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  1. Thanks for your input Richard! I am planning on using Humbrol's cote products. I do have both their matt and satin jars! So should I mix them 50/50?
  2. That's the problem, I love the satin on it.. but I don't know if matt is more accurate! I want to make it as true to life as possible.
  3. Crazy (and good) news -- yesterday I ordered a new airbrush (Badger Crescendo 175), along with 8 new paints. The Badger from Rebell Hobby, and the paints from Alfahobby. Both packages arrived within 24 hours. I find this a little bit insane, haha! I've never had anything delivered so quickly before...
  4. I would like some opinions... Should I satin coat this kit, or matt coat it? I love how the satin varnish looks on it, but it may not be accurate... any feedback would be most welcome.
  5. Yeeeeah... much, much better.
  6. Thanks Richard! I haven't done a lot to the kit yet; I am a bit short on thinner and stuff so I will have to wait until I can buy some more - but I have done a few oil streaks on the bottom, and I also decided to rub off most of the chipping on the port side wing by the cockpit as it looked very painted on and not very chipped like. I will try using a sponge with some Humbrol 11 instead and see if it looks better.
  7. My brother thought it'd be an excellent idea to just buy me an entire new kit to get the decal sheet I needed, seeing as Airfix themselves were unable to help. So yeah, behold. A replacement B in place! I can now satin coat the kit and finalize the weathering. Many thanks, brother. Alas, with all good news there's something bad. It would seem that the Humbrol 35 gloss coat has yellowed quite a lot underneath while the kit has been standing. I do not think there is anything I can do to fix this, but hopefully it will not affect the final appearance of it too much.
  8. I think they gave up on wooden propellers after the Mk1, but I am not 100% certain.
  9. I'm getting a new airbrush in a couple of days, and there's a high chance that I can finally finish this kit. All it needs is satin varnish on the bottom and some light weathering; maybe exhaust and gun soot and stuff like that. I am still on the hunt for a B decal for my Mustang as well, but once I get a hold of that - satin varnish, final weathering, and she too will stand completed. They both survived me moving apartments without any damage and are currently just hanging out in a cupboard so as to not attract dust.
  10. w/e not in the mood to look into forum changes atm
  11. Thanks, Mark. Here're the exhausts: And dryfitted: I still haven't varnished her underneath, but I'll get around to that when I can drag myself out of this seemingly endless hole of depression I've fallen into. EDIT: Ok, now the post ignores the IMG (I can't type [ i m g ] together as an example because the forum is stupid) put before the link, and thus you end up with forked up links. Enjoy. Screw you, forum.
  12. I painted the exhausts black, as a primer... then I painted them Humbrol 98 chocolate brown. Then I drybrushed Humbrol 55 bronze upon that... and finally drybrushed Humbrol 98 again on top of THAT. Trying to achieve a burnt iron look is very tricky, but I think I did alright. Will try to snap some good pictures in the sunlight later on.
  13. Spots sanded smooth, repainted, and glosscoated. Applied decals given to me by my brother; from the new release of the Spit - meaning Cartograph decals. These did not fail me. Glosscoated again. Applied a wash. Satin coated. When that's dry I will satin coat the bottom. When that is dry I will do the final weathering and call it done.
  14. Decals scraped off with an Xacto blade. You can also see the spots where I tried rubbing alcohol on them.
  15. I use Tamiya glue and even Humbrol sometimes. But if the canopy framing is too thin or non-existant, I use Mikro Kristal Klear instead. I like the stronger glues because it means the piece will sit better, I guess. I remember using Tamiya's extra thin cement to glue the windows on both of my 1/24 Willys Jeeps, which slides directly into the framing, and there was no fogging whatsoever. It's why I've come to trust strong cement for these tasks.
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