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  1. While I am a big fan of the Hasegawa kits, the biggest problem at this point is that the earliest variant they offer is the A-5. If they beat ZM to the punch on the A-1 to A-4 variants, it will be tough competition. But for those who prefer complete engines and other internal features, it could still lean towards ZM. I'm more of the "basic series" hopeful, but still have to pick based on the merits of specific kits. Right now there isn't a really good kit of the early marks out there, so first to market would likely get my money. John
  2. Thanks for the update, Kevin! I've been waiting since they announced this venture. I'm patient and have plenty of other 190s to do in the meantime (amongst other things!), but it's good to see that ZM hasn't given up. John
  3. I was suspicious right away that this seller was hoping to capitalize on the "gotta have it first" crowd. Given ZM's pricing of previous releases, I just can't see it costing that much. John
  4. Thanks, guys! I appreciate the feedback, but I'm really looking forward to getting back to LSPs and I still have a 1/35 T-34/76 (1940 model) to finish up, as well. John
  5. I just recently completed this trio for a friend. All from the new-tooled Eduard kits. I did the two Friedrichs at the same time, then followed up with the G-6. I really like the shape and detail of these Eduard kits. However, there are some portions of the construction that really tested my patience. The worst part being the wheel wells. I found it impossible to get both sides to fit right on a single plane, even having three shots at it (actually, SIX shots!). They really went out of their way to see how many pieces they could use to make a wheel well and it was really not needed, IMO. I also had issues with canopy fit. In true Eduard fashion, they're meant to be displayed open. My friend wanted them closed (for the first time ever. Go figure!). They turned out okay, I guess, but I won't be building any more of them. Other than surface detail, I don't really see any real advantages in these kits over what else is out there that is easier to build. Sorry about the poor pics. The weather just didn't cooperate for any outdoor shots at the time and I was also having lighting problems in my shop at the time I took the G-6 photos. John
  6. Gerhard, While I don't really have plans for it, I can try to give an explanation. It was really a simplified build. More for function than for good looks. I started with two prefabricated shelf frames that I picked up at a local lumber/hardware outfit. The idea behind them is that you can screw them to your garage/shop wall and use 24" deep planks to make your own shelving unit, wherever you want them. I set them up so that I could use a 24"x48" sheet for each shelf. I used finished whiteboard to box in the rear and the sides and for the front I made a frame out of more wood and had the backs of them grooved to accept the plexiglass. I used two LED "puck" lights to illuminate each shelf. They can be strung together in a chain. The front is just attached to two hangers on the top corners that you can slide a screw head down into their slots to hang the front. Worked pretty well. I finished the shelves with landscape and one section of "tarmac". The total available space for each shelf is 48wX approximately 27" deep. My thinking at the time was to be able to get a B-17 in there, but mostly had multiple twins in mind. The thought of a Liberator had never even occurred to me, but I'm thinking that I should be able to squeeze one in if I position it right. There just won't be room for much else on that shelf! John (Sorry for the tilted picture, but you get the idea.)
  7. I'll be buying both these kits, for sure. The Nick is one I've been waiting my whole life for. The Henschel, even though I already built Jerry's kit, is a welcome addition, as well and I could see myself maybe even building two more. As great as Jerry's kit was, it was a project that took a lot of time and some modifications to really get it together the way I wanted it to look. I don't care so much about the internal structures, either, but just having a well detailed IM kit of this will be great. John
  8. Fantastic, Kevin! Keep the photos coming! John
  9. I'm coming to the same conclusion. I have not built the Matchbox kit, but have done a few of the old Hasegawa and one Eduard. The Hasegawa is just showing it's age, even though it's shape has issues, they don't jump out to my eye. Eduard look even better to my eye, but it was not a fun build for me, especially due to the fit issues in trying to close up the nose/cowling area (and every Eduard kit I've built seemed to end up that way for me. Look good, but have unforgiveable fit issues). I have a Trumpeter E on the shelf of doom, right now. It's about 70% complete, but the shape issues just drive me nuts, every time I look at it. The fuselage/canopy are too fat, especially at the front and this also results in the canopy having a taper to it, from front to rear that really can't be unseen. I'm working on a vac replacement solution and will likely have it displayed with the canopy open, to lessen the whole taper effect, assuming I ever finish it.. However, there is another problem with the Trumpeter kits. The fuselage just behind the rear of the wings has a very sharp, squared off appearance. It's one of those things that you can't really put your finger on, but you know something is off, but when you compare it to the other kits mentioned, or photos of the real thing, it becomes blatantly obvious. So, that is going to lead me to reshaping that area, which is what I started doing when I decided it was time to box it back up and put it on the shelf. So, the next E I build will certainly be the Dragon/CH. Seems to get the best reviews and doesn't have the same issues I just mentioned, from what I'm gathering. My .02 John
  10. Awesome stuff and I'm especially diggin' that Pz. III for some reason. John
  11. This theme would be perfect for me. I am determined to get back to the LSP bench after being on hiatus for.....too long. Also, I built a large display case with twins/multis in mind, but only have put one in it so far (Bf 110D that I built at the same time as the cabinet). My current inventory is three Ju 88 kits, 2x 388 conversions, a 188 conversion and a Me 262. I think I already know it will be and a year might be helpful. John
  12. I was just playing "catch up" and scanning through this thread. Wow! What fabulous work, Andy! Definitely tagging in for the remainder. Cheers, John
  13. I'm thinking along the same lines, Alex! I need to double check my dimensions to be sure, but if this kit turns out to be decent, I will MAKE room for one. My grandmother helped build Liberators during the war (applied self sealing material to the wing/tanks). So, the Liberator has always had a place in my heart and family heritage. John
  14. Excellent build and the finish has just the right amount of everything!
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