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  1. Shaka HI

    Tamiya A6M2 Type 21 - Mojo Reisen

    Beautiful, Tom. I've always wanted to build this scheme and even got two of these kits (forget I had one in the stash), but haven't gotten to it yet. Model looks flawless.
  2. Oh my. That's completely breathtaking. The details just pops!
  3. Dale, buddy. Good hearing from you.
  4. Shaka HI

    Dragon Bf110E NJG 1

    Fantastic Max! Photos look real!
  5. Shaka HI

    Battle of Britain BF-110C Stab./ZG 26

    Oh man..I must be out of it. I keep clicking on the chevron thingy thinking it was a video! Nice build!
  6. Shaka HI

    B-25J Betty's Dream(ing) of a French Kiss

    Carl, you're great modeler, but even greater human being and Dad (my dad would've beat the crap out of me and has for far lesser infractions)!
  7. Shaka HI

    1:32 Hasegawa Fw 190d-9

    ..now that's how you do it!
  8. Shaka HI

    Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB "Pulverizer IV" Finished!

    Just caught up...what a fantastic build. Learned a few things too...IPA shouldn't be consumed ice cold? Need to check the Australian Shiraz! (I had no idea this kit had the stress-skin effect built-in!)
  9. Shaka HI

    Perfect plastic putty question

    No. But I like it because it's very convenient to use for seams/or imperfections you can't really see. Water-based, so you can even wipe it off smooth without sanding.
  10. ..I was looking for this thread, did a refresh and it showed up on the first page! Thanks Ray. So I'll probably be getting a new 2018 Accord with a 6 speed for my daily/adult car (instead of the Audi S3 which I've lost all interest -- I want an manual transmission), but this became available and I just had to get it. I can't seem to break the Honda habit! S2000 in LBP. Rare color and it only has 32K miles on the ODO!
  11. Flawless, man. Impressive.
  12. Shaka HI

    Model making music

    It's super cool to see that despite that we're from all over the place -- this type of thread shows us how similar our interests are. Have a nice day/evening gents.
  13. Maru, I thought you were Vegan? (Almost a year of my vegetarian diet...1/2 the week are Vegan meals! Feeling gooood! I stopped losing weight so that's good...)
  14. Shaka HI

    Perfect plastic putty question

    That's NOT normal. Return it.
  15. Shaka HI

    1/32 Trumpeter F6F-5N

    Awesome build! Reminds me of something.....hmmm.