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  1. ScottsGT

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    hofnerbassman on Hyperscale is going to produce a set of vac parts.
  2. ScottsGT

    Make the others jealous

    Poor baby. But you got out cheap at $190.
  3. ScottsGT

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Just rummaged through my kit. It is quite impressive! I see lots of potential for the aftermarket. Not too keen on the plastic LG struts. Love to see Ernie G put out a set of big brass ones for this one.
  4. ScottsGT

    Lancaster today, Liberator Monday!

    Oh yea.....got away Scott free!! Who’s your daddy!!
  5. ScottsGT

    Lancaster today, Liberator Monday!

    Once my son gets all of his car parts out of my basement I'm going to build a huge, deep case to store these big bombers in. Already have my corner picked out! FWIW, wife just texted me. "10.......10.....yes I said 10 boxes have arrived!" One is the B-24, one is a Sprue Brothers order and 8 are Christmas gifts. I told her to just stay away from them all, some are her gifts. She's not the curious type, so I might be safe.
  6. ScottsGT

    Academy SUFA

    OK, just ordered the SUFA from Seal model. His price was $99 + the $45 ride. I already have the ROK 2 seater (SUFA kit without decals) I was planning on turning into a Thunderbird D. Might just build this one for my Doc as his ride and build the SUFA OOB.
  7. ScottsGT

    Lancaster today, Liberator Monday!

    Hid down in my workshop while wife played with grand baby. Got to drool all in that box like grand baby was drooling all over grandma! Lancaster Liberator is so big, I'm hoping that the PO just gives me a pick up ticket and I have to make a trip to go get it. EDIT: I was multi-taking and got kits confused.
  8. ScottsGT

    1/32 Bird dog on floats

    Hmmm. USAF becomes Navy.
  9. ScottsGT

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Mine arrives tomorrow!
  10. ScottsGT

    Academy SUFA

    Might grab that $150 shipped kit then.
  11. ScottsGT

    Lancaster today, Liberator Monday!

    Just opened up the Lanc. Oh man, this gonna be big! I built the 1/48 years ago. First thing that caught my eye was the size of the canopy.
  12. ScottsGT

    Lancaster today, Liberator Monday!

    Lancaster just arrived. Close call too! UPS was running late and wife got off work early. Managed to meet the driver out in the road while she was in the bathroom.
  13. ScottsGT


    Been there, done that. It was about 20 or 21 years ago now. Had a double laminectomy on L2-3 and L4-5. Pains sound about the same exact as I was experiencing. I woke up from surgery crying. Nurse freaked out thinking I was in pain. Had to explain to her it was tears of joy since the burning pain was gone. After surgery therapy is very important as is your change in lifestyle. I can no longer run since it can damage my nerves again. Lifting restrictions, etc. But life is much better now! Mine was so bad they skipped the shots and therapy. Of course insurance here was much better 20 years ago. Good luck!
  14. ScottsGT

    Academy SUFA

    Please do!