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  1. I’ve got a feeling there will be a lot of orders off eBay and off shore after everyone in the US saw the markup Squadron demanded on everyone. I’ll get one, but not at the USA import price.
  2. Duh.... About More than 2X the kit price.
  3. 100% chance of rain Saturday. I might make it down to the shop and start back on the F-16D so it's not classified as "stalled"
  4. I'm actually surprised some aftermarket supplier hasn't offered a fix for this. One that could be done like the 1/72 Space Shuttle kit had for it. Basically a "cap" where you carefully section out an area and replace with the resin part.
  5. Wife took me for a Fathers Day gift years back when we were out there for one of my trade shows for work. Beyond awesome is the only way to describe it. Somehow we managed to pick a company that leases space from the reservation so we got to land in the base and take a boat ride down river as well. My ride was about 50’ off the desert floor, but when we broke the edge of the canyon, the pilot nosed it over and we did a dive down into the canyon. Man, what a rush that was!
  6. Please stop.....I already have too many F-16 kits/builds!
  7. Hey Gary. Where’s the contest at? I’m heading out west to Wyoming the week before and should be home Friday night.
  8. Academy's do come with two canopies. One clear, one slightly tinted. Eventually I'll have three spares to consider doing some conversions!
  9. Academy’s SUFA builds into a really nice D. That box is loaded with all kinds of goodies.
  10. Hmmm....... Do I really need to keep mine then..??
  11. You make it look so easy..... Thanks for posting this!
  12. Is there a list somewhere that shows which kits are mfgrd. In China, Taiwan or other places? I might be about to use this info as fodder to have an excuse to buy, buy, buy!!!
  13. One is listed as Revell, the other is Revell of Germany in the description, but both are listed as ROG, Head scratcher for sure.
  14. Perfect timing! Order placed.
  15. Get the SUFA. So many options in that box and so many left over goodies for future builds. Sourcing doors and gear for early blocks shouldn’t be that hard to find. I’m building one right now as a US version of the SCANG Swamp Fox squadron. My Doc is the flight surgeon for the 169th and he gets back seat time in the plane I’m building. Hoping to have it done by May 8th, my next appointment.
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