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  1. Yea, those RAM panel lines seem to be a bit exaggerated. I’m thinking some 400 grit paper wrapped around a piece of radiator hose and wet sand them down some then polish off with finer grits.
  2. Mine will be here tomorrow. Even better, it was free. When I retired in April I was given a $250 gift certificate for Mega Hobby and they just got it in stock last week. I also threw in another 1/32 Revell Stearman kit to burn the remaining $50. Cant wait to see the wife’s reaction when I show her it only cost me $3.85 for all this. (Total order came to $253.85)
  3. Yes, as does my build partner. Standard box? No problem. End opening? Yea, he hates them too.
  4. Mike, you hit the nail on the head with this statement. “My Revell kit looks fine from 10" and I've never looked inside the cockpit since I finished it.” I often wonder why I put so much detail and time into a cockpit, and now getting hooked on the new 3D printed instrument panels and the money I’m spending on them. But as someone else said, it’s about the adventure and not the destination.
  5. I can just imagine the day that our stashes are replaced with files stored on out computers and we add a 3D printer to our bench.
  6. Wow! Having just finished a Fisher Cougar I know how much work went into this build. Stunning!
  7. Well said Maru! Sounds like you’ve had a great career.
  8. Great link! Thanks for posting this. One day I’ll get around to building my Uncles ride
  9. Must be a humdinger if it’s a bench clearing kit. Start a WIP thread!
  10. you need this: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Garage-Door-Insulation-Kit-8-Reflective-White-Panels-GDIKSPF/313597246 I just installed a set in my single car garage. Although I did it for the winter weather, it’s already much cooler in there with our summer temps. After I cut them to fit I shoved 2” strips of pink insulation into the gaps with a paint paddle and fixed the panels into place using white gorilla tape. To get the panels in place, I did have to remove the top bar on the door and some of the self tapping screws were really long. I just pulled them out, installed panel and screwed them back in place.
  11. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Really means a lot to me. As far as the paint, I went all lacquers, MRP and Mr. Color. About three coats of MRP’s clear gloss over the gloss sea blue. After clear, sprayed on a layer of Mr. Color slow thinner to wet the paint and let it gloss out better with a slower dry
  12. Sorry for the long wall of text, but I’m kind of proud of myself for the organizational system I have come up with for my bench. It’s hard. Real hard. When we moved I gave up my personal 16X24 workshop I didn’t have to share with anyone. When I started packing up I realized what kind of an unnecessary slob I was and knew I had a chance at a fresh start. New place my building area is a small area about 9’ wide and 4’ to 5’ deep with the walk way to the back porch to my back while sitting at the bench. Rest of the room is an “entertainment area” that has only been used once since we moved in. Wife wants to keep it that way for when the grands get older. But it has two home theater recliners and a love seat with a 50” TV on the wall. Wife threatened to put up a big blinder screen when we have company if I let things get out of control like I did at the last home. And honestly, I have a sickness that when I see a flat, empty horizontal surface I have an overwhelming desire to trash it. I’m trying to overcome those urges. I took a year thinking of how I wanted my build area, gave it some real thought on my hobby habits (good and bad, focusing on how to prevent the bad) and realized on my last bench I had lots of ”dead area” to collect junk. My actual “work space” was an area about 18” deep by maybe 2’ wide. See those storage bins on the back of my bench? Over half that stuff use to be scattered across my build table cluttering up everything. All my supplies were just shoved around to make room. Those simple $10 parts bins (4 of them) has done more to help me organize and speed up my build because I'm not getting frustrated digging around looking for my Tamiya putty or the twist drill and the bits for it. The other half was piled into a drawer that I would dig through looking for whatever. Also, what you cannot see in these pics is sitting behind me in the “walkway” is a 24” wide Harbor Freight US General tool box. I built an 18” square by 24” tall “cube” with nail polish racks that holds all my paint collection. It spins on a lazy Susan bearing assembly. Top 4 or 5 drawers are dedicated to my model I'm currently building. Each sprue can sit in drawers, decals in another, etc. bottom drawers hold my bigger tools, clamps, Dremel tool, small heat gun, rulers, weathering chalks, etc… When I’m not at my bench, the tool box is simply rolled up to the bench to get it out of the walkway. My one biggest issue I still need to address is finding a smaller magnetic tool strip/bar. My old one is just too big now. But I use it to keep jewelers files, exacto knives, scribing tool, etc on. I’m going to mount it on the side of the paint booth that is 3’ wide on the right side of the bench. And as soon as I’m done with a model, the plan is to clean up 100% before trashing the area again. These pics were taken after the clean up. As far as my kit stash, those are all in moving boxes and stored in my climatized garage in lofts I made. I have each box numbered and a set of notes with what is in each box.
  13. First build in the new home with a new build bench. All was going smoothly until the end. The very old decals that came with the kit was a mixed bag of nuts. All the yellow accent stripes just fell apart and using liquid decal film wouldn’t allow them to lay down since all the edges rolled up. Tried several setting solutions and nothing worked so I settled for a generic set of insignia. I also had to replace the AIM-9’s with Eduard pieces since the originals were badly warped and no amount of hot water would straighten them out.
  14. This thread finally got me there. This is what I came up with. Wider view. Of course this was before the first build.
  15. Ooh. Some of those are a little too close for me to laugh at. Ahh, what the heck.
  16. So much potential here for a corrected A-7 Corsair canopy as well. I have the older Zacto vac correction, but he has discontinued it due to one reason or another. Trumpeter really made a mess of the front end on that kit.
  17. Two aircraft I find interesting that haven’t been done in 1/32 is the B-26 and the F-111. I could go on about my “wants”, but seems to me these would be big sellers.
  18. OMG! Even I’m not that stupid. I can only imagine the damage done on all the jewel to bearing surfaces.
  19. And it justifies my current stash. I’ve got more than a lifetime of kits to build. I’m sure when and if I get the AC model I’m going to have to pick and choose which in the stash never gets built.
  20. Ultrasonic cleaners can wear down the surfaces changing tolerances. High precision fitting parts like and airbrush should not be put in one.
  21. Exactly! China is going through a hard economic time right now. Could explain why we are seeing less new releases coming out. Also might explain why we aren’t seeing any of the Trumpeter/Kitty Hawk line up on shelves as well. No working capital to produce them.
  22. Includes vodka bottles too! I hope it’s a good seller for them. Keep ‘em coming.
  23. I bet half the wholesale cost is just shipping across the ocean and freight terminal costs. All that has skyrocketed in the past year or two. I just wish a mega Hobby would get it. I have a $250 gift certificate but they don’t have a whole lot in stock I’m really want.
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