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  1. Jeff

    Wolf Buddee, Congrats !!!

    Yup, that's it, R/T aka "Random Thoughts", that's what they call IPMS Canada journal.....
  2. So, yesterday in the mail, I received my latest copy of R/T the IPMS Canada 'journal', and gracing the front cover is a photos of the "Best Canadian Subject" and the IPMS/USA Nats 2018, well we all knew Wolf won that, BUT the photo graces the front cover PLUS 2 full color pages devoted to his build and getting the award..................pictures of the old guy and all...................... I just thought in these days of unrest or what ever it is called, that a shout out across the modeling world was called for, so............... CONGRATULATIONS, Wolf , for winning the award, AND the cover and 2 page article in R/T !!! Well, deserved, take a bow, my friend..... Cheers ! Jeff
  3. Jeff

    FACEBOOK hacked

    I just wonder why there are SO many crooks out there, and never get caught ( and YES they can ) and if and when they do get caught NEVER any punishment...... why do we let this stuff go on, and I always hear, the trite " Oh, well, what can you do........" line........ this sort of hacking stuff is really getting out of control, and the phony phone calls I get about CRA, and the 'windows' thing on my computer.....geez...... and ALWAYS at supper time !!!
  4. Jeff

    Dh60 Gypsy Moth drawings

    Of no consequence for your request, but my dad used to deliver news papers to Amy Johnson, back in the day..... just a tid bit of useless info....
  5. Jeff

    I'm so excited I'm about to bust!!

    That's really cool.... I know the feeling albeit much smaller, I snagged the data plate from a 1947 Euclid dump truck my dad used to drive, MANY years ago, it is framed with a pic of him and the truck... congrats, Jennings... that's neat
  6. Yeah, that is very interesting....
  7. Jeff

    Help needed for custom decals

    I'm getting some decals made by Paul Parkes in England right now.... he is doing some custom helicopter stuff, and is doing custom nose art for my uncles Halifax, and when I asked him about doing the nose art he was all over that....AND he can print white....... he said that was his specialty , check him out he came HIGHLY recommended to me, and he is a real nice guy, great communication so far,. http://parkes682decals.moonfruit.com This should get you to his site, if you do contact him, tell him Jeff from Canada sent you...... I don't get anything, it is just nice to be able to refer others to him...... seriously give it a go..... Jeff ( from Canada) LOL
  8. Jeff

    Some civvies in 1/72

    Spectacular job on the Rotodyne, best I have ever seen.....
  9. Jeff

    AMT '59 El Camino

    I LOVE to see a guy with a Mustang handle build a Chevy !!!
  10. Jeff

    New Wingnut Wings T-Shirt For Sale!

    I need a LSS ( LARGE Scale Shirt) 3 xl for this chubby kid, gives me room to breathe.... at least that's what I tell the Mrs.
  11. Jeff

    New Wingnut Wings T-Shirt For Sale!

    what scale is it?
  12. Dale, that's the best thing I have heard in a VERY long time, seems all the news these days is doom and gloom, you my friend are a little ray of sunshine............. I am so excited for you......that is such good news....... Jeff
  13. Jeff

    Not my stash, I promise!!

    Why not!?
  14. Jeff

    Grandpa again!!!!

    Congratulations "Grumpa" ( that's what my grand kids call me..LOL)
  15. Jeff

    Oh my. Shattered.

    I am sorry as well..... I try to be very vigilant with watching for motor cycles, never had one, I'm a car/ truck guy, but guys I worked with had them....... my condolences to his family, as well as you Gerhard....