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Let's get to know each other a little better. Show a photo of your

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Awesome thread, this! It looks like I'm the oldest coot here, except for Harvey, who actually helped Icarus melt the wax to glue the feathers on his wings...

Oh I think there are a few of us older than you! I'm closing on 60 in a year or so...how did that happen?

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This thread is a very good idea. 


I changed a bit through the years, a bit like if the CIA were trying to kill me. :)

Me and my wife Diane in 2009 in St Petersbourg (we went to Russia for our honeymoon) :



A few years later (2012) in Prague : 



Then, there was the "Pizza incident". I ate pizzas almost everyday for sevral years (i had already started in the former picture). That very sexy picture :) was taken in march 2015 : 



THen i stopped eating pizzas and started doing sport 4 days a week. Picture taken in august 2015 :



And now, i just took the picture in my modelling room :


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johnwayne.jpg  What??? This ain't me??? Whadda you mean it ain't me???  Oh.








Me in my good looking days stationed at Torrejon AB, Spain!




Me and the Wife in Spain. Escorial palace, where Philip II of Spain planned both failed Armadas.








Ah, there I am with the Wife and Daughter. Our boy was on a scouting trip!  I'm 35lbs lighter now. Feeling svelt and good!  :coolio:



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Yep, it's clear from some of these photos that most of married up!


I certainly am married up, and so glad of it. She's just the best and keep's me sane...and buys me lots of kits when birthday's and Christmases roll around...




And here's me...would rather look all suave like my avatar....but then I had just woken up! Hope it doesn't crack anyone's screens....




Best regards;




....Who doesn't look anything like Al Deere!!

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Guess I'll throw in my mug as well. The phone - whos camera we've all come to hate - refused to focus on me and instead focused on itself. Oh well. You get a rough idea at least. ;)



Wow your beard is longer than my hair! I don't hate your camera, I find the pictures..uhm...refreshing...in this world of perfectionism.

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