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  1. ScottsGT

    1/32 Tamiya F-4J Diamond Backs

  2. ScottsGT

    Nemo's Nautilus is done!

    Yea, that's the guy that I watched to learn how to do the finish. He builds and sells the internals to make these RC.
  3. ScottsGT

    Nemo's Nautilus is done!

    Actually not that bad. One can of Rustoleum for $6 and the tiny bit used for preshading. Now the rust paint and activator, it was $30 through Amazon. But I have enough paint left over to do 10 more of these. Activator, not so much since it was a hit and miss thing. Once I activated it, new topcoats actually reactivated, but I sprayed or brushed on another coat just to make sure. It will add a new texture to my 1/18 diecast car mods I like doing.
  4. ScottsGT

    Nemo's Nautilus is done!

    Thanks! It's the only kit I have completed this year. Now I can get back on those two Revell P-51's that are ready for paint.
  5. ScottsGT

    Nemo's Nautilus is done!

    Thought I'd start a new thread since the other's title had nothing to do with what I was working on. But so others can see, I'll repost a few of the photos before completion. This is the 31" kit from Masterpiece Models I picked up off eBay during one of their 15% off sales. MM also plays with the price on this kit quite a bit. They list if anywhere from $169 all the way up to $199 + $25 to ship it. If your timing is right, you can get one at a good price. I watched this kit for about 2 years and finally pulled the trigger. Needless to say, it was a "Bench clearing" purchase that I jumped on as soon as it arrived. Ever since I have been building models, I have wanted to have this sub on my shelf since it is one of the few movies I remember watching with the whole family as a kid. Hope you enjoy. This is it just mocked up on my clutter free bench. Here's the sub standard resin struts included and my scratch built replacements. Of course porthole window openings were too large for the provided clear parts, so I had to fill them in with Evergreen stock. Scratch built bubble frames. Resin parts were horrible! Out of symmetry and didn't fit all the way to the edges. No excuses for a kit that cost as much as this one did. But it was the only game in town. Silver base and pre-shading of the rivet lines. Enough, on to the finished product! The rear window I had to redesign. Basically filed off all the detail on the kit at this spot, glued on the piece of clear plastic, taped up the center and applied rivets with wood glue. Some close up detail of the finish. This is done with Modern Masters Reactive Metallic Iron paint. It's an artists paint that goes on black and you spray on an acid activator and you can sit and watch it rust as it dries. I had to get the mix just right because out of the bottle it is really thick. I learned this technique from the RCSubguy on YouTube. His video is a few years old and MM has changed the formula since then. He mixed vinegar with the paint to thin it and then applied. New formula will not mix with vinegar. I had to thin it with water first, apply, let dry and them spray on the activator. Re-apply as needed in light areas and even sometimes I had to take steel wool and remove some. Lots of dry brushing back over rivet details with rust colored paint since the rivets stood out bright silver after. Also applied chalk pastels to highlight areas. My clear coat made it all go away and I had to reapply.
  6. ScottsGT

    F-11F Tiger 1/32 revival!!!

    You couldn't be more truthful about that statement! I've often wondered how a vac part welded to styrene would look and how it would hold up long term.
  7. ScottsGT

    F-11F Tiger 1/32 revival!!!

    I think Tigger has a vac conversion for the 2 seat A-7.
  8. Ditto on the decals. Just not enough variety for the German F Phantoms. I would love to have the Pharewell Phantom with the metallic blue and gold scheme.
  9. Wait, what!? G Factor finally came out with Revell Phantom gear??
  10. ScottsGT

    Slime lights

    Here's one of our own with light up slimes. Over in Ready for Inspection.
  11. So I just counted 7 Revell kits in the stash.
  12. ScottsGT

    Nichimo 1/20 Cessna 172

    One of the other modeling forums I visit the subject of trying to build an older kit was brought up. The plastic gets very brittle with age. So my take on it, build it now, or just open the box and ohh and ahhh over it forever. Because the longer is sits, the harder it might be to successfully build.
  13. ScottsGT

    AA Productions Phantom landing gear anyone?

    Well they showed up last week. Dave's description of them is spot on. The main gear legs are very soft and bend easily on the flats where the gear door attaches. I think once the door is epoxied to the strut it will be fine. I'll probably use them unless a better alternative comes along, then I'll toss this $50 investment. (Hint-hint G Factor....)
  14. ScottsGT

    You ever have a ebay night you regret?

    Yea, you have a real problem. You only have 150 1/32 kits. Those are rookie numbers! Gotta get them higher!! I went on the same buying binge with Tamiya Phantoms when I started ramping up my numbers. Of course that led to Revell Phantoms. I think I have 12 or 13 still in the stash with only 3 built in the display case. Of course I have all the decals for all the versions I want to build as well as some of the necessary resin goodies as well. Gotta build the VX-4 bicentennial, Steve Ritchie's ride, Chico the Gunfighter, Oregon ANG, got the JASDF Panther conversion, Marine Phantom, a Thunderbird and a Blue Angel........ See how easy it is to run down a rabbit hole??