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  1. Gorgeous! Because of the work posted here by yourself and John, I was inspired to order a few of the MRP paints and a couple other brands of acrylic lacquers. In fact, I did a little bit of testing yesterday and am more than impressed, so far. I will be incorporating some of them into some current Fw 190 builds but now regret not ordering even more of them for a bunch of other things, too! Thanks for posting. Your builds are always inspiring. John
  2. Fantastic! Good to see some nice shots of this kit. How was the build? Thanks for posting, John
  3. Most of my favorite LSPs for the year are in this thread. Thanks for posting! John
  4. Amazing work, both in volume and quality. I feel so lazy! John
  5. Lookin' good! This build is reminding me of some of the other quirks in the kit, which is probably a good thing, as I have one more in the stash, destined to become an A-3. I'm currently working on Hasegawa A-5 and A-6 at the moment (thought about entering this GB, but having computer issues and I'm not sure if I need to add two more 190s to the list, so we'll see.) Keep up the good work! John
  6. Also, be aware that, to go back and forth between A-5 (8mm MGs) and A-7/8 (13mm guns) requires a change to the upper engine cowl for the gun troughs, as they are shorter for the later variants. John
  7. Going from memory, as I built it right after it was released, but check your references on the headrest and it's bracing, as I recall it being very different from the real thing. And yes, sanding and dry fitting, especially for the wheel well areas, but also the engine and instrument panel (some people had no issues there and some have). Good looking model when finished, but takes a little extra care. We all know you're up to it. John
  8. Fantastic Wurger! With the right base and background (in the second photo, especially), one would swear it was taxiing out for takeoff. John
  9. Even though I'm not interested in every release ICM has made in the last couple years (but it's usually a subject that will satisfy someone else who has been waiting years for it), it's clear they have stepped up their game and I hope they continue down this path. John
  10. Thrilled to see this kit in the GB! I plan on doing the same kit as my next LSP build. I wanted to enter it in this GB, but things didn't come together in time and I've settled on a September 1939 scheme, instead. In any case, I'll be living vicariously through your WIP thread, for the time being. Looking forward to it! John P.S. I also wanted to ask about the early H engine conversion you have there. I have contemplated that set, as well. However, I couldn't verify if it could be used in the P kit, or if it was designed specifically for the H-6 kit that was released l
  11. Looking great! My first attempts with an airbrush were nowhere near as good as yours. It took me a couple years to even get close to that level, so have no fear, as you are definitely on the right track. Very nice P-40. Thanks for posting and welcome aboard! John
  12. Tony, I've been using postimg.org for the last few years. It's free and easy. Like any host, it takes a bit to get their process down, but I find that I can upload much faster and with fewer failures than I ever could with photobucket and none of the other hassles, either. Best wishes, John
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