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  1. Cool choice for a night fighter. The ZM kit is OK, as long as you take your time and test-fit everything. I used ZM Brand Wheels, which I believe are Eduard - they were fine to work with and look the part. I also added CMK seats for the cockpit, tied with the HGW seat belts. Some modification required. The last bit of AM I used was maybe 20% of the photo etch panels, also from Eduard. The model is already overtly engineered that adding more detail will likely cause you added headaches in the long run. It did for me. Overall, decent kit - take your time. Justin
  2. You're from another planet, sir. Justin
  3. AMAZING! What are you using in the wheel bay for the connector ends? Justin
  4. Nice info for sure. Jugg, I did not see anywhere that Rigor was imposing anything upon anyone, simply voicing his opinion. Justin
  5. my post Back from the dead ! Seems Photobucket stamped all my photos lol
  6. Stunning work. Exactly what I imagined. Justin
  7. Thanks a lot for the wishes gents!!!
  8. Hey folks! Been a long while since I posted on LSP! I have since had some major life changes, and I haven't had much time to work on my Corsair =( First change: I'm now a dad! March 16, baby Halle was born (pronounced like Halle Berry)! 8lbs, 13oz and 24" - the experience was.. an experience! She's healthy and very talkative already.. just like mom! Secondly, I've changed companies. After a seemingly long 7 years with the last employer, flying very old machines - I decided it was time for a change. Here's what my new gig looks like! I'm very excited, and also very terrified to fly this thing. I am not used to having a fly by wire airplane, with more screens than a theater. Jet theory is also new to me, I'm coming from turbo-props! I head down to St. Louis on Sunday to figure it all out. Keep up all the great models guys, I check all of your progress almost daily. Talk soon, Justin
  9. Was this model spay canned? either way, well done sir! bonus points if it was spray canned Justin
  10. Beautiful! I'm working on one of these right now! Although mine is a FAA machine. Following along Justin.
  11. Nice Chuck! Beware, trying to fit ignitions behind the exhausts is nearly impossible. I'd give that all a test fit before you commit to paint. Justin
  12. Motors look just like the first iteration of AiResearch TPE series. Super cool video!
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