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To the people at Border Models…


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40 minutes ago, Dave Williams said:

Have I missed something?  Has Border Models announced a Kate, or is this just a wish?

Announced, will be 1/35th scale, like their Ju-87 and Bf-109. The project was revealed and early CAD shown by The Modeling News about a month ago. There was a thread about it somewhere around here. The kit will include a wing folding option in the box, which I don’t think has been confirmed for Infinity’s 1/32nd effort.



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Looks great but wrong scale for me. 

I hope it sells well for them but reports are coming in that this series is not meeting with as much interest amongst hobbyists.

Luckily we have another alternative on it's way to us in the correct scale!

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+1 in 1/32. I used to mix scales but as I've got older my eyes have started to get worse and my fingers are getting like sausages.  My head is now also very picky about having mixed scale models on my shelves so it's 1/32 or nothing. I blame old age creeping up on me but suspect it might be too much red wine !   

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I know I’m an oddball (and not like “Oddball” from Kelly’s Heroes) but the scale, to me seems an insignificant difference or problem and may even be able to entice some armour builders to aircraft…Aircraft builders to armour?? Probably not but there’s a chance. 

If the subject is something I like a mm or two difference in size isn’t going to stop me from crossing the scale divide. 

Having said that i think bigger is better but, any new kit is still nice to see.

Just one guys opinion.

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