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  1. Building the SC Air Nat. Guard D my MD flies in the back seat for air time. Started with the SUFA kit.
  2. And I got my FedEx shipping notice already. Being delivered Friday. These guys trying to out do Sprue Brothers? I’m impressed!
  3. ScottsGT


    I'd like a chunk of that kit so I could build a cool display for my X-15 kit.
  4. Thanks! I couldn't turn that one down either. I know I can always get my money back out of it if I decide not to build it. I see the B-24J has dropped down to $200 as well.
  5. I usually start with a bright silver base and then use my airbrush to layer on shading using a combination of translucent blue and smoke. When good and dry I’ll go over it with a black wash.
  6. Colin, how about some pics? I've got the guppy kit. Just waiting to finish up some current builds before I get started.
  7. I built one back during the first release. It is a monster that is quite impressive! Unfortunately, it's boxed up still after my move at work. Had it in my office. I will say, taping off all the black into the deep ridges of the surface was a real PITA! I need to find a place to display it once again.
  8. I see lots of praise for the beauty of the sprues, but has any parts fitting been done yet? I'm sure it won't be an issue with Tamiya though. Just wish they had gone 1/32. Then again, maybe now. I'd be broker if they did.
  9. Great experience, wasn’t it? Now go find Fifi and stand about 75 ft. away when she cranks up! You just cannot explain to anyone the awesomeness of being around those big radials on start up.
  10. Had no idea you were searching for feedback. But here goes...... Myself, the entire package together puts it a little out of range for me. What you have to offer is well worth the price of admission, but I just cannot afford to attend the concert! In the end it would be north of $600 once you add up everything needed to complete the project. Now if you were to make wing correction kits for the airfoil........
  11. Kermit Weeks is my hero! Inherited his wealth and put it to use having fun with airplanes!! I still want to get down there and see his place.
  12. Gratuitous pic because it seems to fit this thread.
  13. Another source I’ve used. http://partsrparts.homestead.com/F15parts.html
  14. Seriously? Otis Spunkmeyer? I had an old friend lose the same (almost) plane at the same fly in. Might have been a different year though. Was it the Frank Tiano invitational Top Gun? Roger Young was flying his Ziroli AC-47 (Puff decals and all) design when his went in and was destroyed. It was powered by two V Twin Enya 4 cycles. He gave us a flight demo at the field I learned to fly at. Looking out of place until he brought the stick back to half throttle and slowed things down a bit. man, that was realistic! Roger never made it back to Top Gun. Cancer took him from us less than a year later.
  15. Amazing skills with your painting techniques. Very realistic!
  16. On my shelf of DOOM is a Tamiya D I have back dated to the Bicentennial bird. Air brake is also shorter on this one. Not sure about the production B's though.
  17. Funny how this thread came up after my family was giving me a had time a few weeks back about how I now look like Fred Flintstone as I have aged. I think there is a conspiracy against me!
  18. I’ve got a feeling there will be a lot of orders off eBay and off shore after everyone in the US saw the markup Squadron demanded on everyone. I’ll get one, but not at the USA import price.
  19. Duh.... About More than 2X the kit price.
  20. 100% chance of rain Saturday. I might make it down to the shop and start back on the F-16D so it's not classified as "stalled"
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