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  1. The second towbar of the series, this time for the period Vietnam-ColdWar.
  2. This is an upgrade of a previous set with the addition of a drawer, various tools, a suitcase, buckets and more, what it takes for a modern diorama on the flight line. You can also add the set 153832.
  3. Is one of the subjects I've on the list, I don't know when, I've never made WWII subjects, this could be the first one.
  4. I'm back with this little set based on Aero12 cart with a "explosive" container, ideal to populate a carrier deck. simple and effective. 14,00 eu.
  5. MD-1 Nosewheel Aircraft Towbar, for different types of aircraft, used from the eighties until today.
  6. Strange thing, the emails have been read, if they don't have the pieces I want they could also answer, bad service for me.
  7. I'm sorry, tell me how did you contact this joanna via mail, I try for a long time without any response......
  8. But how many resin wheel manufacturers are there in the world? milions?
  9. Found, for the moment has nothing, thank you anyway.
  10. After reading a few treads on the subject I tried to contact via email (joanna@trumpeter-china.com) several times without any reply, I lost the canopy of an F-100D, have some ideas how to find a replacement? on the site the section has been disabled for some time.
  11. I know, I don't have precognition skills yet
  12. This Hobart AM32A-86 is widely used by the late eighties until today by various air forces for a large type of aircraft. Rubber cable and decals included. 24,00 eu.
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