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  1. Simply WOW and WOW again ! These two Beauties are one of the best Mirages 2000's I have ever seen . Congratulations for these Crackers . Stefan
  2. Very nice Lynx . Helicopters ( especially european )are unfortunately a bit underrepresented in this forum . I do not understand this . Maybe a good Mojo for some to start a helo ! Stefan
  3. I really hoped to see a nice discussion round about the new Kamov . But obviously there is more interest to discuss about drinking toilet cleaner ... Modelers from eastern countries --where are you ? Stefan
  4. A Firefighting Heli is a very good idea ! But please mind that these are mostly Ka-32 . Though it's a big Kamov Family there are big differences . Compare the Cockpit windows from the -29 with a -32 and you see what I mean . My one will be the red Heliswiss , that's for sure . Stefan
  5. I am very pleased about the announcement . This would be the first Large Scale Helicopter with Koaxial-Rotor ! We will see how Trumpy will realize this very complicated System . I remember the Heliswiss Ka-32 some 15 years ago when it lifted a big aircondition box on top of a tall building . The sound of a Huey even with steel blades is nothing against the Kamov ! Stefan
  6. Welcome to our Forum Sasha . Absolutely outstanding Supermodel ! Thanks for sharing with us . Greetings Stefan
  7. Whow ! A Harrier is always welcome . I really like your Super-Model . And now start the Engine and take off vertically from your Workbench and take some pictures outside . I want to see more of this masterpiece. Stefan
  8. Can't see any models . Only colourized WW2 Pictures .... Wow ! Stefan
  9. Wow , you extended the old Puma to a Super Puma /Cougar ! I can imagine the work , you invested in this project . Absolutely a wonderful model Chavdar ! Stefan
  10. Ben ! It's not yet spring but for me already the cracker of the year ! That is the future . Printing ! And not waiting for decades what some strange companies will offer us . Stefan
  11. Very nice Super Hornet ! Congratulations for that super-model . The figures are in fact a class of it's own ...one of the bests I have ever seen . Stefan
  12. Boys , I think I must disappoint all of us ... I've done a bit of mathematic and checked my drawings ... 430 mm fuselage length is way to short for 1/35 ! Seems more to be a fiddly fuse based on the New-Ray Toy SeaKing which is closer to be 1/40 than 1/35 or even 1/32 . I also noticed the missing wave in the upper front fuselage . It is very prominent when you look to the upper edges of the front door . And the missing panel lines and no rivets at all ... Sorry , no way . Stefan
  13. Hi Frank . Looking super ! I like your Dora . Congratulations . Stefan
  14. Very good choice . Greek Single Seater and French green/grey Twin . My future Projects are exactly the same ! The first thing I did , was to buy the two Walkaround books from Eagle Aviation and HMH . Very useful , especially the Eagle for the Greek Version .
  15. And the second Cracker ! Whow , what a nice model . Greetings SP
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