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  1. TonyT, you forgot the 'T' cut...........................
  2. Hey, thank you both..........Maru, I don't drink much, you don't at all! Harvey can therefore 'fill 'is boots'!!! Paul, now having reached middle age!!!
  3. Devon and Cornwall, we're moving South! and I'm going to become a Grockle AND an Emmit, then a Grockle again! Difficult to burn through a Sou'wester and waterproofs! Thank you for the birthday wishes! 21......................AGAIN!! NO jet lag? Wait until TOMORROW Paul
  4. Oooh, ATTITUDE!!!! Just because you got to go to India for half the year (dirty stop out!) stand on the sidelines during a riot nick a couple of murderer's, fall over a cow.........now THAT was careless, after all they ARE reasonably large?! and THEN you 'pass the buck' and blame the cabbie! Got an upgrade 'cos of Mom, sooner your back on duty, the better!! :rofl: Though what the Chief thinks I REALLY don't know?! Glad your back in Blighty, suitably 'rested' after having to 'slum it' on a 380, No jet lag? We on holiblobs at the end of the week, but only for a month so YOUR job, as Captain, is to keep the fires stoked and the lunacy rolling, which shouldn't be a problem to a person of your caliber....... The flight on the Dragon Rapide will be booked on return which will give my shoulders and elbows a little more time to heal, 'cos I think the old lady will need ALL the help she can get, after all, I think she's the oldest on here! Glad BOTH of you are back, safe and well, namaste and love to Mom............................Oh, alright then, namaste to you as well!! Paul
  5. No Maru, due to my birthday party being dragged, kicking and screaming! to tomorrow. I don't think it's quite the ticket for me to be down there and everybody else up here........then again!!! Invited Harvey and Clunk with +1s, 'cos their closer than you! Na Na nana Na!!!!
  6. Jennings, we have a very broad Church, Orthodox,Reformed or Traditional, we happy for everybody to come along!
  7. Hi Mike, and thanks. We know that most of the PRU squadrons were tasked to Coastal Command at one time or another, but always remained under PRU control. There were squadrons of Bomber Command seconded to Coastal and FAA squadrons. Add in the USN and USAAF squadrons, though these were similar to the PRU, as in orders and tasking lay with their own control set up, they just used the bases, one of the 'favorites' being St. Eval in Cornwall. Will we be seeing you at Telford? Paul
  8. Cheers Iain, /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ wot Kagemusha said, innit!
  9. Hi all, Latest update for all "Kipper Fleet" fans............ The reformed Coastal Command SIG WILL have it's first outing at this years (2017) SMW. I have been told that we have table space allocated, so if you want to dust of some of your kits and bring 'em along, we'll be very glad to see/meet you. I'll keep you up to speed as we receive further information. This will be particularly relevant to NON IPMS members, as those of you already with IPMS(UK) will receive time scales and floor plans via the 'in house' magazine. The Coastal Command SIG will remain on the UAMF site (http://uamf.org.uk/index.php) so anybody that has been putting off contacting me (you KNOW who you are![Maru ]) you now have NO excuse!! All the best, Paul
  10. Rob, impugn away! My Dad fought under Auchinleck and Montgomery................guess which one he prefered! The Auck was honest, sadly Churchill wasn't in listening mood, so................Monty got the job............. time scale was about the same.................... If Patton had have had a little more Monty, and Monty had have had a lot more Patton.............. when could the war in the ETO realistically have ended? (answers, on a post card, addressed to the dark side of the moon!) Paul PS Bill for hijacking your thread
  11. Sorry my mate, I'm guilty too. Mind you, being a drummer, your birthdays last a week! Maru.......oh, er, sorry, Manuel being in India ISN'T an excuse..................
  12. G'day Gazza, knew you where in Oz, so exchange rate is around Aus.$1.80 to a £1. Know when the original Klear (other names available!) was on sale over here, it was under £3 a bottle so double it and your not too far out, so Aus.$6 add 30% for shipping etc. still only Aus.$8. Aus.$9 FOR IPA? somebody's havin a laugh!! Dale, sod it, just use varnish!!! Paul
  13. Dale, that's bloody expensive! over $22 a 900gram bottle? Shouldn't pay more than around the $8 - $10 mark, try your local supermarket, household / floor cleaning isle, it's only floor polish! Paul
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