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  1. Couple pics for inspiration
  2. Same with Heller. Did the online parts needed form and nothing. I’ve got the Concorde kit and it’s missing the windscreen. Bought the kit used, told them to invoice me and then send it. Crickets also. Disclaimer: mine is the Airfix kit, but Heller is the only one currently in production. Same kit, different company.
  3. Having built an Academy two seater kit that was kitted as a Korean D, I can say that almost everything F-16 related comes in that box. I also have the SUFA kit and other than decals and instructions they are the same kits. Scalemates might have the sprue shots so you can take a look. This is what I built from the kit
  4. Can someone host the pics and post them here? I don’t have a Facebook account. nevermind. Found them here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235109692-132-lockheed-martin-f-35c-lightning-ii-by-trumpeter-released/
  5. Just got back from seeing it. First time I’ve even looked at this thread. But I see I was not crazy when it was Top Gun, Iron Eagle,Star Wars and a little Tombstone rolled into one. I was waiting on Val Iceman to grunt out “I’m your huckleberry” before Maverick left him. I actually said it out loud during the movie, “Use the force Rooster. Use the force…”. Guy next to me was busting out laughing.
  6. Well then just send it on to me and I’ll give it a go!
  7. An outdoor display will bring in the weather proofing of build materials. Like a fiberglass model built for displays outside of military bases. McEntire ANG near me has a full scale P-51 made from fiberglass. A guy actually made a trade for the real one they had on display. Off the top of my head, probably going to have to build a master model, make mold from that and then make the actual display model using the molds.
  8. Just ordered the full interior kit for my Trumpeter A6-A. Can’t wait to see it in person. Figured a cockpit this large will benefit more than a regular run of the mill single seater.
  9. I just looked up the N number. That’s it. I also forgot that I went and took photos of it back around 1995 before it was restored when I was building a 1/4 scale ziroli RC Corsair.
  10. The Corsair, is it the same one Joe crashed? Rebuilt? Somewhere I have a pic of my son standing under it the day before it went down.
  11. Unfortunately, it’s not Toyota jacking up the price, it’s the dealers “market adjustment” and using the excuse that with less inventory they need to make price adjustments to keep the doors open and the lights on. I do know some manufacturers have called BS of this excuse and told dealers their inventory numbers would be reduced and last to get more inventory. I think KIA was the first to put a stop to it all.
  12. It was $400 labor plus $160 for the two valve cover gaskets for the valve adjustment alone. That was a shocker for me. Oh, and the spark plugs were $30 each. even in my younger days I opened the hood on our Odyssey and said Nope! Been turning wrenches all my life too. But 3/4” clearance and special tools? Fuggetaboutit!
  13. Enjoy! Daughter just did the timing belt, plugs and valve adjustment on our old 2013 Pilot. $1900 out the door. 200,000 miles. But there is nothing else out there now she can afford. Told her to go broke on maintenance instead of a $47,000 note on a new car.
  14. Maybe watch eBay for kits that are stripped for selling sprues? There’s a couple of sellers there now with sprues. Send them a message to see if they have what you need. Also, if not too long ago she got you the kit, are her bank accounts still active? Can the person that handled the estate look through the account info for hobby purchases? Why no barcode? Just none there or was it removed? Send pics of the box to Bachmann and show them no barcode?
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