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  1. Very nice! I'm glad to see another build of this kit. I was expecting to see more of them being done and would like to do one, myself. Having built the Rutman kit in a desert scheme, it would be nice to give it a partner in a different scheme. Love your choice of the Romanian markings! John
  2. I'm already smiling. Can't wait to see it finished! John
  3. Interior looks excellent! I did a similar treatment on the 110D I built. It's almost a shame to close the pit after doing all that, but you won't regret it, as every time you look into the crew compartment you'll know it was worth it. John
  4. Lovely Lavochkin! Looking forward to seeing more. John
  5. Fantastic Gustav! I especially like the mottling on the fuselage. Excellent! John
  6. Another winner! I can't wait to try some of the MRP Japanese colors. You're not making the wait any easier. John
  7. Amazing build, so far! Too bad there aren't some figures like that available in the form of 1/32 scale bomber crews. I would love to do an in-flight display with my He 111 and or/Ju 88s in the stash! John
  8. Excellent build and finish! I still have the Special Hobby kit in my stash and hope to get to it eventually, but the ICM/Revell kit looks really nice. Think I'll be grabbing a I-153, too! Thanks for posting! John
  9. Thanks, John! Now, prepare yourself from what I'm about to post, because I have to admit....I unashamedly stole it from looking at your builds! After reviewing some more of Thunnus' outstanding Dora builds, I decided I had to add more to the engine plug area. I had decided not to go any further, but I figured it wouldn't hurt and if it got to be too painful, I would just run with whatever I had. Actually, however, it turned out to go much smoother than I had anticipated and I had all the wiring/plumbing installed within a couple of hours, then went back to finish up the pa
  10. This is coming along VERY nicely! Keep up the great work! John
  11. Fellow drummer. Fellow modeler. An all around great guy that I have prayed for often. This is very sad news for me. John
  12. I still have a Storch prop that he sent me. I had lost one and then found it before his replacement came in the mail. It was one of several parts he helped me out with, but I think about him, his generosity and his "dive in head first" models that always seemed to be the kits/subjects that most wouldn't tackle, every time I come across that prop in my spares. He is truly missed. John
  13. I've had more attempts than you at both rigging and wood props, yet yours is still better! Excellent work! John
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