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  1. Thanks! It’s not an easy set to work with. Just take your time and test fit 14 times before you commit to paint.
  2. thanks for the comments! you are correct in thinking it looks like pencil. This was my first try with weathering like that. It’ll take some time to perfect it Secondly, if you colourize the photo of the Echelon formation seen in your post, you can more easily identify the third demarcation on the tail. You may be correct that the colours may be flipped, I followed the many photo profiles of the airplane. Hell, the whole plane might be backwards. It could also be different shades of the colours I used. Black and white is a tricky business, I had immense issues with my HE219. Yellow marks looked grey, and only record of the airplane indicated what colour it actually was. Id have loved to take photos of the underside but we had limited space and I wasn’t willing to flip the model around to get them. It’s a shame, I know Justin
  3. Very nice! Absolute terd of a kit. Maybe Tamiya will save us with a 1/32
  4. Thanks a lot friend, you've been a great supporter of this long, drawn out build. Thanks! Thanks Brian =D Thanks Mike! yeah, this one took a while... Appreciate the comments Mike! They always do. =D I'd be honored, thanks Kev!
  5. Hey Folks.. Been a while since I posted some work on the site. So here goes: 23 months ago I set out to build a FAA Corsair from a stock Tamiya kit, shortly after reviewing my references I realized that it wasn't going to be as easy a task as I thought. After countless hours of research and planning I was ready to go with tons of resin and AM stuff. The subject is a Corsair MK.II from the Royal Navy, I decided to build this airplane because it's a little different than the standard Corsair coloring. I attempted to add, and correct as many things as I could, but surely someone will find something obvious that could be missing. I used the amazing "Time Capsule Fighter 433" book as reference. I built this airplane for my wife, as it's her favorite airplane ( and because she'd support the hundreds of hours of work) Aftermarkets: Brassin Prop Brassin Engine (modified) Brassin Cowls (modified) HGW RAF Seatbelts Barracuda Stencils Barracuda Diamond Tyres Grey Matter Accy. Bay (modified) MV Lenses Various tubes / wire / string / styrene Scratch / Mods: R2800 fully plumbed, opposite of Brassin's instruction. Used real engines as reference Ignition Harness scratch built Cowl flap control ring added Accy. bay plumbed, stenciled as well as control arms added for the various engine controls / cowls Added CO vents to fuselage Fully detailed gear bays / uplock springs scrapped from kit and re-made from lead wire Clipped wings as per drawing dimensions / reshaped position lights from kit parts Paint / Markings All markings / insignias are painted on using Maketar (roundels) and custom for "3BB" Very few decals used from kit, they went on OK in most places MRP Paint used for all surfaces Chipping achieved with pencils Basic oil wash overall Build time 23 months. I hope you folks can enjoy this as much as I did. All photos were taken by my good friend Chuck Sawyer (chuck540z3), thanks buddy! Justin
  6. Cool choice for a night fighter. The ZM kit is OK, as long as you take your time and test-fit everything. I used ZM Brand Wheels, which I believe are Eduard - they were fine to work with and look the part. I also added CMK seats for the cockpit, tied with the HGW seat belts. Some modification required. The last bit of AM I used was maybe 20% of the photo etch panels, also from Eduard. The model is already overtly engineered that adding more detail will likely cause you added headaches in the long run. It did for me. Overall, decent kit - take your time. Justin
  7. You're from another planet, sir. Justin
  8. AMAZING! What are you using in the wheel bay for the connector ends? Justin
  9. Nice info for sure. Jugg, I did not see anywhere that Rigor was imposing anything upon anyone, simply voicing his opinion. Justin
  10. my post Back from the dead ! Seems Photobucket stamped all my photos lol
  11. Stunning work. Exactly what I imagined. Justin
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