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  1. I also use the UMM acrylic jigs for assembly. But I also use them for transporting the models to shows or club meetings. I have had very good luck as I have always arrived with all parts intact. Jager
  2. 36 years ago I purchased my first Silent Air compressor after my John Brown compressor shelled. 4 years ago I had to replace that Silent Air compressor after 32 years of perfect service. I replaced it with this Panther unit. I believe it is all manufactured by Silent-Air also. https://www.werther.com/assets/pdfs/silent-compressor-packages/P50-24 AL Flyer.pdf I purchased both units from Werther International in Houston. I have no complaints about my Panther. It silently sits next to my build-bench. I hardly notice it run. My music is louder than the compressor. There are a lot of good choices out there, this is mine. Jager
  3. Very nice work. One of my favorite propeller driven aircraft. Your interpretation and execution is meticulous. Let us know what contest you will be at next with this aircraft and I won't enter in that category. Thanks for sharing. What other subjects have you done?
  4. Very nice, well executed. Thanks for sharing. Jager
  5. Between FW190's, Tiger and King Tiger tanks there are ENOUGH to choose from. Let's get bold and release some very overlooked subjects like helicopters.
  6. My primary care physician told me that the chance of misjudgment of distance or elevation is increased wearing bi or tri-focal lenses. Thus increasing the chance of falling. I have been using progressive lens glasses for a long period of time with no issues. Jager
  7. The Canadian Warbird Museum in Hamilton has a Mk.X that flys every Saturday. You can purchase a ride if you are feeling financially flush. No ride for me but just seeing one is pretty cool. https://www.warplane.com Jager P.S. I would like to add that the museum has a virtual reality program that incorporates an actual WW2 British reporters recording of a night bombing mission over Berlin which he flew in a Lancaster and recorded his observations. This should be a 'must do' if you attend the museum.
  8. Once again Revell is producing a decent kit in large scale for an MSRP of under $60. I recently built their 1/32 Ar-196. It went together well and I viewed it as a bargain for under $40. Sure there are more detailed expensive kits but those additional detail requirements can be furnished by the after-market for those who want to go to that level. I am looking forward to building this single seater.
  9. Miloslav Your work is coming along nicely. The HGW positive rivets do look real good. What black primer are you using? Keep up the great build. Jager
  10. Very nice modeling. Very good photography. Please fill us in, Light Box?, type of camera, exposure? I ask the question because I have been seeing an increased quality of photos posted by modelers. I want to expand and improve my model photos. Thanks for posting a great looking model. Jager
  11. 1/32: HH-43 Huskie/Pedro N/MH-90 Enforcer H-34 Chickasaw Lockheed YO-3 Quiet Star Sikorsky/Erickson S-64 Skycrane Spartan Executive 7W
  12. I agree the radial engine ruins the Storch lines. But after the war French airframe production continued utilizing a radial engine. The aircraft was designated the Morane Saulnier MS-502. My understanding it was a very popular glider tow aircraft. Regardless, it is You-gly with the radial engine.
  13. Utilizing both 'The Official Monogram Painting Guide" and "German Aircraft Interiors 1935-1945" authored by Kenneth A. Merrick with Thomas Hitchcock on 'Painting Guide" both publications spec RLM66. Airframe Album #7 Ar-196 is weak on color pictures and discussion on interior color. There is one revealing canopy frame picture of the NASM's 196 waiting restoration that seems to support RLM66. In the same publication in the "Models" section most of them were built with RLM02 cockpits. Web searching completed Ar-196 yields the same confusion. Having built numerous WW2 German aircraft, RLM66 is the proper color for this vintage aircraft. At this point I am going with RLM66 unless the case for RLM02 for this aircraft can be made. Thanks for your input ahead of time, Jager
  14. I would like both the 4 and 5 bladed units but I can not find the product listing for either one. Please advise. Thanks ahead of time. Jager
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