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  1. Eric, simply the best OOTB build of this kit I've seen a long while. Gorgeous build!
  2. Awesome! I always wondered what you do with this kit and you sure don't disappoint!
  3. First time I had to do multiple takes to determine the pictures were a model Fantastic!
  4. Geesh! There's some new guys here! And their work is awesome!
  5. I was curious if this was on RFI, since I last logged in! What a gem!
  6. Thanks, Troy. It's been a bit hectic for me at work lately. Lane was the last thing we needed. It's been awhile since we've been hit (Island of Oahu, 80% of the population resides on this Island) and looks like we've dodged another bullet. It's still in the middle of Hurricane season and it's been a very active season so far. I think there's another one headed our way (will be named "Norman" if it forms). Miriam shouldn't be an issue.
  7. Keep your head down Shaka.   Looks like a big one is heading your way brother.



  8. Beautiful, Tom. I've always wanted to build this scheme and even got two of these kits (forget I had one in the stash), but haven't gotten to it yet. Model looks flawless.
  9. Oh my. That's completely breathtaking. The details just pops!
  10. Fantastic Max! Photos look real!
  11. Oh man..I must be out of it. I keep clicking on the chevron thingy thinking it was a video! Nice build!
  12. Carl, you're great modeler, but even greater human being and Dad (my dad would've beat the crap out of me and has for far lesser infractions)!
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