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  1. Poor translation from Russian. Meaning "armed with cannon(s)". "Пушечный истребитель" in Russian. Not sure whether similar term exists in English.
  2. Mine is definitely older than 15 years (and travelled about half of the world) but have no adverse effect on canopies. I haven't used resin ones though.
  3. This is a Ukrainian site so it is not a good time.
  4. There are quite a few companies still flying to/from Russia (Turkish Airlines, El Al, Emirates to name a few) so mail is still being going in and out. Delivery times will probably increase.
  5. UnionPay cards are still working in Russia. Brief search shows that these cards are possible to get in US or Europe but they're not as convenient as VISA/MC.
  6. No surprises. Same experience as with any reputable retailer like Sprue Brothers. I don't know whether anything changed in these 5 years passed since my order especially shipping costs.
  7. They're in Poland as far as I remember. So far it is a 100% success rate with one small order. Haven't heard nothing bad about them.
  8. Both Sufa and single seater kits contain 2 HTS pods (E-29, 30 and H-7,8). I checked this route building Barak posted above.
  9. I've done this after checking the Isradecal book. However when posting my model in Israeli group on Facebook I was told that IAF doesn't use it anymore.
  10. https://www.isradecal.com/product-page/mk-4-seat-for-mirage-1-32
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