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  1. Indeed, they say "No shipping options". There is also https://hobbycolours.com/ in Greece, they do quote shipping to Australia so unless Australian post prohibits this type of paint to be shipped in, Europe is a possibility.
  2. Did you check manufacturer's website? (mrpaint.sk) They do ship to US so they might ship to OZ as well. It is likely not worth for one or two bottles but few more might make it a decent deal.
  3. Polish hobby store with good service. Be careful with credit card payments though, sometimes payment is treated as a cash advance so you might be hit with fees.
  4. I saw 1/33 Tu-160 paper model few years ago. It was pretty impressive and I wouldn't mind having one hanging in my home. But I have little interest in bone. Had a 1/48 kit but sold it as it looked like I'd never get to it.
  5. Tamiya GE nozzle is not for Sufa, which has PW engine. And I'll take ResKit one over GT any day of the week.
  6. Quinta for a cockpit. Wolfpack resin cockpit is great but it is hard to find.
  7. I don't have a favorite, hate them all. It is just necessary evil. I use gel whenever possible.
  8. I also couldn't find it yet but would suggest watching this eBay seller: https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/dawngrocerystore
  9. They really do. I've posted some photos couple of years ago.
  10. Mr.Hobby has a special resin primer in a rattle can. I don't know how well it sticks.
  11. Tamiya customer service is a great source of replacement parts.
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