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  1. Look forward to it Tolga! Your models are always fascinating: real eye candies. Keep on delighting us with your masterpieces on this forum! iyi tatiller! Stefano
  2. Awww! Too bad it is just a rumor! Dreaming it was true! I would have come digging bare hands one of those. Stefano
  3. Tolga, Is there any update about the Turkish A-3s buried at Kayseri airfield? https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/strange-history-50-german-focke-wulf-fw-190-fighters-were-buried-turkey-and-are-still It is a fascinating story, but there is no evidence of findings: is there an excavation/restoration project in place? Maybe there might be some recent news on local media. Thx for letting us know! Stefano
  4. Modeller Giannisyerra scratchbuilt the Gagnotto catapult for his rendition of 1:48 Ro-43 using ANB blueprints. here is the link to his WIP https://www.modellismopiu.it/modules/newbb_plus/viewtopic.php?topic_id=137075&forum=102 HTH Stefano
  5. Baffo, Associazione Navimodellisti Bolognesi sells scans of the original blueprints of the Gagnotto catapult, the standard equipment for the Littorio battleship class. http://www.anb-online.it/navi-da-guerra/aerei-idrovolanti/0682-catapulta-gagnotto-per-lancio-idrovolanti/ http://web.anb-online.it/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/ANB_-_Per_codice_-_11.04.09.pdf Hope it helps. Keep on your awesome work! Stefano
  6. No more puros for me as well! +1 Stefano
  7. Any news about its release? I have got none insofar. No update in their website. Too bad if this project has been ditched. Stefano
  8. Thx Kev! No prob on my end. Happy modelling! Stefano
  9. Dear Paul, It’s been a while since this modellers’ community does not get news from you on this forum. I hope you and your dear ones are well and things are getting back to normality, though hard it can be. Please let us know, when time and mood allows for it. I wish you will soon excite all of us with the announcement that FM&P is back into business and new masterpieces are in the pipeline for the joy of our community. Kindest regards, Stefano
  10. Good! Please keep on sharing progress on your amazing project!
  11. I meant I could help on this. IMG-6721 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr IMG-6720 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr
  12. Baffozac, Your project is amazing! Please let me know if you need walkaround photos or close details of your subject. I live close to Vigna di Valle AMI Museum and I'd be glad to help you if you deem so. Please keep on sharing your progress! Happy modelling! Stefano
  13. Troy, The relics found at Bagram were Ro-37 and - yes! - one of those has been restored and it is currently displayed at Vigna di Valle. The Gruppo Amici Velivoli Storici (GAVS), a private enthusiasts group, is currently restoring a Ro-41 basic trainer. The floatplane Ro-43 is also displayed in its full glory at VdV. I am nudging some resin model manufacturers to consider releasing a 1:32 model of one of those, not having Baffozac's scratchbuilding skills. Historical subjects, simple design and forms to mould, originals available for measuring, plenty of data and gorgeous painting options. Keep trying! Some photos of the restored Ro-37, Ro-43 and Ro-41 under restoration below. Enjoy! Ro-37 206BC015-7C90-4098-B568-A00304E295CA by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr BBFDE1B5-8DA6-45E9-8824-CF45DFE7DD62 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr 8E9F56BC-37C3-4083-A5C5-2971E4CB73BE by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr 0364C6DD-6ED0-4A1E-BB47-24C469763F10 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr 8CDFE9B5-B014-47D0-B25D-2D5711983E75 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr Ro-41 under restoration C6E248C0-679E-49A0-A76E-D8CDE18CC441 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr A47F7C11-FE69-49B6-BF1D-1DAED9BC358D by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr A2DB63AD-2B88-41F7-B13F-02ABF8D70519 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr C2C553EE-63CF-420B-8179-7960830C74B5 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr D9F10457-535D-4755-A2EE-6A538F01672E by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr D86FECDF-3340-448A-8A14-381D8017C18E by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr 09069427-2220-4167-BEDE-7F73C8A112A2 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr B1D50A5A-D2CB-4A92-A0D0-4018B319705E by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr Happy Modelling ... and crossing fingers to having one of those in 1:32 scale one day!
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