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  1. I have participated in 3 GB's over the years, "Airwar over Vietnam" and "Classic Plastic" I managed to finish 3 builds each. My favorite was "What-if," and started a Corsair Racer but had to leave due to personal matters. i have just now returned from a No-Mojo period of about 10 months and a large downsizing of my 32nd stash. I was planning to start the 24th Tiffie Bubble top OOB project, but I do have a T5 Double - Lightning conversion set.....HMMMM. The trainer GB might be a good way of getting through the Whirlybird conversion with my sanity intact, I'm not a big
  2. That's the great thing about this hobby, "Build it anyway YOU want. I'm not a rivet counter myself, and until I started mine in 2013 as my first LSP build, was going to prime my interior. It was brought to my attention that they were not, with pictures and Tech Orders. It allowed me to change before I started. I only bring it up as an informational note to who, like me, wasn't aware of this. You can always say it's a re-enactment for the crew. MODEL ON Sir! jack
  3. I hate to stir up the hornets nest but, war time G models did not have painted interiors. The cockpit had blanket insulation on the ceiling and sides and rear bulkhead was painted. The rest of the interior was unpainted aluminum with wood floors, which look great by the way. Most reference books are restorations and therefore are painted to protect it from corrosion. They were built in a hurry and were not expected to last more then a year, so why add the time and weight. i didn't now this until I started building mine 5 years ago (Not finished)l with a full crew
  4. I just watched a 48th build on youtube and it looks AWESOME! Just wondering about the weight of the inner wing and tail assembly. Looking forward to seeing how this works out Jack
  5. the ECM antenna is different than your model also.
  6. @tomprobert This is the damaged area of the one Ghost Rider replaced. 49th Operational Test Squadron
  7. @tomprobert The nose art is pretty simple and have closer-up pics from nose to tail, with 007 tail number. I thought the same thing except 1/144 or 1/72 scale. would be unique.
  8. We are practically neighbor's. 1007 is Ghost Rider, the first B-52 to be returned to the active fleet from the "Boneyard" in Az. She was flown here in late 2015 to replace the B-52 behind her due to an oxygen system fire in the cockpit. After they transferred the lower deck equipment she went to Tulsa for upgrades and repaint. She is at Minot due to the fact she was on loan to the test squadron here hen the fireoccurred. That is 7 years in the desert sun except where the protective sealer was located. We have another one from the boneyard here now to replace the one l
  9. You have to remember the travel of the wing when she is in flight. Some pics I took during touch & goes when I first got my camera. Again please excuse the "Buff eating tree".
  10. Not sure if any of these help at this point. Please excuse the light post and dumpster
  11. Love the weathering on this beast. I remember when the USAF was terrified of this thing back in the early 70's Good thing it was fast because "checking- six" would be impossible. Beautiful job jack
  12. F3 for sure and possibly a F1 although I'm converting it to a T4. Looking forward to seeing how this progress's. jack
  13. Great work so far Sir. PE makes me crazy, which is why I didn't use it. Do you have any photos of the ammo boxes for the ball turret, my understanding is they are inside the turret. The only pics I can find are for the B-24 that attach to the turret support. I can still fix mine as the fuselage is still unglued, Thanks jack
  14. I had to look up the Gorn, the original Star Trek was hokey to this 11 years old. though I liked the Trebles Your quite right, even has a flak vest. You know I never even thought of contrails......HMMM!
  15. Top turret with gunner, radio operator ( will change head), ball turret and waist gunners. Tail gunner is the only one left to be modified. Flak vest are made from lead tape.
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