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  1. Just new, a pair of 1/32 USAF maintenance crew perform routine checks on a F-16, ladder included in the set. DOWNLOAD PDF MANUAL
  2. This is for all the (Italian) Starfighter lovers, the typical starter set composed by the Atlas compressor and the GPU, essential for the start-up of the J79 together with the famous “five fingers”, this set was used mainly by the Italian Air force but in a NATO standard anyway. Completed with photo etched, decals, resin air hose and electric cables. DOWNLOAD PDF MANUAL
  3. All tools in one set without figures. PDF instructions
  4. This is a new subject, a pair of USN Marines crew in green coveralls with bombs cart and a pair of GBU 38, perfect for a small diorama with AV8, F-18 and F-35. DOWNLOAD PDF INSTRUCTIONS
  5. Available, scale model of the 50 Gallon LOX cart mobile liquid oxygen storage tank. Download instruction manual
  6. Some pilots are expected in the future, not easy but obviously it is a subject that cannot be missing in a catalog.
  7. In theory everything would be possible, obviously this in the real world is more difficult, my target is different and I've to optimize the subjects, doing everything is frankly impossible for a one person.
  8. I've been working for a few months on new different projects, one of them will be a complete redesign of the figures catalogue, this time in direct 3D printing in high quality, the subjects will be as usual modern Usaf flight line personnel, U.S.Navy and also Marines personnel. Firts set are a modern USAF Crew Chief figure (man & female) in standing position with extinguisher and chocks, simple but effective figures for an essential modern flight line diorama. 3D printed figure in one piece. Second are a variation to the maintenance set for a diorama on the flight line, a pilot in CWU-27 who is using a notebook while a crew chief is working on an F-16, includes various parts, drawers, boxes, buckets and more. if you want there are the color manuals in these links: https://www.videoaviation.com/temp/32-USAF_FLINE_PILOT+CREWCHIEF_ISTR_COLOR.pdf https://www.videoaviation.com/temp/48-USAF_MAN_INST_COLOR.pdf
  9. It,s typical of these times, they take 3D files around the net and then print with FDM with the quality that is known, in practice vacufrom 4.0
  10. Absolutely, pls contact me before you place the order.
  11. For me there is no difference, the problems (here in Italy) came out from January 1st 2021 when they standardized all postal shipments outside the EU area, if before it took me a few minutes now they are also hours of waiting at the post office.
  12. A tragedy for me, 35% of my sales are in the UK, doing all the paperwork alone is boring.
  13. The other start this week, I apologize for this, since I have to fill in customs declarations for the UK everything is very complicated.
  14. It's on the to-do list, decals already printed.
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