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    Barton upon Humber, England (UK)
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    I model in all scales - my main interests these days is Hellenic Air Force and Swedish Air Force (Flygvapnet) aircraft, although there are a few other aircraft types that that distract me occasionally!

    I have produced master patterns for other companies here in the UK since the mid-80's. I am also a former RAF VR(T) Fg Off within the Air Cadet Organisation (ACO) and also used to own and run aircraft resin model company Eclipse Model Design - EMD.

    Since February 2014, I have been a member of the Lightning Preservation Group (LPG), who own and operate two operational (but non-flying) EE Lightning F.Mk.6 aircraft at Bruntingthorpe airfield in Leicester in the UK; I look after and pack the aircraft braking parachutes as well as carrying out other aspects of aircraft maintenance and operation.

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  1. Elliptical wing shaped aircraft seem to be popular, so with that in mind, what about this one then? (He 116) Derek
  2. This is tough one Kev with no real or obvious answer (other than perhaps attempting to remove the external framing, followed by, carefully, the transparencies, painting the inside edges of the internal framing then rebuilding the whole thing!). Good luck with whatever solution you may opt for. Regards Derek
  3. That is looking really nice Albert, well done Sir! Derek
  4. We all live and learn Kev This is why Iain and I colour the edges of our transparencies with either a black marker or paint first, but that is not exactly what you want to hear right now! Despite that, you have done a fantastic job on your kit clear parts, which were difficult enough to prepare without your latest issues - well done Kev. Derek
  5. I have a pinhole camera obscura with what is effectively a very large screen at the back of it...does that still count? Derek
  6. Derek B


    Stay well Dale...compared to what you have to contend with, I think that many of us have little to complain about. Derek
  7. Interesting stuff! The MDD 1/30 scale drawing for the F-4B, C, D and J quotes 23 degrees and 15 minutes (23 1/4 degrees) for the horizontal stabiliser anhedral, which, if based upon actual aircraft GA data should be correct for those aircraft marks. The F-4K/M MDD blueprint GA, which is not entirely clear to read, but when enlarged, actually (I believe) quotes 23 degrees 25 minutes for the horizontal stabiliser (not 23 degrees 2 minutes and 5 seconds as I originally thought). Therefore, there is only 10 minutes difference between the two horizontal stabiliser anhedral angles for bo
  8. That was my thought as well Jim, but I do not have the manufacturer's data to confirm this (only for the F-4K) - internet sources state 23.5 degrees for J-79 powered aircraft, but I would like to see the source data to confirm this. Derek
  9. Nice work Max; nice to see two different Tiger Moths in build (I am thinking of Kev's here), as it is useful to see the different approaches required for each kit. Derek
  10. Yes Cees, but as explained above, it was less than half of a degree! Derek
  11. No problem Anthony. I was originally going to complete the model as a RAF Alconbury USAFE RF-4C 'Starize', but decided that I later wanted to complete it as a HAF RF-4E. I went to Athens Flying Week in 2018 (AFW 2018) at Tanagra airbase, where I saw this actual aircraft and wanted to make it, but there were no decals in 1/32 scale for it...until now! Derek
  12. OK Anthony, I have had a quick look into the tailplane anhedral angle issue for you. from what I can find out, the difference in angle may be so small as to not worry about. I do not have any manufacturer's drawings for the J-79 powered aircraft, but the internet specifications all generally quote 23.5 degrees for it (how accurate this is, I do not know). However, I do have manufacturer data for the F-4K tailplane, and this quotes 23 degrees 2 ' 5", so no real noticeable difference really. HTH Derek
  13. Hi Anthony, Great work - I'm loving it! AFAIK, if you mean the anhedral angle of the tailplane (horizontal stabiliser), is the same for both US and British Phantoms, but I will need to confirm it. I have managed to get this decal sheet for my Revell 1/32 RF-4C, which I will complete as a HAF RF-4E, so this my be the first one I complete! (I have to wait until my birthday though to actually have them): Cheers Derek
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