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  1. Hello guys ! I just write you a few words to give you some news. I can believe it's been so long since my last post... The truth is that at the moment (and it's been so for more than a year !) i dont have any time to build models... Not even enough time to buy all the great kits i just saw they were released since last year. So many things happened ! I sadly saw that Paul Fisher lost his house and all his work... Very bad news... I dont see Gary (GT Resin) anymore, did he leave the forum? Some of you kindy sent me PM, thanks a lot guys and very sorry that i did not answer in time ! Actually, at first my job takes me a lot of time. Then, my wife and i bought a new house, it's an old house made of stones (about 1870/1880) and there is a lot of work to get it to modern standard. At the same time, we sold our former house and since the end of the summer, we are under pressure to move everything from one to another (not easy at all when you are already short in time). And as sometimes the fate seems to be definitely against you, my father just commited suicide at the end of august, for no real reason except he was depressed. We knew it, but not that much, i talked to him by phone the day before, and he seemed fine. It makes me sad but at the same time i'm very angry at him for what he did to all our familly... Actually he put a bullet in his head. My aunt (his sister) found him, she now sees a psychologist as the image is stuck in her mind.... My 94 y.o. grand-mother (her mother) suffered a lot, my mother is now alone, i had to lie to my kids (i told them it was a gun accident) as they are to young to understand suicide i guess. It's been a few weeks now so things are now more calm, but it's still somewhat disturbing. That's really the most stupid thing to do. I'm even more angry when i think about all the people who die whereas they want to live. But that's it, it's done, we wont get back now, never ever. With all of this, my father's death, the moving, the works in the house, my job and so on, i did not have any rest day since mid august... But i think that's ok. So are the news, good or bad. I sincerelly hope to get back to the hobby as soon as possible, but i dont think it could be before the end of the year, or even a bit more. Cheers ! Nicolas
  2. Lol, that's funny you ask... Some Aires sets fit nicely, others are aweful. The F-104 cockpit is certainly one of the worst fit ever. Mine took me almost as long to fit than to build the whole model. I talked about this in the WIP, iirc... However the casting and details are so beautiful that it's "almost" forgiven.
  3. Amazing paint job ! I love the many little touch-ups, that's very realistic. Was it the Tamiya kit?
  4. Bob, did you get only the canopy or also the windscreen? Did you mentioned the sprue letter in the form?
  5. Wow ! That's amazing ! Glad i have not glued the windscreen yet on mine ! Do they request any proof of purchase or something? I have two kits in the stash, bought at the same time.
  6. EZ Line is called the right name. It's actually very easy. Just make sure to untwist the EZ line before gluing it. You can just let it fall and thread it slightly through fine tweezers. With Prim elastic line a twist is even more noticeable, though it's also easier to untwist. With a bit of care you can get no twist at all.
  7. The build looks amazing. However, i'm very sorry to say that, but i'm not able to read anything more than a few lines of text and a few pictures on a screen. Even a very long review is often too much for me. I'm an old paper kind of guy.
  8. Indeed that resin is incredible ! Very nice original subject, cant wait to see it progressing !
  9. Thank you guys ! Here a some more pictures, now it's finished with the PAK-1 gunsight from North Star Models. It's a very nice resin + PE set, but it's so tiny and delicate that you have to hold your breath when you build it. (The piece of masking tape on the paint jar is 6mm width) And the cute little plane with outdoor light :
  10. Wow, that plumbing job is just impressive !
  11. I have two sets of the Eduard/brassin exhausts. Perfect casting as usual, but they are VERY skinny. Definitely too skinny, i can even say anemic. I then drilled the kit exhaust, and they look nice, too, but lack the detail of the resin, and are also pretty skinny compared to what i see on the pictures. So yesterday i ordered two of these 3D printed exhaust. They look better in proportion.
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