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  1. Thank you, Pascal. I do hope you are staying safe and well.
  2. Thank you. I put this aside when circumstances made it possible to rejoin my profession. I held onto my models in case I returned to modeling, which I did a few years ago.
  3. Just completed after sitting 20 years on my SOD. Not my best work but at least it is completed. Just noticed my flat area on the nose wheel is not underneath. It isn't glued and it spins so no drama.
  4. Thanks guys. Lothar, I am building 2 x 48 jets, tank destroyer and a 32 Meteor for the Cold war build. It is worth doing, the Ki-44. The interior looks okay. It has it's undercarriage on. I will have to remove it. Thanks again.
  5. Thank you Don. I really enjoyed completing the kit. My memory of the build is rather faint. I do like the 1/32 Hasegawa WWII Japanese subjects. I still have a virtually built Ki-44. I put it adide back then because I was unhappy with my paint job. I put it aside and forgot it. I may strip it like the Tony and repaint it. Thanks again.
  6. I have been told by my heamatology Dr to stay indoors for up to 6 months and perhaps beyond. I have checked my tool boxes for supplies and I have blades for two years, loads of glue, multiple bottles of thinners, putty etc. Strangely I was running low on Mr. Tool cleaner. It now arrives next week. I have begun my own virus modelling by setting aside my current WWII aeroplane until I practice loads of aerial/rigging. I am currently working on my Cold war jet build meteor. I put that away for a couple of weeks to build a 1/48 jet and then a Tamiya 1/35 tank. Second day in
  7. How do we order? I have a 1/48 model of this aircraft. Must dig it out. Building a 32 would be great.
  8. "You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din".
  9. Indeed. You know he pooped his pants in a McDonalds?
  10. Things are moving fast at my end. I am away from my studio for a month and will shop for groceries very early in the morning. I am now wearing latex gloves all the time. Apparently this thing sticks to metals and clothing for longer than normal durations. I will use Zoom for teaching. I am planning on doing lots of modelling. I have set aside my Frank until my fingers gain some feeling and will focus on jets, armour and cars. Although I can build Sakai's Zero due to him sawing off his antenna mast. I have both Tamiya Zeros. I need a larger cabinet for 1/32
  11. Me too! My mother went bonkers and tried to strangle me when I was 12! And her sister was mad as well.
  12. I just lost another student, a wild little 6 year old who is destined for the stage. The worst part for me, aside the loss of funds, is I miss them when they stop coming in. Over the years I have developed huge respect for children. I think they know this. The results are amazing and here in Sydney I have become very well known for my success teaching music to children. Nobody understands how I do it. I think it is simply respect. For some reason kids love me. Kids and dogs. They always relate to me. I reckon it's because I never grew up. Never had my own. Like school, I was never made to read
  13. My effort is to build a 1/48 jet ASAP to clear out cobwebs. I will then get back to my Cold war jets build. I began the Hasegawa Kawasaki T-4 this morning from 10 am until 2 pm when I had to go out. I already completed the cockpit, posed the pilots and painted the undercarriage. It's fun. I vacuumed yesterday. Japanese aircraft once again....
  14. Sorry to hear this, Mark. I too have PTSD. It complicates everything. I wish you luck in moving forward. You owe no apology.
  15. Thanks Dennis. I think I forgot the fin lights. I will fix it tomorrow.
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