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Effect of Ukraine War on our Hobby…

Bill M.

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6 hours ago, Uncarina said:

Aviattic is offering a limited edition 1/32 Fokker DVII F decal sheet in Ukrainian markings. All profits go to charities aiding refugees from the invasion:



Cheers,  Tom

To use these decals I need to trade one of my DVII for an F variant or figure out how to make an F. 

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I guess new/tribute models of An-225 will appear. Many people will be inspired to make dioramas of some battle scenes in Kiyv/Kharkiv for example. It is also plausible the prices of the kits to change quite a lot... I heard the nickel price is skyrocketing right now, which means twice more expensive batteries... it's unreasonable to believe that this would not affect the plastics as well. If to produce a plastic kit is quite energy-costly, then I guess the future oil/gaz/energy embargos will play a major role as well. Also, the giant kit stash collections would become much more valuable ... I have only 4 unbuilt models :) . I believe the world will change for good, including our hobby! ;)  


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Ukraine is indeed a goldmine of terrific modellers and producers.  Reskit, ICM, Roden, Metallic Details, Miniart, Micro-mir, Masterbox, LEM and many of the other very productive Eastern companies are located in Ukraine. So, please, buy their kits!!!


Either they will be lucky enough to avoid critical damages and go on working after the end of that mess but they will still need support to help the others who were impacted; either they won't be, their models and accessoires will be a testimony of the past and they will require more support.


Last, even the self-centered modeller should understand it is his own interest to grab them as they are still available.


Very sad period for Ukraine people...






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52 minutes ago, Grant_T said:

Just made an order with Reskit. Slava Ukraini!

I placed an order on 2/18 and it’s still showing as pending.  Hopefully they’re OK, but they’re out of Kiev and filling orders likely isn’t a priority right now.

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On 3/10/2022 at 3:17 AM, F`s are my favs said:

I believe the world will change for good, including our hobby! ;)  


Highly unlikely dear ;)




ICM and MiniArt probably will stop production for indefinite periods. As well as others based in Ukraine. That will be huge loss for everybody, especially in the worst case scenario with the possibility that they do not recover at all. And if not all, some will die out. 


Russian stuff - for various reasons I tried to stay away from all my life, now I have even better incentive. Not like Zvezda are the best out there nor I have planned my vacation in the middle of their country.


On the other hand, models of Mriya, Su-25, MiG-29s and Mi-24s will probably appear in various re-packs and with aftermarket options. Maybe some of the companies will relocate within the EU. Hopefully.

I am hoping for a decent Su-24 and Su-25 in 48th. Even in 32nd. But let see the war's end and then look for models.


Even if they start rebuilding today, they have decades to get over all this.

So so sad.

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