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  1. I am confident you'll be able to get a nice result on that P47, Citadel! It can't all be uphill!
  2. Amazing save, Dennis! Well done! Oh man that hurts to hear/see!
  3. Wow, what a story! And what a result! Well done sir. I applaud you. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Haha! That's pretty funny. For me it was the 1/48th scale Spitfire by Tamiya. I had tried to apply some chipping on the wingroots with some aluminium paint.. and a brush. I was unhappy with it. Tried to mend it; first by carefully removing the "chips" with Q-tips and alcohol.. only to expose bare plastic. Oop. Masked off the panel; repainting it first with aluminium, then applying some hot water and salt for chipping. After shooting brown on top I thought it was hideous. There was even a slight color mismatch because of the aluminium primer. I then decided to go full yolo and do the same technique on the other wingroot, but backwards - a lot of hot water and salt on existing paint, but keep the majority of it, mask it off, and spray some aluminium. Might as well ruin it properly, right? Brushed the salt off, thought "meh", put the kit down, and did not return to the table till the next day. I no longer hated it. In fact, I quite liked the results in daylight... and it did not look shabby on pictures, either. So that's a loss turned victory!
  5. Experimenting with new modelling techniques, or perhaps a faulty paint? Maybe an accidental cut. Your initial reaction was "oh no". And, afterwards -- be it the day after, or maybe even a couple of years down the road - "hey, this is not bad" or even "wow this turned out great", and proudly display it for everyone to see. Curious about your stories/pictures!
  6. I tried googling diagrams and stuff to locate these, but I have come up short. Does anybody know where these are located? For weathering purposes. Thanks for your time.
  7. Absolutely loving the look of this, missing lens or not! Definitely worthy of a special spot on any shelf!
  8. This is making me want to start my Jeep Wrangler by Tamiya in 1/24th scale! It won't be as cool as yours, but a jeep is a jeep!
  9. Thanks Mike. Thanks Geoff. Long trip indeed, but hopefully I get to finish it this time around... I might even go with the kit droptanks to save myself time and money. I just want her finished!
  10. She is now grey again, rather than a strange green color.
  11. How would one go about ordering these? I contacted a so called "local agent", which turned out to be in Germany. He simply stated "we do not send spare parts from Germany", then gave me an email to a danish agent, which in turn, finally, sent me over to a swedish agent -- only to inform me that they do not keep spare parts in stock at all; that I'd be better off contacting Tamiya's factory. I informed my initial agent in Germany of this, and asked for further instructions. All he did was repeat "we do not send spare parts from Germany" and closed my ticket. Very rude.
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