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  1. well, in reality i had the normal belt restraint strapping my body, and the "odd" foot restraint locked into a contraption which would be pulled back onto the bottom part of the seat on ejection in order to safeguard your knees from getting hurt......
  2. L S P, L S P, L S P, L S P, L S P...............ah well dream on sunshine
  3. Well, package was delivered today, and on opening the BIG box, next to the Italeri release, first thing that was very obvious is the pronounced RAM panelling on the Trumpeter kit as to a more subtle presentation (IMHO a bit more realistic) on the Italeri kit. I'll have to check further but for now it looks like a nice kit, and will do nicely with the A version together waiting for........the B one
  4. oeoeoeoeh..........ouch i'm getting old, thanks for noticing Thierry
  5. By the way (not wanting to Hi-jack this thread....pun intended), but does anyone know what happened to the 1/35 resin CH53 which was to be presented a couple of years ago, can't remember the brand, but did it go the dodo's way?
  6. wow, a dinosaur attacking a Lanc..........new movie in your cinema shortly......just kidding, great end result for the lancaster, like your paintjob Jack
  7. Hi Niels, the website is: www.haertle.de Look for 1/32 flugzeuge and you'll see the aircraft list available. For the F35C it says €140,99 and now comes the "glitch": only for Germany, Austria and The Netherlands no P+P is charged, so there will be P+P costs for other countries, but you'll have to check how much. Good luck, Jack.
  8. Just one "word": Brian the renaissance man.............
  9. Wow, hold your horses, THIS IS PERFECT, that is one terrific looking Mustang in a not so familiar livery, i like it very very much, thanks for showing us. Jack
  10. Ordered mine for €141, including postage, from Germany. Delivery time around 4 to 5 days, was waiting for this one a long time. Jack
  11. You did the Ukranian effort justice (sorry moderators this is not politically intended.........................) beautifull paintjob, especially without commercial masks. bardzo bardzo dobrze............ Jack
  12. Well that is actually the essence of what is concerning the Phantom: it was once described by someone as a "model" being put together poorly by having the wing tips bent upward, and the horizontal tails being downward together with the nose section, so yes beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.......
  13. Derek, you're "da lightning man", real-time wise and scale wise, lovely progress Jack
  14. Haven't done actual building kits in a while, real life getting in the way, but right this afternoon i visited a modelling event in Belgium, and picked up some Quinta cockpit 3D decal sets which are awesome. They enhance a lot of detailing in a cockpit area and looking at the introduced kits in this thread it is obvious it's a plus in presenting a realistic part of a kit. Jack
  15. Well this is proof again, you can't have enough Mustangs, great build, congrats. Jack
  16. very very awesome....................................nuff said!!!
  17. I have to concur with Dave, the Kangam kit was 1/35 scale, i had it in the stash, sold it, (sorry for the buyer, can't remember) and still have one 1/32 Revell issue which i think i can turn into a proper looking helo better than the Kangam kit, so without being an expert in bothes scales i prefer the old Revell release.
  18. Everything A OKay in the ETO........
  19. Niiiiiiiice, very niiiiiice, a paintscheme you don't see often, very well done, congrats
  20. I'm also lost for words, hope you and your family will be able to cope with loosing Mariana.......take care.... Jack
  21. Scott, very good looking Cougar, very inspiring, great build Jack
  22. congratulations grandpao....indeed i hope you'll be able to see him "real-time" soon!!
  23. wow, bring it on, that 104 story should be awesome and precise, looking forward to it very much..... Jack
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