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  1. Helmsman

    do you keep all of your finished models?

    Kept them all so far. I still have some space in cabinets for smaller models but starting to think about getting a bigger house some 500 miles east which will partially solve my space problem for 1/32 models.
  2. This color was used on MiGs, not on Sukhoi aircraft.
  3. After closer look onto second color I'm really not sure it is suitable. It is too light. So I'd stick with the first one, maybe lightened a bit with white.
  4. Model maker decals: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/D32042
  5. Not sure what is "standard Russian green", probably famous MiG-21 to -31 cockpit Turquoise, but Su-30 cockpit is blue. http://mrpaint.sk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=274 - for early su-27 family and http://mrpaint.sk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=372 - for late Su-'s
  6. One is not even close to enough
  7. Helmsman

    1/32 Su-35 Flanker E conversion?

    I think converting Su-33 to -35 is a bad idea. -33 has canards while -35 doesn't. Also -33 has larger wings. -35 is modified -27 so -27 probably would be a better start.
  8. Helmsman

    Fake Iwata Airbruhes

    Hmm, never heard of any counterfeit Iwatas. Not that I looked for one though. I did see lots of cheap chinese airbrushes and even used one briefly, but they all were not similar to any big brands. Maybe I'm just ignorant. It seems that Iwata begun making airbrushes for Gunze, but it is completely different story.
  9. Helmsman

    Trumpeter MiG-29A

    It might fit I guess but the instrument panel is different and maybe some other details. I can't post pictures for some reason, but google has plenty of examples.
  10. Helmsman

    Trumpeter MiG-29A

    I've built the "K" version with Avionix cockpit. It won't let you close a canopy due to equipment box behind ejection seat is too wide. And no, the "M" cockpit is not suitable for "A"
  11. Helmsman

    IAF Mirage 3 ip,posted by 10 kills' ace

    Maybe we can start with this group name...
  12. Helmsman

    IAF Mirage 3 ip,posted by 10 kills' ace

    "Content not available" Is it posted to some closed group?
  13. Helmsman

    2018 World Cup

    This is spoiled rugby. I'll keep eye on Russia and knock out stage, but I'd rather play table tennis.