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  1. Zero77

    F-16A NSAWC "55"

    Amazing paint job ! I love the many little touch-ups, that's very realistic. Was it the Tamiya kit?
  2. Zero77

    Bravo Revell Germany P-51D Canopy Replacement

    Bob, did you get only the canopy or also the windscreen? Did you mentioned the sprue letter in the form?
  3. Zero77

    Bravo Revell Germany P-51D Canopy Replacement

    Wow ! That's amazing ! Glad i have not glued the windscreen yet on mine ! Do they request any proof of purchase or something? I have two kits in the stash, bought at the same time.
  4. Zero77

    Rigging A Wingnut Wings Kit

    EZ Line is called the right name. It's actually very easy. Just make sure to untwist the EZ line before gluing it. You can just let it fall and thread it slightly through fine tweezers. With Prim elastic line a twist is even more noticeable, though it's also easier to untwist. With a bit of care you can get no twist at all.
  5. Zero77

    Show me your best hobby room setups!

    I'm too ashamed to take a picture of the room at the moment. It's all dramatically cluttered with about 1 year accumulated dust and piles of boxes everywhere. I definitely need to tidy and clean it. The desk itself is covered with dozens of tools, model parts, pieces of kitchen towels, brushes, paint jars, and dead mosquitos. Sorry guys, it looks like a desk from Mad Max.
  6. Zero77

    Model making music

    No music for me. But i have always some youtube something running when i'm buidling models. I watch reports, interviews, debates and so on.... Actually i dont really watch, i listen to....
  7. Zero77

    Perfect plastic putty question

    It dries very fast so you have to close the cap immediately after use. I also put a drop of water in the tube when it becomes a bit thick/dry. However, if it's brand new it's not normal. This putty is useful for some special applications, as you can wipe it simply with a wet towel or cotton bud. On the other hand you have to make it water proof with a good coat of any other paint or primer if you need to use anything liquid over it. But it's useful if you have to fill seams in tight areas or make some repairs or filling over arround a painted area.
  8. Zero77

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Iain.....

    I missed it yesterday, but Happy birthday Iain !
  9. The build looks amazing. However, i'm very sorry to say that, but i'm not able to read anything more than a few lines of text and a few pictures on a screen. Even a very long review is often too much for me. I'm an old paper kind of guy.
  10. Zero77

    MiG-23ML in Angola

    Indeed that resin is incredible ! Very nice original subject, cant wait to see it progressing !
  11. Zero77

    Look what I found

    Very nice !!!! Funny, when i was a kid, my father went to the Bourget airshow and talked with a F-14 pilot who was in Iraq, and he gave him a nice signed F-14 picture for me. Then after several movings, i thought this picture was lost. And a few weeks ago, my kids were at my parents' home for the hollydays, and my daughter found it in a drawer. She did not even know what it was, but when my wife and i came there to get the kids back home, she told me "daddy, i found a beautiful plane picture". Instantely, i remember that F-14 picture, and it was it. I will take a picture for you. I dont know the name of the pilot, and honnestly i cannot read it correctly. Maybe one of you could help?
  12. Thank you guys ! Here a some more pictures, now it's finished with the PAK-1 gunsight from North Star Models. It's a very nice resin + PE set, but it's so tiny and delicate that you have to hold your breath when you build it. (The piece of masking tape on the paint jar is 6mm width) And the cute little plane with outdoor light :