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  1. Ok I added a note to click the banner at the bottom of the article to get to Sprue Brothers, I will forward the issue with the hyperlink that I removed for now to our Admin. Thank you, Paul
  2. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, the link is functional now, there must have been a extra letter in the link when I created it . Paul
  3. The Trumpy -4 isn't terrible, but its not perfect in a few areas that may or may not be of concern. The cockpit needs a replacement and thankfully there have been sets available in the past. The landing gear bay openings have some minor shape issues, and are missing a lot of details internally, the gear and wheels and tires could stand replacements, the tires in particular are made of an artificial rubber/vinyl material and not very convincing. To most people built out of the box, it's obviously a Corsair and with 4 blades and the other subtle differences, more knowledgeable folks would
  4. I'm here every day Tim Good to hear from you too! Happy Holidays. Paul
  5. Welcome Back to LSP ! I'm glad to hear you've returned to the hobby and I hope you find LSP a great place to relax and share the hobby with us again. to your second retirement too! Paul
  6. Beautiful Work and to the Forums. Looking forward to seeing more progress. Paul
  7. Outstanding Tigercat! Great job. Paul
  8. Sounds about right for the changes between the versions as I read it, I'm just glad we have two excellent kits to choose from. Great time to be in 1/32 Paul
  9. Thank you DB, Im glad you enjoyed it. It's a great model for sure. It's currently tucked away for a rainy day =-) Paul
  10. Thanks Ray, Helps to have such great subject matter to review.. a great time to be modeling 1/32 Paul
  11. Thank you Darren, Im glad you enjoyed the review. These SWS kits give me the same feeling I used to get back in the day with the Monogram kits with Shep Paine diorama brochures inside, ( early 70's) that same sort of excitement about the possibilities for displaying all the detail creates another level to the project and ups the entertainment value in my book. Paul
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