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  1. Stefano

    Thank you !

    Best Wishes for the New Year Mr Fisher! Merry Christmas! Stefano
  2. Stefano

    Messerschmitt Bf-108 Taifun

    Stealth technology?
  3. Hi! there is CM Modellismo in Rome: CM Modellismo, Via Gaetano Astolfi, 73 - 00149Roma (zona Portuense) https://www.cmmodellismo.it/it/ +39.065582696 You may surf their website for WNW and CSM available models. Ms Natalia Alvisini, the shop owner, is quite knowledgeable and friendly. Don’t know if she speaks foreign language. Hope it helps! Stefano
  4. Stefano

    Messerschmitt Bf-108 Taifun

    Greetings to everybody from a Newbie first of all. Is there any update on the subject? If so, Please post! Thxs Stefano