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  1. Fantastic Wurger! With the right base and background (in the second photo, especially), one would swear it was taxiing out for takeoff. John
  2. Even though I'm not interested in every release ICM has made in the last couple years (but it's usually a subject that will satisfy someone else who has been waiting years for it), it's clear they have stepped up their game and I hope they continue down this path. John
  3. Thrilled to see this kit in the GB! I plan on doing the same kit as my next LSP build. I wanted to enter it in this GB, but things didn't come together in time and I've settled on a September 1939 scheme, instead. In any case, I'll be living vicariously through your WIP thread, for the time being. Looking forward to it! John P.S. I also wanted to ask about the early H engine conversion you have there. I have contemplated that set, as well. However, I couldn't verify if it could be used in the P kit, or if it was designed specifically for the H-6 kit that was released l
  4. Looking great! My first attempts with an airbrush were nowhere near as good as yours. It took me a couple years to even get close to that level, so have no fear, as you are definitely on the right track. Very nice P-40. Thanks for posting and welcome aboard! John
  5. Tony, I've been using postimg.org for the last few years. It's free and easy. Like any host, it takes a bit to get their process down, but I find that I can upload much faster and with fewer failures than I ever could with photobucket and none of the other hassles, either. Best wishes, John
  6. I've participated in several. There were a couple/few that I couldn't complete in the timeframes, for whatever reason, but always had fun doing it. I think the fact that it has it's own forum/sub forums could reduce the amount of traffic, but I'm not sure how to remedy that. Also, I think that some may feel like it's a competition, of sorts. I personally don't feel that way, but can see how some may. Being that most of us are seemingly laid back individuals and here for camaraderie and not competition, that could play a part, even if we aren't consciously aware of it?
  7. Spectacular Bubbletop! I love the photography, too! John
  8. Alain, Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind words. I'm actually glad you asked this question about the paint, because it tells me that I've been successful in my approach. Let me explain why..... In looking at all the photos I could put my eyes on, of the Ki-44s used at the Akeno school, I noticed a few things about their camo schemes. Many of them have paint that looks brushed on, but, at least as often, it appears to be sprayed on. Then there are some that appear to have both and even more photos of the same aircraft taken at different times, shows that ne
  9. To my eye, it looks like the underwing panel for the outboard cannon is flipped open. As to why, I'm not sure, since I believe this particular aircraft didn't carry the outboard guns? John
  10. VERY interested in the upcoming Ju 88 gear, especially if they can handle the weight of the AIMS conversions. John
  11. Ernest, Funny you should mention that, as when I reflect back now, I ended up having to do some surgery to the pilot's left arm, to make it fit. The only option I could come up with, was to extend the arm up beside the receiver of the machine gun, in order to straighten it out. It gives the appearance that he's checking the weapon, but it really saved me from hunting down a suitable replacement arm. Thanks again, John
  12. If you want to go the exposed engine route, out of the box, then probably the newer tooled Revell kits. But that's not usually how I build, so Hasegawa for me, too. John
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