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  1. The seat included in the kit does not have a hole for the Y harness, for some reason. You just kind of glue it on top with a buckle to make it seem like it's threaded through.
  2. I don't think my lighter can get them that hot, unfortunately. They mostly turned black when I tried. Gonna cut off the broken Y-harness and only keep the buckle at the bottom, and make the rest out of tape. Thanks everyone for your inputs.
  3. Thanks, but it is the Hurricane I am currently making. Its instructions shows a completely different setup.
  4. I did heat them up with a lighter and they became sort of more bendable I guess, but the Y harness has already gotten a few pieces snapped off due to excessive bending. Because I still can't wrap my head around how to position them despite all the pictures and google searches. It's not easy being dumb.
  5. I know they're great, I've used them in the past - but I can't afford things like that at this point in time. Trying to make do with the OOB PE. Thanks for your input.
  6. I did sand the surfaces that needed glue, but I did not heat up the parts. I'll give it a shot.
  7. Might toss these in the garbage after all. They just won't bend proper. I can't pre-bend them because I don't know how they're supposed to be bent, and when supergluing them into place with what I thought was a good superglue (Loctite) they just snap off when trying to bend them into the correct position and shape afterwards. Photoetch is stupid and can f*ck off.
  8. Yeah looks like I have some folding to do. Thanks Dennis.
  9. So the Y thing is folded behind the U harness? Maybe... I don't know. It's doing my head in. The images I find aren't as clear as I'd like them to be.
  10. Some instructions for PE belts are extremely unclear. I suspect they're called a Sutton harness? If that's of any help to anybody. I tried to make an illustration in MS Paint to demonstrate my point. Where on earth is the Y harness supposed to go? Do I fold it behind the U harness, or let the pointy belt things protrude from the top? It's annoying me quite a lot that the instructions don't tell me.
  11. Thanks for your input Richard! I am planning on using Humbrol's cote products. I do have both their matt and satin jars! So should I mix them 50/50?
  12. That's the problem, I love the satin on it.. but I don't know if matt is more accurate! I want to make it as true to life as possible.
  13. Crazy (and good) news -- yesterday I ordered a new airbrush (Badger Crescendo 175), along with 8 new paints. The Badger from Rebell Hobby, and the paints from Alfahobby. Both packages arrived within 24 hours. I find this a little bit insane, haha! I've never had anything delivered so quickly before...
  14. I would like some opinions... Should I satin coat this kit, or matt coat it? I love how the satin varnish looks on it, but it may not be accurate... any feedback would be most welcome.
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