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  1. Add another buyer to the Art Scholl version.
  2. WOW! I’ve got the kit and the Quinta set. Putting it on my must build list for 2023. Your skill set with paint is amazing.
  3. Yea, it was all fun and games when I worked at the University of South Carolina and it was state rival week leading up to the Clemson game. Lot of USC employees were Clemson fans or graduates. This year the gamecock football team pranked the fans by actually winning the game! Completely unexpected.
  4. Man, some of those were really great.
  5. I’m in if there is an Art Scholl version. RIP Art. My son posing with one of my RC Chipmunks back in the day. The boy is 32 now.
  6. I have the Quinta A-6A set and it is amazing.
  7. Congrats to the wife! Yet another in education leaves for greener pastures. SC has lost thousands of teachers in the past 4 or 5 years. Maybe it’s time for that pilots license??
  8. Oil’s or silicone on the surface of the model. Yep, fisheyes. Moisture looks like a bubble. Wipe down and clean before painting. Not eating potato chips while your building are you? I was a car painter many, many years ago.
  9. Another funny story about Dad. He never really talked much about his career unless you pried the lid off. But we’re all sitting around Thanksgiving dinner one year after we were all grown adults and had our own kids. My brothers wife is of German heritage, as is my wife. All of a sudden, dad starts talking to them in German. We were all like Dad? Is there something you need to tell us? “Well I did spend a year working the Berlin Airlift!” Yea, in 1948! (This was well into 2000 something) Then he starts telling us about flying a mission with the CIA in a C-130 with a huge camera in the back of it filming the Amazon river for shipping routes for getting nuclear bomb building materials out. Sometime back in the ‘50’s.
  10. Buy the Trumpeter version just below it for $75. Meng must be paying licensing fees to Ford. Notice Trumpeter just calls it “US Sports Car 1966 LeMans Winning Coupe 1/12“
  11. When I retired my coworkers gave me a Mega Hobby gift certificate. I held onto it until they finally got the new Trumpeter F-35C in stock. No problems at all on my end.
  12. Had a similar scare a few months back. I’ve been collecting my stash for damned near 25+ years waiting on retirement while building as much as I could in the meantime. Retired this past April and got my bench built and all set up. Next thing you know I start having a blurry spot dead center of my left eye. $800 later in 2 eye doc visits (condition was gone by appointment time with specialist) I was told that the vitreous fluid starts to separate from the retina due to age and the blurry spot was where it was still holding on. Yea, I was freaking out. Finally retire and my eyes are starting to go. Already dealing with arthritis in my left hand, back, neck and knees. What else is going to fail that keeps me from modeling?
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