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  1. I use https://www.loctiteproducts.com/en/products/fix/super-glue/loctite_super_glueultragelcontrol.html for slow CA but for IP I prefer PVA type glue.
  2. internethobbies and hobbymodels are the same. I've ordered from first but my card was charged by second and package came from it as well. I received one kit out of two ordered and went through credit card chargeback to get refund. Well, 50% success rate.
  3. I use Kristal Klear which is the same PVA or Testors clear parts cement. Few small drops at some distance is usually enough.
  4. When I looked for one couple of years ago, amazon.de was the cheapest. Bought two books, paid ~2/3 of 1 book's price for DHL shipping.
  5. Same here. Russian post tracking says "Left Russia" so there is no way to know its whereabouts. There are no international flights from/to Russia until July 15 at least. I have no idea how post offices are operating at the moment. I got couple of packages from China and Australia recently but travel time was significantly longer than usual.
  6. I used to build gliders ( FAI F1A class) when I was in high school (more than 35 years ago) and have unfinished Guillows kit for like 15 years or so. Not sure whether I'll ever finish it.
  7. Of course not, they're being slowly fried for most part of their life.
  8. 70 and I plan to build them all display space permitting. Still have time I hope.
  9. For me buying directly from Tamiya was cheaper than any eBay offering, provided sprues are from current production kit.
  10. You might want to take a look onto this:
  11. Not the type of kits we used to but sure 1/24 MiG-29:
  12. So now you could tip them all at once?
  13. Hmm, what can be better than 1/32 Viggen? Right, two 1/32 Viggens. And a Draken. And Gripen. Bring them all!
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