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  1. Cool! New decals to boot too! I wonder why all the box differences? I do like the two piece boxes better for holding parts, but my cat really enjoyed the ROG boxes!
  2. Poor little guy. Hope he fully recovers and learns his lesson! Time for some liver steaks for him! I don't dare let our cat outside. He's so damned curious he would probably never come home. Merlot says "Hi"
  3. Seeing how my wife and you share the same profession, I believe it. Some really childish morons (MD’s) that had mommy and daddy give them everything they wanted in life. Can’t handle it when faced with an adult decision. The stories I have heard over a bottle of wine......
  4. I've got two kits in the stash....just sayin'. I always use correction parts when available.
  5. I have the Korean AF boxing and it has everything the SUFA kit has with different decals and instructions.
  6. You did good!! Real good. OK, You Suck! kind of good!! You're going to love all of the goodies packed into that box. I wish there was a master spread sheet of everything provided on the sprues for all of the variations you can build.
  7. Building the SC Air Nat. Guard D my MD flies in the back seat for air time. Started with the SUFA kit.
  8. And I got my FedEx shipping notice already. Being delivered Friday. These guys trying to out do Sprue Brothers? I’m impressed!
  9. ScottsGT


    I'd like a chunk of that kit so I could build a cool display for my X-15 kit.
  10. Thanks! I couldn't turn that one down either. I know I can always get my money back out of it if I decide not to build it. I see the B-24J has dropped down to $200 as well.
  11. I usually start with a bright silver base and then use my airbrush to layer on shading using a combination of translucent blue and smoke. When good and dry I’ll go over it with a black wash.
  12. Colin, how about some pics? I've got the guppy kit. Just waiting to finish up some current builds before I get started.
  13. I built one back during the first release. It is a monster that is quite impressive! Unfortunately, it's boxed up still after my move at work. Had it in my office. I will say, taping off all the black into the deep ridges of the surface was a real PITA! I need to find a place to display it once again.
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