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  1. Eric, simply the best OOTB build of this kit I've seen a long while. Gorgeous build!
  2. Awesome! I always wondered what you do with this kit and you sure don't disappoint!
  3. Happy Birthday, Maru! Glad I logged in to see this on the first page!
  4. Take care East Coast folks! I used to spend a lot of time in Carolinas for work and absolutely loved it there! Made sure I spent a couple of days on the way to Florida to my next work location!
  5. First time I had to do multiple takes to determine the pictures were a model Fantastic!
  6. Geesh! There's some new guys here! And their work is awesome!
  7. I was curious if this was on RFI, since I last logged in! What a gem!
  8. Thanks, Troy. It's been a bit hectic for me at work lately. Lane was the last thing we needed. It's been awhile since we've been hit (Island of Oahu, 80% of the population resides on this Island) and looks like we've dodged another bullet. It's still in the middle of Hurricane season and it's been a very active season so far. I think there's another one headed our way (will be named "Norman" if it forms). Miriam shouldn't be an issue.
  9. Keep your head down Shaka.   Looks like a big one is heading your way brother.



  10. Beautiful, Tom. I've always wanted to build this scheme and even got two of these kits (forget I had one in the stash), but haven't gotten to it yet. Model looks flawless.
  11. Oh my. That's completely breathtaking. The details just pops!
  12. Fantastic Max! Photos look real!
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