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  1. I was talking to Mark (Marek?) there a little while back and he said they're going to try and get back into the hobby side of things. So hopefully they'll be back at it soon.
  2. Wheels and wings for sure. If you know what you're looking for, try emailing them and see if they have it in stock. They may even be able to set it aside for your son in law to pick it up. It was great to meet you there Thomas and I'm glad the shop was everything we all said it is. Carl
  3. Got a really big box from HLJ on Friday. At 1/20 scale, it's definitely large scale: The manufacturer had fun with the outer box putting caution labels on each corner And inside the brown box was something I never thought I'd see. If you're wondering about the size of the box, here it is compared to a HB B-24 which isn't a small box in its own right. I'm going to need a lot of paint for this sucker. Carl
  4. There are some sprue shots of the Hs-129 kit partway down the page. Not sure if they're new. https://hobby.dengeki.com/event/859363/ Carl
  5. Glad to see he's home. Our older cat doesn't go out much anymore either after she got into a nasty fight with another cat and came out with some puncture wounds. Carl
  6. We took him to the vet today. Other than some ear mites(no real surprise there) he's a healthy litttle guy. One thing I didn't expect was how cuddly he is. He loves company.
  7. Very unexpected and not an LSP or even kit related. While visiting a dairy farm with some friends, we ended up taking home an abandoned kitten. The farmer said he'd just shown up about three weeks ago and the barn cats were giving him a hard time. She didn' t think hecwould last too long as a result. So we took him in. His name is Sunny and I'd say he's adjusting very nicely to his new home. Carl
  8. I used stencils for most of the markings. I can't recall what compamy made them atvtge moment though.
  9. Thanks Sophie! They're the marking of the one that Eric Brown flew at the end of the war. Carl
  10. According to my build thread, it was 18 pennies. They're not longer legal tender in Canada so that is what I've been using them for.
  11. I nearly bought Radu's kit at the Colindale Hannant's store but didn't for some reason. I did end up getting the Fly kit and built that one. The cockpit was definitely a challenge due to the exposed wiring. If ZM do come out with one, I might have to get one as well. Carl
  12. Use parts A20, A11, A12 and A21 instead for flaps up. They're shown in step 45 of the instructions. Carl
  13. I've used the Sil Aire compressor in your oringal post for almost 28 years now. I bought it used in 1991 from a friend. It is extremely quiet as others have posted. Our small wine fridge is louder than it. They are not the cheapest option but considering how long I've had mine, I'd say they're worth the cost. Carl
  14. I started on scratch building one but haven't gotten around to finishing the relevant bits.
  15. Watched the CWHM's Lanc attend her one and only airshow this year. Parked next to their Dakota: Takeoff: Carl
  16. My boys and I just built the Lego one and it's currently atop our living room coffee table. I have no idea where we're going to put it. Maybe taking off from their Lego Hogwarts Castle?
  17. Brian, that's an awesome gift and a great looking car. Funny enough I was passed today by a similar vintage Cutlass convertible but white with gold trim. Enjoy the top down motoring. It's so much fun when the weather's great. Carl
  18. Iain, it's indeed great fun to drive. 660cc with triple throttle bodies so it has great throttle response. It would probably make your Elise look big. Here it is next our family car which is a Honda Fit (Jazz).
  19. That's great news Iain! I just put my Honda Beat back on the road this year after it was stored for the last 18 months. It didn't pass the emissions test last year and I was dreading doing the timing belt and water pump since they were last done 12 years ago. The e-test ended being eliminated by the government so that took care of that. A couple friends then gave me a hand with the last two which aren't easy on a mid engine car that's for sure.
  20. My wife will often banish me to my workbench so I don't think I have too much of a concern. The only time she became upset was when I had 5 or 6 kits arrive in two days. The first day it was a sizable box and she was annoyed that I had bought them thinking it was excessive. The next day a larger box showed up with more kits and all she could do was laugh. Nowadays, our two sons have shown an interest in models so it's become a family activity. I may even need to get a bigger bench to accomodate them. Carl
  21. I had DN Models make some custom masks for me. Drop them a line and see if they can help you out. Carl
  22. Keith's was a great shop too. I still have stuff in my stash with price stickers from their store.
  23. The afternoon of the 23rd could work for me. I'm home for the summer with my boys most days so just PM me when you know
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