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  1. Gorgeous build, great paintjob, shows this new Revell release is a fantastic kit, you did a very good job, i'm impressed!! Jack.
  2. And in conclusion to what Quang said, i just ordered the HH-60H Resque Hawk and Mirage 2000C (because the 2000D/N had already gone the way of the dodo apparently)....
  3. Oh yeah, nice garden ornament, great found!! But this 1/16th part of the Hercules propulsion system needs a bit more than some aftermarket stuff.........A COMPLETE AIRCRAFT:
  4. beeeoooootiful Is it the latest Revell Mustang release (including the tail fillet) or did you scratch it?
  5. Oh my, that sure looks like an old "east german (DDR)" volks/army/GP contraption, are you sure it isn't a Jeremy Clarkson way of looking at a multi purpose vehicle???
  6. Everything the others said, this is a very impressive build, thanks for sharing your pictures.
  7. Wow, good luck with your build, hope you can "piece" all the things together!!
  8. Was it your intention to actually producing a great looking Thud, while NOT liking it????......somehow a contradiction in terms, no correction on that, a contradiction in intentions......... Despite all the so-called pitfalls and dislikes, you did a very presentable 105, congrats!! Jack
  9. Hi Thierry, glad you have a failsafe enjoyment with your car, i must have had a bad buy i guess
  10. Well, on the subject of a Landrover, i have to say i more or less disagree, with all respect: i've been driving around for over 40 years, had several different types of cars, mostly japanese, but being a 4WD affectionado i eventually (some 9 years ago) switched to this Landrover and i must say of all the cars i owned, this landrover was the worst: From day one a follow up of breakdowns, like front axle problems, lots and lots of software hickups (and that is an understatement), complete failure of the car's electronic system and always my garage ofcourse told me, after repair activities,
  11. Wow, frigging awesome trip, great pictures and ofcourse no-great-tooth-event, ouch..........
  12. You did the "old lady" justice, very impressive build, shows that with TLC some really good end results can be had, this is very inspirational building the old Revell kit (which i have two of , with AM parts), so i hope to be able to get the same results as you have. J.
  13. sorry, i agree to disagree on this one.....
  14. Thanks for the info Radu, i was just wondering why this "insert" wasn't just a solid part of the 51D wing, hence the thought of a 51A or B wing. I am a Mustang "nut" but apparently not such a expert on the subject. J.
  15. Don't know if that would be the outcome, but why don't you try it anyway you want, because if the old one would disappear, you may always install it again.
  16. Maybe this issue has already been discussed in the past, but on opening this ZM P51D/K kit, and inspecting the sprues, i saw a specific insert for the wingroot leading edge to be glued in place at the front end of the wing , the insert being the wider shape as for a 51D wing, were the A en B's had ofcourse a different shape, so would this be an indication for a future ZM P51B?? HTH, Jack.
  17. Yes sir, sign in as usual, in the upper righthand corner your present avatar and name will appear, use the drag down and go to profile. Your present avatar is now in the left hand upper corner, with a "button" saying profile foto, click and you'll be able to change or add or remove the avatar.
  18. I guess your indicating new ownership is referring to the Luftwaffe taking over "operations"...?
  19. Impressive, looking forward to your Choctaw conversion set, would be great to be able to change the Wessex into the Sikorsky "grand father"
  20. Hi, at first i couldn't see an image, afterwards only apparently the upper part of it (blue sky), but on activating it a second time, again no image, and just right now it's showing: Have to say it's a very interesting "composing" presentation!!
  21. Right.....that's obvious, thanks Andy, hoped it wouldn't be the case but it sadly does.
  22. Magnifico!!! Truly a great build, especially the livery which is indeed awesome Jack.
  23. Indeed a great start, anxious to see the end result, and speaking of end result: does anyone know of this same spine-issue in the upcoming or already released Revell two seater? Jack
  24. Same here, has lots and lots of fine detailing, at some point a bit too much imho, like the diveflap construction which is abundant of PE parts. That particular aspect might delay me building it, but we'll see Jack
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