely need some time to enjoy it like it is right now glossy and sparkling... Btw, the agenda for painting is slightly different from the initial one. I just got the new mig gloss lacquer and it turned out that it is originally waaaaay diluted as it is out of the bottle. so it leaves a very nice wet coat. i should experiment on that lacquer + water based temper paints for the main color and the filtering.
  2. F`s are my favs

    B-2 SPIRIT | 1:72

    After the metalizers - Dark Aluminium and Duraluminium: The panel lines are slightly scribed just to allow me to orientate easily within the parallel things...
  3. F`s are my favs

    B-2 SPIRIT | 1:72

    The Surfacer - before and after: It's already with metalizers, but will take pics tomorrow at sunlight.
  4. F`s are my favs

    1/32 Revell F-4E 50TFW - In-Flight and Lit Up

    Oh yes, oh yes! These lights surprised me indeed. Quite interesting and complex and realistic. And the model is just Phabulous!
  5. F`s are my favs

    1/32 Revell F-4E - What could possibly go wrong!

    Oh, that's an awesome weathering and colors. She's superb!
  6. F`s are my favs

    F-15E --- 1/32 --- Tamiya

    Thanks aircommando! This sounds epic, especially the first one I love dioramas.
  7. F`s are my favs

    F4D....the Ford

    Noooooooice! Looks fabulous and awesoooome!
  8. F`s are my favs

    F-15E --- 1/32 --- Tamiya

    10x Dany Boy! Btw check out my facebook albumbs with the Parked and In-flight photoshoot when it was still without the weathering: https://www.facebook.com/milan.mitev.7/media_set?set=a.1463650750337895.1073741846.100000789522018&type=3 https://www.facebook.com/milan.mitev.7/media_set?set=a.1462139703822333.1073741845.100000789522018&type=3 there are more pics
  9. F`s are my favs

    F-15E --- 1/32 --- Tamiya

    Well, i don't have quite much to say about the previous pics.... but it's finaly weathered and i took some while it's still fresh after the weathering. This is after an overal salt treatment; a very light postshading and imitation of streaks with OPs; some very very subtle pin-wash mostly along the moveable "parts"; and a very very light coat of satin gloss over a few/separate panels; and after some sponge dabbing to create larger wethered ares. Here is it, in flying mod. Btw i'll post only a couple pics here and the most in the first post so that there are still some visible pics on the first page. Enjoy guys! Thx check out the first page/first post for more...
  10. F`s are my favs

    Tornado ECR "OLD SCHOOL" Revell 1:32

    Nice! Awesome weathering! This point of view in the pics make it look very fast
  11. F`s are my favs

    EA-18G Growler, SHADOWHAWKS

    Very sparkingly clean to my taste, but it's wonderful! I like these constrasts! GJ
  12. it's an awesome looking bird already!
  13. F`s are my favs

    Tamiya F-16C 526th TFS Ramstein AB (1988)

    These nozzles look like they jumped out from a real movie..... i'm speechless indeed. Perhaps the light settings do a lot of the effect, but they look wonderful! I could only imagine how this Falcon would look like with some more tear and wear.... If you leave it clean - it would be also phenomenal. Nice! GJ! Keep on going and posting!
  14. F`s are my favs

    B-2 SPIRIT | 1:72

    Hi gents! Happy New forum, and here are some new silhouettes as well. It was a lot of gluing, filling, drying, sanding, with numerous repeats. Finally it's just about ready for priming. The top side: And the bottom side: Some fine sanding and a soapy bath, and Mr.Surfacer is just around the corner
  15. F`s are my favs

    Forum Upgrade

    oh wow! the update is awesome! i especially like the opt for several emotion buttons.