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  1. Ordered mine, together with other candies from Ali’s box, earlier on this week. Happy Easter!
  2. Santa came early here! Content looks gorgeous! Happy modelling and safe festivities to all! Stefano
  3. Benvenuto Fabio! E buon divertimento! Stefano
  4. Just received my order. The finishing and the detailing of the panels look very realistic. And yes, the Opening Weekend Offer 2 for 1 worked for me (some gadgets also included in the package): got 2 sets for the price of 1 each. I'll definitely buy more! Stay safe and Happy Modelling! Stefano
  5. Ben, Go buy that big stringbag immediately! Keep your son's passion for LSP alive. And please don't forget posting snapshots Happy modelling! Stefano
  6. Same for me Jan : the promotion seems not to work. Nevertheless, I made my purchase and will see what comes in the box. Stefano
  7. The quest is finally over! After a long search I managed to spot and scoop a Fisher's Ford, supposedly one of the few still available in the market. After a long journey from Japan, it landed safely to her new home in Rome. For those of you who may be interested, the seller, Keystone Models, has some Fisher Model items still in stock (https://www.keystone-models.com/airtoday-3224.htm). Pricing is fair (except for whopping custom & handling takes here ...) and customer service is impressive. My package has been disinfected inside out (complete with a certific
  8. Trumpeter A-Team diverted to 1:1 scale TBD model design? That might explain the decade+ delay! OK well done. Now back to work on our scale please! Let’s keep on hoping! Stefano
  9. Wow! This creates some serious expectations! Thank you Jan for the good news Stefano
  10. ... And still no Devastator in 1:32... Stefano
  11. Have a look at this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-YBCsS9AGs
  12. Message to Mods: Please move this thread to the General Discussion section. Thx and Happy Modelling! Stefano
  13. Dear Paul, Wish you a safe and healthy birthday! Stefano
  14. The Master is back! Enjoy! Stefano
  15. Rick, most versions of the Sparviero were equipped with PWO.2 two-pitch all-metal propellers, manufactured by SIAI Savoia Marchetti. the original tech manual scan can be bought and downloaded using the following link: https://www.ebookland.org/index.php/it/aeronauticaaircraft-italia58/elicasavoiamarchettimodpwo21939descrizionetecnica-bdownloadb792-detail Please note that the same publisher sells scans of many SM-79 original tech manuals: I am confident you will be able to determine which aircraft series were equipped with alternative Ratier type propell
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