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  1. Perfect timing! Order placed.
  2. Get the SUFA. So many options in that box and so many left over goodies for future builds. Sourcing doors and gear for early blocks shouldn’t be that hard to find. I’m building one right now as a US version of the SCANG Swamp Fox squadron. My Doc is the flight surgeon for the 169th and he gets back seat time in the plane I’m building. Hoping to have it done by May 8th, my next appointment.
  3. No kidding! The closer I get to retirement, it seems like I have much less time in a day now. And that’s saying a lot since we had 4 kids in the home at one time.
  4. Get busy! I have one in the stash. Must find time to build!
  5. Thinned with beer and distilled water?? This could get exciting! I might need to put a beer fridge in my hobby room!
  6. Well said Alan! Years ago I had dinner out with some other fathers after my daughters “father/daughter” dance in her elementary school. One of the dads was Muslim. I had a great eye opening experience that night from our conversation. I can tolerate and accept just about anyone but a drunk redneck. And I’m sure I’ve been called that a few times in my youth!
  7. I just don't understand the resistance to re-release the T-bird kit?? Even in non T-bird boxing it would be a hit. And then throw in a few sprues and LG to update to a Block 52. Give the builder a choice. How many years have all the other 1/32 jet kits been on the market, but yet they decided to kill this one??
  8. Especially when I can still get a SUFA boxing for $150 shipped from Korea.
  9. X2 As great of a kit as it is, way too high. Building one right now as a USAF Block 52
  10. Your reward for tolerating the wife’s shopping trips! Score!!
  11. As long as it is still on the radar, it's great news! I cannot imagine ANY ONE OF US is sitting around with our entire stash built and an empty bench just waiting on this release.
  12. I did, but cannot remember what I did to fix it,
  13. Yea, but blasting .50 cal ammo all over a flight line is usually frowned upon.
  14. That's some nasty pre-shading on that Spey.
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