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    Barton upon Humber, England (UK)
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    I model in all scales - my main interests these days is Hellenic Air Force and Swedish Air Force (Flygvapnet) aircraft, although there are a few other aircraft types that that distract me occasionally!

    I have produced master patterns for other companies here in the UK since the mid-80's. I am also a former RAF VR(T) Fg Off within the Air Cadet Organisation (ACO) and also used to own and run aircraft resin model company Eclipse Model Design - EMD.

    Since February 2014, I have been a member of the Lightning Preservation Group (LPG), who own and operate two operational (but non-flying) EE Lightning F.Mk.6 aircraft at Bruntingthorpe airfield in Leicester in the UK; I look after and pack the aircraft braking parachutes as well as carrying out other aspects of aircraft maintenance and operation.

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  1. Fantastic model Mr Scale! (Swedish and Greek aircraft are my thing, so I will certainly follow suit with my Mk.58 in the future!) Derek
  2. Good stuff Richard - I intend to make one of these as well Derek
  3. Thank you all for your birthday wishes (and especially Maru! ). Cheers Derek
  4. Hi Anthony, Watching you persevere with your build is an absolute delight to me - thank you. I know exactly what you mean about not being able to leave something when you know that it is not correct - I am nearing completion of a kit master pattern, and I didn't quite get the scribing correct (no good reference as guidance either)...I have filled it in and will re-do it for the same reasons. You exhibit the difference between a 3D translated drawing into steel moulds from a kit manufacturer and your conversion. I don't believe that a kit manufacturer could ever translate a drawing (no matter how accurate, unless laser technology is used) to reproduce what you have done with anything like the same accuracy, because they have some vital missing links; the patience to assess complex shapes and the passion to make sure that they are accurately portrayed on a model - keep up the good work Anthony, your model looks truly stunning! Derek
  5. Derek B


    Interesting point Mike? Back in the early-80's, I managed to drastically modify an Airfix 1/72 CH-46 VERTOL Sea Knight (used as the basis for a scratch build) into a CH-47 Chinook, which ended up about 1/87 scale as a result. Therefore, I think that in the reverse-engineering sense, it may be possible (in theory) to convert the Trumpeter 1/35 CH-47 into a CH-46 and still have it come out at the correct 1/32 scale? (plenty of work still required though!). Derek
  6. Nice work Nick, I am enjoying this and will follow - did I miss what you were going to complete it as? Cheers Derek
  7. Agreed JMcD! LM could very well 'revisit' this particular design, as it may now prove to be a very cost-effective solution to future capability requirements, especially when combined with today's advanced Viper features. Great work Dan - your model once again shows us what a beast of an aircraft this could have been! Derek
  8. Great info Paramedic, thank you (I also found the same information as you, but did not post any links to it as it did not provide the specific dimensional data which Rainer is looking for). My modelling themes and passion are Hellenic Air Force and Swedish Air Force (Flygvapnet)/SAAB aircraft, so I am following Rainer's build (and all other Viggen builds for that matter) with great interest. Cheers Derek
  9. Great work Mark - I'm loving this build! Derek
  10. I was extremely impressed with their performance in Greece this year during the very high heat wave conditions they had this summer, so that is why I want one. Derek
  11. I see one of these in my future at some point. Derek
  12. Thank you Kev (and all LSP staff). Derek
  13. I don't know how I missed this! (please accept my apologies). I wish you a great and happy birthday Maru - we are blessed to have you as such a good friend and member! Derek
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