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  1. Seeing where they have put the slot in the WWII category, I’m betting and hoping for a B-26 myself. 2020 is an expensive hobby year for me.
  2. Let me dig through my old emails. It’s been a few years since I ordered anything from him. I’ll see if the emails are the same or not. PM sent with email I have on file.
  3. http://partsrparts.homestead.com/F4parts.html
  4. I can wear one short term when I'm around others, but anything over 5 min, I get claustrophobic and have a hard time breathing. Got a friend that wears one religiously but he cannot keep his hands off his face. He's a very fidgety person that is constantly playing with the straps, taking it off, back on, etc... I explained to him that if my doorknob he touched when he came in my house had COVID on it, he just rubbed it all over his face. I'm not going to debate the effectiveness of a mask since I'm just WAG'n with my thoughts on it. I also wear glasses, so fogging up is also a real issue while wearing a mask. The ones with an aluminum nose bridge really help, but work provided us some simple (and made in China, LOL) cloth masks, but they are very thick and no nose bridge, so they are useless for me. As I type this, I'm in a work meeting on line and I just voiced my complaint about improper PPE being provided along with no hand sanitizer being provided. Having to use my own. I've never used hand sanitizer in my life. Until now. I use it constantly when leaving buildings at work, when I get in my car to go home and just in general.
  5. I know the feeling! I came back and my work keys are missing. We now have card access so I don't carry them everywhere. Cannot remember if I left them somewhere or loaned them to someone. Or if someone helped themselves to them.
  6. I've been back for 3 weeks now. Kind of strange since so many are not back yet, and they have started staggering others returning. But we are gearing up to put cameras in classrooms for the fall return to classes. Unfortunately, others that need to make decisions are not making them and don't understand the timelines involved in making orders through the procurement process. We're trying to buy $1.7 Mil in gear and everyone knows how slow gov operates. And lets throw the end of the fiscal year in too.
  7. I finally broke down and tried them on the last F-16 build I did. Turned out great, but it took some getting use to them. I’m use to Tamiya acrylics and MM acrylics. Now that MM is going away, I’ve got to get use to something with FS colors. I did notice that the paint would wipe of easily with water, but not once they had cured. Now again, this was with the colors I used on the F-16. Also, being water based, the shade changes as it dries. I freaked out when I went back to do a touch up. But it blended perfectly once dried.
  8. I happened to click on the link at the right time and got to watch the swooping in the end. FWIW, I broke the news to my wife about my intentions of driving or selling. Damn, that was a mistake. She's already trying to spend the money and I haven't even cranked the car up in the garage yet.
  9. It was probably 2 years ago last I was in touch with him. I really miss seeing his products available. I stocked up!
  10. Chrish, I know what you are saying. I blame half my loss of interest when I bought my 2015 Mustang GT.
  11. Ah! Commercial flights. That explains it. I bought my Roden PT-13 off eBay from the Ukraine. Ordered 4/18 and arrived 5/23. Sat two weeks after Ukraine post took possession of it. Took another two weeks once it hit NY to get to me.
  12. I’ve got the hard decision to make as well. I almost finished my ‘66 Mustang GT Fastback restoration 6 years ago this month. I still have to swap the rear brakes and center section of the axle out. It’s been waiting on me for 6 years now to do this. I’ve got the cash on hand to buy the parts, I just need to get off my butt and do it. But I’m pulling the 4:11 and putting in a 3:55 I hope like hell that once I get this done I have renewed interest in the car, or it’s gotta go. Cannot justify having it sitting in my garage and never getting driven. I either need to start enjoying it, or move on with my life and let someone else enjoy it.
  13. Yep, Hobby Lobby for me as well. And this just reminded me I need to swing by on the way home and grab another can of gray primer. the 40% store wide coupon comes in handy!
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