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  1. It's my understanding, like the initial moon landing, Ingenuity has a piece of cloth from the Wright Brothers "Flyer" on-board. I too am old enough to have watched the first moon landing with amazement. I will be watching this "Wright Brothers" moment with same enthusiasm I had with the moon landings and Voyager leaving our solar system. Jager
  2. On one visit to Pima I was walking towards the YC-14 with out looking where I was walking when I had one of those feelings to stop. I did, and let a 4 foot long rattlesnake have the right-of-way. Just an FYI. Jager
  3. Its Fescue not Bermuda or the photo is not recent. Jager
  4. Have patience and understanding. The new administration is working on dislodging Dejoy by making changes to the board of directors composition. Then the possibility of modernization of the USPS comes back into play. Maybe even replacing the sorting machines that were removed by Dejoy. Then hiring more personnel to carry out the task of mail service. Jager
  5. Temps of 1degree(F) and 6 inches of snow (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) over the top of the ice-covering we got last Wednesday here in Tulsa. Jager
  6. I put my I-Tunes on shuffle and be surprised with what comes up next. I have well over 15,000 songs in my library. No clock or TV in the hobby room. No reality allowed! Jager
  7. 100% Off for reasons previously mentioned, cleanup and color matching. Jager
  8. Interesting the choice of aircraft on the cover art was an F104. The plane that collided with the XB70. Jager
  9. The H-34 Choctaw got its decals installed today. It is the latest release of it from Italari. Its been a good build so far. A bit of a mis-fitting canopy that will have to be addressed. Another day in Pandemic Paradise. Jager
  10. This is an enjoyable build. Kit goes together well. I built 2 at the same time. One was the Super Tuc "Anniversary" bird and the other was in USAF Coin-configuration. I think it is a great plane for its purpose. Very cost effective too. Enjoy your build.
  11. Could not agree more. It is only opening up new levels of WTF for 2020. How low will it go? RIP RBG and thanks for all your outstanding accomplishments and dedication to our country Jager
  12. I thought that Greyhound was a good movie. As previously stated, even my wife who traditionally does not like 'war' movies, enjoyed it. I felt it was done well and worth seeing. Sure there were some things that were either technically or historically debatable in it. Debatable because most of us on this forum have deeper knowledge on this subject than the average viewer. Tom Hanks' character was believable. The CG was very well done......for CG. Bottom line, Watch it....formulate your own opinion.
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