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  1. Our Tulsa Oklahoma IPMS model club is a cohesive club without the COVID19 issues. But with COVID19 among us we have started a "CORONA BUILD" topic on our club website. Club members are staying connected with these builds and are looking into tele-conferencing our monthly club meetings. Improvise, Adapt and Over-come. Hang in there people. If we do the right things, we will come out of this better. https://www.tulsaipms.org/forum Jager aka FFL
  2. Here is the 163, unrestored in original camo, at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. https://airandspace.si.edu/multimedia-gallery/11364hjpg I have visited the museum numerous times. What an outstanding collection. Jager
  3. Jager


    I agree completely. SK's box art is second to none. I have seen his calenders and they equally good.
  4. This should be on every aircraft buffs bucket list. Went last summer. My wife was a trooper made it the 2 days we took to go thru it. It was my second visit. Jager
  5. This is a wise decision. Smart move with what knowledge we have about this virus. I hope all governments and private sector also move in a direction that reflects the sevarity of this virus and the necessity to confront it.
  6. I have a AIMS Ju88-T3 conversion that is in the stash. It is always in the top 2 kits to be built but for the last 2 years. It never fails just as I get ready to start it, another kit gets my attention and gets built. I getting close though. Jager Living On Tulsa Time
  7. You will enjoy this kit build. It goes together nicely. I built mine as Eduard Schallmoser's aircraft. He was Galland's wingman. Jager
  8. Tunic-counting? Nothing is sacred. (only intended as humor, you know like rivet-counting)
  9. I am building the MiniArt 282-V23. I have a couple of color questions; First, on photos of V23 in original paint scheme, the tubular structure seems to be a dark color, probably green. But in this build they are a blue/gray. Why is there difference ? Also concerning the rotor blades what color are they for V23? Once again they look dark on both sides in phots and you have portrayed them in a gray/blue. Is that just the primer? Your build documentation is magnificent. Thanks for taking your time to address my questions. Jager
  10. After cleaning and repair, don't forget to put a bit of beeswax on all the threads during reassembly. I use Burt's Bees, Beeswax Lip Balm. This will seal any possible air leaks. Jager
  11. I'm still waiting for one of those Dick Tracy 'Flying Trash Cans'.
  12. Thanks for this post. Watched it completely. It was very fascinating. We should never forget them.
  13. Why doesn't Tamiya just produce a military-color line of paints that parallel Gunze Aqueous and eliminate mixing? I too like Gunze Aqueous acrylics and Tamiya acrylics. Hello GSI Creos marketing, your American market wants Aqueous paint back. Hello Tamiya Marketing, GSI Creos left the American market leaving you a market-void to fill. Just fill it with paint selections we don't have to mix. Our modeling time is challenged and it would save time if we did not have to mix. I hope this does not fall on continued deaf ears. Just sayin' Jager
  14. I also use the UMM acrylic jigs for assembly. But I also use them for transporting the models to shows or club meetings. I have had very good luck as I have always arrived with all parts intact. Jager
  15. 36 years ago I purchased my first Silent Air compressor after my John Brown compressor shelled. 4 years ago I had to replace that Silent Air compressor after 32 years of perfect service. I replaced it with this Panther unit. I believe it is all manufactured by Silent-Air also. https://www.werther.com/assets/pdfs/silent-compressor-packages/P50-24 AL Flyer.pdf I purchased both units from Werther International in Houston. I have no complaints about my Panther. It silently sits next to my build-bench. I hardly notice it run. My music is louder than the compressor. There are a lot of good choices out there, this is mine. Jager
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