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  1. Not my plans for today, but soon i'll start a project which i should have started years ago, by receiving a unique vacform kit made by Lee White (he himself built the original kit, produced also by himself) viz. a 1/32scale Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne . Having had the time to collect info on this particular aircraft i thought it would be time to get this "of the ground" so to say. It's been too long since i've done some building, so i'll try to get this thing started, and also the follow up on the RB57F Canberra (thank you iain).\ cheers, Jack.
  2. Wow, how did i miss that one, now i see the difference, thanks very much Mark, appreciate it
  3. Maybe i should have been more specific: there might be actual different tails in the real aircraft, but has this feature been incorporated in the 1/32 kits by Trumpeter?
  4. Hi, well i had some difficulties in noticing which way it is different, is it in length or width or form and shape?
  5. Mark, on second thoughts, are you sure that the vertical tails on the SU30 are larger than the ones on the SU27? i just googled these items (should have done that in the first place ofcourse) but isn't it that the single seat flanker had smaller vertical tails than the double seater, and that on this subject there was no difference between the UB and MKK or MKI , so getting back to the kit there shouldn't actually be no difference either, right?
  6. Don't remember if this question popped up already in the past, can't find info on it, but what's indeed different "in the box" on both kits? Can anyone be of assistance in this? Jack
  7. Dave, i knew about that indeed, but it isn't anywhere in the HB list of most suppliers, i could be wrong, but i thought i missed something....... But is it released in the States at this time? Over here in the old world i can't find it.
  8. Wasn't there to be another release by Hobby Boss concerning the Invader kit, viz. the glass nose version and all that? It isn't mentioned in the HB list anywhere. I know the "kit-problems" concerning the already released "B", but that aside i'd surely would like to see what their representation on a "C" model would be. Anyone having insight on this? Jack.
  9. Party pooooper........i'll just wait for the Revell kit to show up...............................JUST KIDDING...!!!
  10. It's actually a very unreal situation, kit wise, that happened to Paul and his family, but ofcourse not unreal to what actually happened, the fire, the destruction, the loss and all that goes with it. We all may have some of his kits one way or the other, and indeed it would be a terrible shame if these explicite kits wouldn't come to reality in being build, but i realize having these kits do present a certain "treasure" in having Paul's legacy in what he was trying to give to the LSP society ....... Okay enough of these reflections, i must kick myself as well to get some of his crea
  11. Jeeez, how did i miss this one, i'm a mustang nutt all over, that is a very good looking Mustang indeed, shows that this Revell kit can be a show stopper for sure. Jack
  12. Indeed, very nice Gina.......feeling old now, since way in the past i had this german airforce Gina on the frequency while taxing in at the airbase i worked at, and it "lost" its way and ended up ON a cobble stone road right in front of the POL section......which was also the same POL section in use when the Luftwaffe in WW2 occupied this same airbase.......wonder why.....!?!.....just kidding....
  13. Okay, found them, these two items i'd like to donate as separate gifts (and i don't need to be entered in the drawing): thanks Kev, for organizing again, best regards, Jack
  14. I can only "echo" what's being said already: That Phantom is looking very very real, great build Jack.
  15. Yes i'll be game again, as a donor, give me a day or two to "search" for the gift. J.
  16. which goes with the assumption that authenticity is in the eye of the beholder, in other words, trying to duplicate a kit according to several photographic "evidence" is as wildly as anything goes......for each picture there is a "opposite-proof" of another picture, so try to make it as close as possible in a representation...right? No offence, Jari.....
  17. Awesome display, enjoyed it very much, thanks for sharing
  18. I have the first one, the REAL gator flask, and it's functioning very nice, thank you.......
  19. Oh my, i'm impressed, this helo is looking ever so operational and "downright dirty" in appearance, you did a very good job
  20. looking very good, actually i sure would like to try and fly the real thing, must have been a real thrilling operation in WW2........
  21. I,ve been excercising an activity which is usually known as: THIS IS WHY WOMEN LIVE LONGER THAN MEN, by climbing in trees to trim them for the upcoming winter season and using several kinds of chainsaw systems, while being up there checking my iphone from time to time to check on the "obvious" news to evolve.........yeah right, i shouldn't do these things simultaneously but fortunately i didn't harm myself......pfew........
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