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  1. Just wrapped up my binge watching of the 7 seasons of DS9 yesterday. My kit will be here tomorrow. I’m thinking I’m going to go all out with lighting and PE details. Yea, it’s gonna be expensive.
  2. Oh man, flashbacks!! My first Tamiya was all it took for me to stock up on resin intake sets when I found them on eBay or online elsewhere. I think I spent a week working out the kit parts. I can do the DMold or the old Rhino's in a couple of hours at most.
  3. I guess those won't be showing up in the Army Navy Surplus store anytime soon!
  4. Was price mentioned any where in the video ? Curious how many Corvettes I could buy for one of those. Looks like a great tool for the pilots.
  5. Times like this I usually tape the kit together with all of it's main parts and sitting on the LG. I add weight as needed, then just a bit more to add for the paint and glue and any other small parts behind the center of gravity I might add during the build. This brings back memories of when I was a kid building models. I would go swipe lead sinkers out of our tackle box and then attempt to use a generous portion of Testors tube glue to secure the weights into the nose of the kit. And of course I would come back the next morning to find the nose of my model melted off.
  6. Well Ryan, you made me feel much better today! I've been here 17 years and off the top of my head I've built 21 24 LSP's in addition to a few various scale airplanes. submarines, SyFi and just fun builds like egg planes or cartoon type stuff.
  7. I certainly hope so! Between my Tamiya kit and the GT Resin B conversion and Zotz decals, I spent about that much or more on my B build. Hopefully that number is just an MSRP and street price will be lower.
  8. Also a Revell reboxed with different decals.
  9. A setting under my user profile or settings the mods set up?
  10. I've got a drawer full of them from my previous life. Now I have a new use for them as well!
  11. I ordered some heavy parts for my dock a couple weeks ago. Box was something like 50-60 Lbs. It was only going 200 miles. $85 shipped. I discovered it was also shipped FedEx overnight. I guess they had too many losses with 2 or 3 day shipping since the bottom of the box was half split open when I got it. They should look into tape with the fiber strips in it.
  12. Not sure if this tip applies to LSP forum settings or not, but I host from ImageShack. I was trying to post pics using links on another forum and I kept getting error messages. It would post some of my pics, others would get the error. I finally discovered what was going on. When I uploaded my pic from my iphone to ImageShack I was simply choosing the original size of the image. Actual size (2.7 MB) at the bottom of the upload. I was uploading the images and they were too large, even for a third party hosting site. If I clicked on the Actual size (2.7 MB) at the bottom of the screen, it let me select a smaller image to upload. I started selecting something like 759 KB and then upload and my ImageShack links started working with the forum. I always thought that if it was 3rd party linked it didn't matter. I was wrong. And apparently no one on that forum knew this was a problem as well.
  13. Do not know why they don't offer clear outer skin for those kits. Amazing details.
  14. Keep in mind the inflation costs added too. But yea, hard to stomach a Revell kit at that price.
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