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  1. It looks really exaggerated to me on the D3A. Check out this recovered tail section at John Gerber’s Pacific War Museum. Even in a wrecked state, the joints on the rear fuselage are quite smooth and taut. The Infinity B5N surfaces look more restrained, at least from the glimpse Jan posted. Adam
  2. I seem to recall seeing Vought drawings of data stencils around here recently, possibly on Jay’s 1/18th Corsair build? Aircorps Library may have them in their F4U factory drawing collection. If you’re making your own decals they could be a great resource. Cheers, Adam
  3. Did you inform the source who told you it was dead? Was he at the pub?
  4. Welcome to the world of production design, where things change right up to showtime, and then change some more during the run. It’s art, not history, and sometimes what looks subjectively best on stage or screen to the creators is the deciding factor. They choose actors the same way, though some actors tend to deny that. Definitely a challenging project for someone, hopefully local to LSP. Adam
  5. Border will do it just to freak people out.
  6. Imagine Colonel Kilgore’s Russian equivalent in a Ka-29. Much bigger sound system.
  7. Tight deadlines are SOP in production design, not to mention finishing models for new kit launches. I recall that the modeler commissioned to finish HKM’s then new 1/32 Lancaster for a major show (Telford?) clocked an insanely short turnaround time and did a great job. The paint wasn’t wet but it was close. Adam
  8. It would be a major bummer if ZM canceled their Fw-190 project. It was pretty far along as of last year, but the Old Man’s blog admitted that designing it to their standards had been so frustrating that they’d considered dropping it. Adam
  9. Aviacom, check out the color profiles on this page. The first two Su-30MKI prototypes had multihued paintwork in the ballpark of the maritime strike colors on the early Fullbacks. Not quite as eye-popping but still eye-catching. Adam
  10. Sorry, can’t help. I once loaned some model airplanes to a production of “A Lie Of the Mind” that I was in, and another actor went Method and destroyed them during a show. Never again. I’m sure you’ll find help here. Break a leg. Adam
  11. Jay, there are always penny-drop moments in your builds, and the brilliant cowl jig is one of them. I’ve been thinking about how I’ll tackle the, uh, challenging engine and cowl assembly in Kitty Hawk’s OS2U Kingfisher, and your approach might crack it. Lessons learned, confidence boosted. Great work, man. Adam
  12. Just what the Carpet Monster has been begging for: separate parts for the instrument dial needles. Just kidding, I know Airfix wouldn’t do that. Wait, Airfix wouldn’t do that, right? Adam
  13. Per the Aviation of Japan review of the Glen book, the included cockpit cutaway illustration is by Giuseppe Picarella. That’s Joe Picarella of The Cutaway Company. If you can’t get the book, try reaching out directly to the artist. Read his CV at the link, he sounds like a guy in the know. Good luck. Adam
  14. Hi Mechanic, Do you have Ryusuke Ishiguro and Tadeusz Januszewski’s books? For MMP books, they produced a book specifically about the Glen and a book about all Japanese submarine aircraft including the Glen. Links go to Nick Millman’s notices and reviews at Aviation of Japan. The Glen book looks like it’s OOP but it’s available from online sellers. Millman and AOJ are great resources themselves. Cheers, Adam
  15. Thanks for posting those photos. I saw my first air show at Selfridge, in ‘81. The Thunderbirds were there, not long before the tragedy at Indian Springs. A-7 pilots from Selfridge used my school in suburban Detroit as a landmark when they flew low. Sometimes they’d waggle their wings if we jumped high enough. Cheers, and thanks, Adam
  16. So, with two Border 1/35 aircraft released and one announced, I think I see the beginning of a pattern. Bf-109, Ju-87 and B5N were iconic, workhorse aircraft in service for the duration of the war for their respective countries. My bet is that Border will follow-up will a Zero, keeping the fighter+bomber national combo theme going, then shift to another country’s iconic pair, if things go well. Both Border’s Bf-109 and Ju-87 kits were reviewed at Hyperscale this week. They sound like real mixed-bags. The reviewer seems pretty sure that there will be aftermarket support for corrections and details. Wishful thinking or insider knowledge? I dunno. Even though I’m a 1/32nd and larger modeler, I have to say that the included folded-wing option for Border’s Kate is really appealing. If Infinity’s 1/32nd Kate doesn’t offer that feature in the box (cough), I’ll probably buy the Border kit, if it’s really good. Cheers Adam
  17. The preview article in The Modeling News about this kit suggests that Border at least looked at the partial B5N preserved at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. I wonder if Infinity did the same when researching their kit? Adam
  18. Bekim, somehow I missed this behind your Berkut and Lavi. Is this something you’re going to print? Cheers Adam
  19. Sad but true, there are currently no conversion sets and if they existed they’d be extensive. I’m holding out hope that Trumpeter or Hobbyboss will get to the Fullback someday, since they’ve covered it in smaller scales. Another company could surprise us, like JetMads did with their recent 1/32 F-22 announcement. Back in 2015, LSP member Mr. Smith began a Su-34 conversion using Trumpeter’s Su-27UB as a starting point. Plans used are in his early post. I think Duke Hawkins is working on a Fullback volume to add to their excellent Flanker books. Keep your eyes peeled for that one. Cheers Adam
  20. A review of the Border Ju-87G posted today at Hyperscale. No comparison pics between Border and Hasegawa’s 1/32nd effort but the reviewer offers a written comparison. Cheers Adam
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