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  1. How do they compare in size? The Horizon kit was pretty big. When you do get around to the Horizon kit, try to get some sort of reinforcement into the main body. Mine kept collapsing under its own weight. It was my first vinyl kit I'd ever built. I had much better luck later on when I built the Screamin' 1/4 Boba Fett.
  2. I'm jealous! I built the old Horizon vinyl one when it first came out. I had a hard time keeping it together nevermind standing upright. I missed out on the Argonauts one when that was available. Hope they do a Cain. Carl
  3. The old Cutting Edge ones are undersized as well. I had a pic in my Photobucket account comparing the kit, CE, Aires, Eduard and GT Resin burner cans. Only the GT Resin cans were the correct size. The rest were all undersized/smaller in diameter. Carl
  4. I haven't tried the Brassin burners for the C/D kit so can't say for sure on that one. The kit ones all share the same diameter though.
  5. Here's my F-4E with the GT Resin burner can on the right and the kit one on the left. I believe they're the same ones as on the J. These are the GT short cans on my F-4D Hope that helps. Carl
  6. Got a couple packages from Lucky Model yesterday. The funny thing is they were shipped out almost 2 months apart. I also got notified that my ED-209 is in at HLJ but I'm waiting to see if they get any cheaper shipping options soon. Carl
  7. In that case, see if you can get a case discount. Worst case, you can sell off the ones you don't build.
  8. Slightly off topic but Hypersonic Models has a slatted E conversion coming out for the ZM E kit. https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/product/f-4e-late-slat-conversion I guess it's an option if you can't wait for ZM to release theirs. Carl
  9. Doesn't look that out of hand. I mean, it's all on shelves, it's not in the bedroom or on top of the dining table. It's in one room/part of the basement. Mine is about the same. Right now in our house, there's at least a half dozen model kits in our living room, a couple in the hallway, three or four in the pantry. None of those are mine. They all belong to our two sons who are 10 and 7. So needless to say, my wife hasn't really complained about my stash even when two huge boxes arrived today from Lucky Model. Carl
  10. I built this kit years ago as the three nacelle version from "All good things..." I think it's at my parents' house still.
  11. AML makes a conversion set that includes the required panels. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AMLA32003?result-token=PN4GV I used them on my JE-J Jr build. Another option is to get the requisite sprue from the Tamiya XVI kit as all the E wing panels are on the one sprue. Carl
  12. There's definitely some shrinkage in the parts. I dug out the Seafire I was doing but gave up on as there's no way to make it accurate. I still have some of the Mastercasters pieces I'd planned to use. Here's the Mastercasters cockpit floor and side panel. The load floor with the Aires (for the Tamiya kit) side panel. And compared to the stock Tamiya side panel. In the end, I got as far as stealing the entire cockpit from a Tamiya kit and shimming it as needed to make it fit.
  13. Thierry, I don't think the parts are underscale so much as the Matchbox fuselage is overscale. My copy of the Mastercasters cockpit set had a few poorly moulded parts to it so I subbed in Tamiya parts and they were equally undersized. I ended up increasing their width by gluing styrene strips along their outer edges. Not prefect but a better fit. I also tried an Aires set meant for the Tamiya kit but it was even smaller. I think that one of the sets designed for the Hasegawa kits might be a better option. Carl
  14. Oh yeah, I think I blocked that one out of my memory.
  15. The Factory Five Racing pick up. Don't really have the space to put it together much less park it once done.
  16. K2, that's pretty much the approach I've decided on for my future multi engine kits.
  17. The Tamiya Mossie can be a real mojo killer. Mine stalled for a year before I finished it. Was happy I got it done as it is a beautiful kit. My HK B-25s got binned after I realized I was never going to finish them. I shouldn't have tried building both of them at the same time. Bad idea. And yet, I've got two Lancs, a B-17 and a B-24 in the stash and bought two more Tamiya Mossies. Learning from what happened with the B-25s, I'm going for OOB with less AM and hopefully therefore less complicated builds. We'll see how I make out. Carl
  18. I bet you could put one together without the manual. Just open the box and start building. The Clod Buster is almost that way with me. Certainly I knew my Savage inside out. Even with the custom mods it had.
  19. A Bruiser is still on my grail list. As is the Egress. I still have my original Avante that the Egress was based on. I went and checked what I because of this thread and it's a bit scary how many there are. -
  20. I've stuck with RC since I got my first one when I was 14. I started with Tamiya's Wild Willy and went from there. Mostly buggies and Clod Busters through high school. Then I bought a HPI Nitro Mini RS4. Got the nitro bug bad along with touring cars. Those were fun and fast. Then the HPI Savage showed up. Nothing like launching a 10lb RC truck off the same ramps the MX guys would use at Monster Jam. They didn't always survive the landing though. This was my second bedroom in my condo at the time: The closet was full of spare parts and my m
  21. I used to race 1/5 cars and buggies and still have a couple. 2 stroke gas engines, those were fun. I even drove one down the front straight of the Molson Indy here in Toronto. Snuck in at night. Tamiya dabbled in 1/8th for a bit. They had their US arm produce a couple buggies and a truggy. I picked up a couple of the TRF 801XT truggy kits and just finished one last year with a brushless conversion kit. This thing is crazy fast. It does wheelies from a rolling start. Here's a couple more Tamiya RC cars I built this year. This one came with portal
  22. The 240Z looks cool too. Although not in that announcement Tamiya USA separately had the Egress buggy as being reissued. I may have to consider one to go with my original Avante. Carl
  23. Well, it's a 1/48 F-4B. Scroll down to see it. https://www.tamiya.com/japan/featuredreleases_early2021.html
  24. I think I got my first one in '87 when I was I in high school. Got two that year. The original versions cracked their chassis at the first sign of a jump. We broke so many of them. The LHS had a regular supply of them thankfully and they weren't expensive. The one before my current one was so modded there were only axles left from the stock kit. So much fun.
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