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  1. 6 complete submunition dispenser SUU-30 CBU-54 H/B “late” with decals & photoetched parts, post Viet War, late Cold War until 1991 Gulf War. 10,00eu
  2. LAU-51: http://www.videoaviation.com/accessories/132-lau-51-rocket-launcher/ PYLONS: http://www.videoaviation.com/accessories/132-f-104-wing-pylons/ SUU-21: http://www.videoaviation.com/accessories/132-suu-21-bomb-dispenser-closed/
  3. LAU-51, 19 2,75 in. FFAR rocket launcher used mainly by F-104, G-91, Alphajet, Jaguar and other. 8,00 eu. Again available 1/32 MK-25 Bomb dispenser, 8,00 eu.
  4. For a continuous and pro-quality work a vacuum system of a certain level is required, certainly not the classic cooking pot and minipump....
  5. For work I use a mix vac + pressure pot depending on the subjects, I have hundreds of products, after having consumed several of the pressure pot lately I'm using these very good: http://www.pressurepots.co.uk/pressure-tank-only/paint-pressure-tank-10-litre-no-agitator.html
  6. I don't see any problems with Rhino or other software, i think also in Fusion, but I would start from an entirely new project, not just any file downloaded from the net.
  7. On my production made on Form2 i use panel line up to 0.15mm, the result, after two years of intense experience, is commercially excellent, at least for me and my buyers.
  8. The master of this 1/72 SBS model is made on Form2 with (expensive) dental resin, just to understand at what level we are: https://sbsmodel.com/model/SBS-7017/fiat-g.50-freccia--regia-aeronautica-
  9. As Tim (wunwinglow) said the key of perfect 3d print is a LOT of experience (obviously...), know each part designed and identify the ideal angle of print and above all, learn how to manually place the damn supports, this makes the difference.
  10. Yes Thierry, it's usually updated in the following days.
  11. As usual the list compiled by IPMS DE: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2019/Nuernberg_2019.html#table0
  12. I think it's H/B, different tail fin assembly, coming soon.
  13. F-105, Phantom etc... typical Vietnam late 60.
  14. First news of the year, this time 6 1/32 submunitions dispensers SUU-30 (CBU-54) B/B "early" with decals. Always old price 10 eu per packet.
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