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  1. Mine's through Hannant's as well. I'm in a bad position though. I'm moving on the 30th of this month. Since the new place is not ours yet, I don't want to do a change of address with Hannant's or PayPal until it is legally ours on paper. I hope the USPS Forwarding service works good! If it ships FedEx, that would be great since I can do a re-direct to the FedEx next to work and pick it up there. Oh well, I'll probably be swinging by the "old place" for a while until it is sold and closed just to work on the place and spend a few nights there for insurance purposes.
  2. $109 through Sealmodel. But you have that long shipping wait.
  3. Quick! Someone send me $400 for mine before it comes out again!
  4. Saw the kids wearing earpro and was waiting on that cannon to go off. That's one hell of a model!
  5. Great! NC can have the infamy for this goofy look! I thought we were to blame for it, I was very embarrassed over it.
  6. Shhhh....He's a Chevy guy. Let him do it! I have an F-250 and drive a Mustang everyday.
  7. Ohhh, LA to Atl. Welcome to the humidity of the south! Do you like pickles? Drink pickle juice if getting out in the summer and doing yard work. I do it just to watch my wife get sick! She hates pickles. And to fit in with that Chevy, you need to lower the back end where the bumper almost drags the road and raise the front end. It's the latest trend.... Oh, and pull off the mufflers and straight pipe it.
  8. Amateur. I’m at #9 in the stash and already built 8. i Hope it comes back. I really want to build mine, but hard to pass up stupid money if ever offered.
  9. Anyone got a release date on this yet? Looks like I’m moving at the end of April after 25 years in the same home. Not sure if I should cancel my preorder at Hannant’s due to timing of overseas shipments and moving schedule. If it’s this summer, I can simply change my shipping info in my PP account.
  10. Being a former paint and body guy and having a son that does paint corrections and coatings, that is money well spent in your climate. It really does look good. He did a great job!
  11. I read this thread the other night and had "In the Navy" and "YMCA" stuck in my head for days. And now it starts all over again.....
  12. Back in 2007 a Guy by the name of John Ivory made 1/18 decals for the 21st Century planes. He also shrunk some of his SCANG decals for me down to 1/32. I finally used those all up. Googling his name, it looks like he sold off his business. johns-stuff.com
  13. I did the pre-order through Hannants. Great pricing if you can still get on the list.
  14. Not sure why, but it would not let me add the accessory sets to the BO. Maybe their allotment has been filled??
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