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  1. Nice 104 ! But I never saw TF-104s with the small Window between Front and Rear painted . Stefan
  2. Really nice 104 ! Can't wait to see the first Twoseater ... Stefan
  3. Very nice Delta ! Its a pleasure to watch the pictures of your model . rgds Stefan
  4. Alain , your Mirage is a real beauty ! I hope to see more Mirages in the future , maybe from South American Air Forces ... Stefan
  5. Fantastic build so far ! I am always pleased when I see someone building Helos , especially the uncommon types . Yes , the wrong shaped nose and the non bulged ( and tinted ) windows are a problem . But unfortunately also the whole belly , which is (seen from front) V-shaped on the model . The real thing has a flat underside . I noticed that when I extended my Jet Ranger into a Long Ranger . But I see you are on a good way man ! Greetings Stefan
  6. What a beauty ! Really nice 104 . Cant't wait for the TF coming soon ...
  7. I will build a German SAR H-34G ! And let's hope for a Sea King next ...
  8. Supersonic

    NTM 2014

    I know from a squadron staff that Revell visited the Tigermeet and inspected the red german Eurofighter . We will see ... Stefan
  9. I wold like to see a F-111 ; Viggen , Draken , MiG25 and a Sea King !!!
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