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  1. Great Job Bill! Happy Birthday too! Paul
  2. Go Ben Go! Man you never cease to amaze and inspire with your subject choices and execution.. Good luck on the new Big 'un , I'll definitely be watching. I second Timmy's sentiments, Ironhorse would be cool =-) Pic included for motivational and educational purposes only =-) Paul
  3. Merry Christmas Wolf and a Happy New Year to everybody at LSP =-)
  4. Andre was a great guy, a fantastic modeler, and a lot of fun and inspiration to have in a group build. His humor, detailed modeling and willingness to help/explain and have fun will be sorely missed. I am glad I got to know him if only though LSP. My Condolences to Andres family and friends. Paul
  5. Beautiful 5N Karl! You made it look fantastic! Paul
  6. Outstanding Result ! Very realistic looking, it's been a lot of fun watching it come together, thank you for sharing! Paul
  7. This is from the Rules of the Road, PLEASE take the time to re-read it. We all have access to the news channels, it does not need to be repeated here as well. LSP AND WORLD EVENTS Lately the news we see each day has not been very nice to watch. LSP is a community of modelers with similar interests and many of us have made friends here. Discussions about our personal adventures and experiences are welcome and encouraged but the majority of us come here to escape the bad news we see. LSP staff strongly discourages the posting of negative world news events, particularly those involving violence and terrorism, within the forums and reserves the right to delete or edit such posts"
  8. Fanch, You are a true artist with color and blending. I've enjoyed watching all of your projects, this one as the others has a personality of its own. Very Impressive , Keep up the fantastic work! Paul
  9. Jorge, Outstanding subject and great conversion so far, everything seems to fit very well and your Alclad work is very nice! keep up the great progress! Paul
  10. If we could have just stuck to discussing the tech and not the politics..very hard to do, and this isn't the place. Paul
  11. Nice work Dennis, good to see you back at this one. . Keep it up! Paul
  12. Eric, Outstanding attention to detail and excellent problem solving and workmanship! The personal stories make your work that much sweeter to watch come together. Keep it up ! Paul
  13. Looking More fantastic every post Oliver! Keep at it! Paul
  14. Looking Great Bruce! Keep up the excellent progress! Paul
  15. Beautiful work on the P-61 so far. Your scratch built details and wiring will really add a lot to the overall effort nicely! keep up the great work!
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