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  1. I believe I have had that 1/32T-1 conversion set in my stash now for at least 10 years! That build has been in the top 5 for as long. I will be finishing the Bv-222 that has been sprawled on my bench and is in the final stage of weathering. The T-1 is going to be my primary winter build. Pastor John, I hope your hand pain is as manageable as possible. Good to see this post by you. Hang in there. Jager "Living On Tulsa Time"
  2. While at the NATS in Omaha I went to the Iwata airbrush class. One topic was cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaners were not discouraged. But that the positioning of the airbrush in the cleaners, whether it be a container of soap or an ultrasonic cleaner, was important. The instructor indicated that the AB should be vertical in a nose-down position in the cleaner. The depth should not be deeper than the forward "wet" section of the AB. Another words, the 'air' section should not be in the cleaner. I never understood why not submerse all the components, minus the air valve. This is the way I have done it for years with no adverse affects. He also said that the Iwata seals would not be damaged in cleaners like simple green. Bottom line just keep them clean after each use and ultrasonic clean them as needed. P.S. (edit 8/24/22) The instructor did say avoid the use of cleaners with ammonia because it reacted with the chroming. Example given was the exposed brass in the paint cup. It is not detrimental, just cosmetic. Jager
  3. Thanks Grey Ghost. This was one of the best for me. My family and local model club reached out and wished me birthday greetings. My wife and I and 2 of our best friends went out for a steak and wine dinner followed by birthday cake at the house. A wonderful day. Jager
  4. Damian, Your website is indicating they are sold out. I would like to order a set also. Is that possible? I recently purchased a couple of sets of the Ju88 gear. Please advise on the A4 for Hasagawa. Thanks, Jager
  5. An-225 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Antonov_An-225_Beltyukov-1.jpg#/media/File:Antonov_An-225_Beltyukov-1.jpg
  6. PBS Frontline did an investigative report that is very in-depth:
  7. I'm going to buy one 5 seconds after it gets released.......just sayin'
  8. John I am very sorry to hear that the surgery outcome did not turn out better. Maybe this can turn out to indirectly be positive for you. Promote yourself to be the Creative Director of AIMS models (one title you already have). Hire a local artist with the skill-set necessary to bring your visions to market. Your place in our hobby has been important. Too lose your expertise completely would truly be missed. Jager "Living On Tulsa Time"
  9. Bucking rivets in the aft fuselage hot section of the F15, MDC required our assemblers to wear ear pro. Not so much on our DC8 re-engining program. Buck-on Bros.
  10. If you have ever bucked rivets, ear pro is essential too.
  11. Wonderful work. Your patience, command of build technique and painting skills are very evident. Congrats on this build. Thanks for sharing it.
  12. I would be in-line for one of these. Like others have said it is long overdue. I can see it in any livery, Erickson Orange, Evergreen Green or military colors. It would be appreciated if the selection of helicopters be expanded especially in larger scales, 1/48, 1/32 or 1/35. Helicopter subjects have been largely ignored by manufacturers in lieu of over producing 190s, 109s, Mustangs, Tiger and King Tiger tanks, you get what I mean. While the manufacturers are not expanding their subjects they are also not improving their kit engineering and manufacturing. There have been some advances such has the recent release of the Tamiya P38. I diverge. Simply put, Hell Yes, I would purchase a large scale CH54.
  13. Thanks Allthumbs for posting your picture gallery. Those of us unable to make the Nationals appreciate seeing what we missed. Hope to be in Omaha next year.
  14. Thanks Dave. After looking at the photos and the build documentation one quote comes to mind from Wayne and Garth, "I'm not worthy"! Truly a wonderful, skillful build. It deserves what ever awards it gleans. Thanks to all who have been posting photos for those of us non-attendees. Please keep posting and letting us know about the awards.
  15. What kit and scale was that CH54? If its the 1/72 Revell kit the builder did a magnificent detailing job.The entry card is not in the photo. Jager
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