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Let's get to know each other a little better. Show a photo of your

Guest DannyVM

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Guest DannyVM

Hi Guy's,


i don't know if there's already running a tread like this here on LSP, but i found it be interesting to post a photo of yourself over here on LSP, so we all can put a face  on the people who talking to each other everyday. :hmmm:


I will start....... :mental:




Oohhh and no no..........i'm no angel, that's just the light that's shining onto the ceiling :innocent:  :innocent:  :innocent:


Common Guy's, show yourself. :frantic:





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I don't have a lot of good photos of myself. Not because I'm shy, but I'm usually the one taking photos of everyone else in the family!


Here's my wife and I at the Northern Invasion music festival last year.







And without the hat and shades (which I rarely go without!) just a couple months ago.






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Okay. I don't consider myself very photogenic,  but on the other hand i don't believe in hiding behind an icon of a celebrity i never met, either.




Taken last year. The plane is a Falcon 50.


And then this was taken after my first flight (yes, from the front seat) of a North American Harvard.




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