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  1. Awesome. Order placed, and I threw in another set of Revell Phantom legs on the order as well. If you don’t have the Phantom gear in stock, just hold my entire order until things are running again. No big hurry, got plenty of projects to keep me busy for a while.
  2. Working on my Fisher AD-5W. I discovered that the rear portholes do not fit the curvature of the hatch. Had to file, sand and polish to the curvature. Last wet sand was with 2000 grit. I then tried my usual polish and it still was a bit hazy. Tried toothpaste, still the same. Other than applying some Future after plane is painted, anyone got tips for polishing resin to a glossy finish?
  3. Right now I’m watching Homestead Rescue on Discovery Channel. They are in Paradise rebuilding a homestead for a family. Guess what they have in common? Yep, waiting on the insurance company.
  4. Good time to post this one again. My build using GT Resin’s conversion. You can see better pics of it on Gary’s website.
  5. Just got word today it looks like I’m going to be home until May working online. Honestly, I’m lucky if I can find 2 hours a day to do at home. As long as I try.....
  6. Well I just got shut down for the remainder of the month. Last Thursday I started my Fisher Skyraider kit. Looks like I get to keep on building tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day.......
  7. This seems like a good place to put this pic. I built these from the old Revell N kits and Tamiya decals.
  8. I was lucky too. Even luckier last week when I found the A-1E and a Trumpeter donor kit on the Traders Board. I’ve decided I’m not getting any younger and I’ve started building my nicer kits I invested a lot into. Wow! That GSB is sexy! I was planning the gray, but dang!
  9. I've been watching his subthread here. Nothing as of late. I think his last message he said he was looking into having castings done by a third party. I sure would like to see some of his work again on the market. I had finally started buying what I was watching on his site for a while, and then disaster struck.
  10. Bumping this thread back up since I found it on a Google search. I've started mine finally and this thread has some great reference material that the instructions don't have.
  11. Yesterday I stockpiled wine, liquor and grabbed a few canned goods like soup. No need for the TP. But with the wine, the wife is happy! My alcohol bill was about $280 USD. Besides, they say fight the virus with alcohol. I'm going to try from the inside out.
  12. Damn it!! You got me. Stopping at Hobby Lobby tomorrow for supplies. Might need to put in an online order as well.
  13. As long as I have a garden hose and a spray nozzle I'm good to go! If the neighbors don't want to witness it out in my driveway, they can donate their TP to me! Wife working in the medical profession is getting freaked out by her professional chat group. She ordered me to stop at the distributor on the way home and stock up on wine and liquor, then swing by the grocery store for some canned goods. Might swing by the sporting goods store as an excuse to add to the ammo fort! Never let a good crisis go to waste!! With 200 kits in the stash, got plenty to work on if we get shut down for a couple of weeks.
  14. I think that Hasegawa put out a Thunderbird kit many years ago, but I would not trust decals that old. I built 5 1/32 Revell F-16 kits and used the Tamiya decals and it worked out rather well. And ordering direct from Tamiya USA, they were very cheap compared to what folks were asking for them on ebay. If I remember correctly, I think it is a total of 3 sheets you have to order.
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