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  1. If that’s a deal I’m cool with $5.00 a gallon gas hahahaha!
  2. Truly a great place to visit, been there twice in my life. I’m glad that they announced that no statutes will be removed!
  3. A B-1B , B-2A, 747, 777, F-106A, 727.
  4. Very good point. I also remember the whole intake scandal. I guess you’re not allowed to produce a correct conversion of something if someone else does one.
  5. I’m still waiting on that 1/32 F-4B.
  6. In the end we are going to get screwed over. But let’s hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil because you might offend someone.
  7. It’s getting to the point that it’s not worth selling stuff, not to mention PayPal reporting you to the IRS.
  8. Will we see a decal sheet , Polish Migs in Ukrainian service?
  9. Is this the ghost of Kiev? I’ve seen the video. Does anyone know if the Ukrainians still have a air force left?
  10. I sure wish someone would do that strike camera mod. that’s on Col. Olds F-4 double MiG killer. Your build is giving me the urge to do a C.
  11. Yeah, you may need to do some scratch building or 3D print it if you have the ability. I’ve never seen a AM version of it.
  12. If you can , check out the isra decal F-16C/D book. They have some good pics of the PP pod.
  13. I think you can modify the 1/32 Tamiya HTS pod to look like the PP pod. I believe the IAF uses them on their F-16’s.
  14. Any timeframe on when the AERO-3B will be ready for purchase?
  15. I’m guilty of starting builds a loooooong time ago too. My last completed kit was 2006.
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