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  1. Thanks a lot Brian and Kevin for bringing this book under LSP spotlight. Further to your article, I bought the PDF version and it seems to be a very useful and comprehensive reference for me: I feel confident it is going to be instrumental to improving my (basic) modelling skills. Also noteworthy is the publisher’s customer service. All in all, it is good value for (my) money. Please keep on with your valuable articles and Happy Modelling! Stefano
  2. Thank you very much Jenning and Mike! I was inclined towards the same opinion until I came across Serge Dompierre’ article ( http://www.arcair.com/Gal10/9301-9400/gal9371-P-26-Dompierre/00.shtm) and doubt sparkled. I could not find an appropriate reference from original photos (and all museum originals and replicas walkarounds available on the net depict flaps up). Hopefully, the photo in Peter Bowers’ book you kindly brought in clarifies the doubt. Incidentally, Pete Bowers and my dad were very good friends! They shared the same interest in AAHS. Long time ago. Again grazie mille for your sound advices and for refreshing nice memories! Happy modelling! Stefano
  3. Hello Gents! I need some help from Golden Wings Experts: a. which color was used on the upper surface of Boeing P-26A Peashooters’ flaps? b. which color was used on the corresponding lower part of wing surface where flaps accommodates? Thanks a lot for your advice! Stefano
  4. I”ll follow your build with great interest! Stefano
  5. Hi Gents, here are some notes on my effort in putting your advice into practice. This is not meant to be a scientific dissertation on fixing heavily warped styrene parts, but rather a newbie modeller peer-to-peer list of do’s & don’ts on tackling the issue, based on pro modellers’ suggestions. Please tune your expectations up accordingly and feel free to criticise, integrate or comment. The approach I tested consists in using both methods, hot water bending and clamping, sequentially. The purpose is to reduce initial warp to a manageable residual level using hot water, then clamp parts for a suitable fit and glue them. I started taping the warped part to the flat bottom of a rectangular bowl A6CB1A5D-932E-4496-9707-80108BB28DF4 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr thus forcing the part to assume (at least partially) the desired plane shape. Hot water is then poured in the bowl to allow for a desired and controlled plastic deformation of the part by thermal transfer. This happens once a transition temperature (TT) is achieved: this is the key factor for a successful process. TT depends on a number of factors (rheological characteristic of specific styrene used, mass of the part) and - alas - has to be determined empirically. It is essential not to exceed TT: excessive thermal transfer will melt the part beyond repair! A fresh water rinse and bath after 3 mins. stabilises the part temperature back to ambient level. The procedure is repeated by increasing water temperature by 5C intervals until TT is achieved. A boiler with a kitchen thermometer will help. 67DC8AC1-2D4B-4FFB-BAED-1A3DA73B6B25 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr In this case, TT resulted to be around 90C: this was determined by gently applying pressure with a blunt tip prong to the warped part and observing it won’ t spring back to the original shape. Please DO NOT assume this value works for every part of every model: do your testing even though it is a repetitive, time-consuming procedure if you don’t want to thrash your kit (my previous experience!). Some weight is then added (I used a jug filled with water) to put pressure to the warped part and keep it adhering to the flat bottom of the bowl. 1742F469-18D5-42C6-8B1D-D5A176C31215 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr Further notes on clamping to follow. HTH Happy modelling! Stefano
  6. Ringleheim, Thank you for sharing your experience. I am rearranging my notes to report on my attempts. In the meantime, here is poor Buffalo patiently waiting for its wings. More to come (hope). D6C2D3E6-F622-487E-AEBE-A92DC85BFB0A by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr F7B3BE15-5FEB-4922-ACEC-98D4BDC0C65D by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr Stefano
  7. Rick, it seems we are on the same boat! I need to set up a compelling presentation to my Board (one wife, two daughters) to get financial thumbs-up and buy them all. Significant counterpart expected, but I’m ready. I can’t miss those bipes: Yellow Wings are my favorite modelling subject and Lukgraph keeps on rolling wonderful renditions out! Look fwd to them coming. Thanks Lukasz, Stefano
  8. Jeff, Aerocraft makes the undercarriage set cast in brass https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/cessna-o-2a-skymaster HTH Stefano
  9. First, I wish to thank all for your valuable advice! Tim, Dave, Kevin, Wegener and Mike: it is kind of you to provide guidance on something that may seem a trivial issue for an accomplished modeller: I really appreciate it. In reviewing your replies, it seems that options are available to fix warped parts: having two wings in need for treatment, I will try both the hot water and the glueing method. I will take notes on the processes so that some reference can be shared if successful. Please wish me and my lovely (?!) Buffalo best of luck. Fingers crossed and Happy Modelling! Grazie mille Stefano
  10. Hi Gents! How do you Master Modellers fix this? My first effort with hot water and first kit (I bought a second one only to note that defect is endemic to all wing sprues) did not get well. I would appreciate guidance on how to straighten heavily warped parts (styrene or resin): could any of you please direct me to a tutorial or perhaps be so kind and patient to jot a step-by-step instruction to successfully cope with this issue. In my case, I don’t know if hot water treatment should be done on mated upper and lower midwings (using tape or rubber band) or on single components. An incomplete SH Brewster F2A-1 with its nice fuselage already completed (and the modelling mojo of a newbie) will be very grateful for all advices. Thanks in advance and Happy Modelling. Stefano BC2B3EBA-3E67-41DA-A98F-930D67C9A9D3 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr
  11. Best Wishes for the New Year Mr Fisher! Merry Christmas! Stefano
  12. Hi! there is CM Modellismo in Rome: CM Modellismo, Via Gaetano Astolfi, 73 - 00149Roma (zona Portuense) https://www.cmmodellismo.it/it/ +39.065582696 You may surf their website for WNW and CSM available models. Ms Natalia Alvisini, the shop owner, is quite knowledgeable and friendly. Don’t know if she speaks foreign language. Hope it helps! Stefano
  13. Greetings to everybody from a Newbie first of all. Is there any update on the subject? If so, Please post! Thxs Stefano
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