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  1. Yes. The Canadian one is Kinetic. And that kit comes with Canadian decals.
  2. I was hoping someone would do a modern tool kit in 1/35. It's on my want list now.
  3. Trumpeter. The first I saw of this brand was when I bought a upgrade set for Trumpeter's 1/200 Titanic. The upgrade was a collaboration between Trumpeter and Pontos. I bought it straight from trumpeter and it was branded "I Love Kit/Pontos."
  4. Did you get that yet Jennings? I had one stuck in Moscow since June 8th that just surfaced in Chicago.
  5. I've bought stuff from Russian ebay sellers in the past and things showed up at my door in about 2 weeks. I currently have one stuck in Moscow and one came through NYC from St. Petersburg on July 8th. Things have slowed due to the covid situation. Patience is a virtue. As an old girlfriend used to say, it's not like I'm going to run out of model kits anytime soon.
  6. Until they clipped the wings. I understand why, but to me it's like removing an interesting part of anatomy from a beauty queen.
  7. I have 21 WnW kits in the stash. Just bought the DH.9 'Post War' kit a few days ago off of ebay for a reasonable price. I think I now have all the ones I want.
  8. I just looked that up on their web site and it's well within my planned budget. Thanks for the recommendation.
  9. The LHS here is mainly R/C cars/trucks now. He has a few plastic kits, but nothing of interest. For some time I have been entertaining the purchase of a 4WD R/C vehicle. I think I will follow through on that when he opens back up after all this is over with.
  10. "Angeles City PH" is the old Clark Air Base now used as a civilian airport.
  11. I just got mine. Yeah, nice touch by the crew at Kitty Hawk. Thank you.
  12. I think the desert painted ones had recently returned from deployments with a high ops tempo. Africa. Chad or that neighborhood. I checked my records. I shot these in September of 1994.
  13. I bought one from Sophia Lynn via ebay. Just got the ship notice. Should be here next week. I took these years ago at Nancy-Ochey Air Base:
  14. One you won't see every day. Here is my 1:32 scale LEMKITS MiG-9. These kits are very well engineered.
  15. I will be buying one. Anything Soviet. I'd love to have BOTH of these Su-9's. Keep them coming and I will keep buying. My MiG-9 is almost finished!
  16. They had a problem like this a day or two ago and mentioned it on Facebook. The only browser that was working was Firefox.
  17. I know the prices. And I had good reason.
  18. I was born in the U.S. My parents and grandparents all came from Belfast. I also have NI cousins in Canada. When I'm in a room with the lot of them I can't understand a single word!
  19. Mine is inbound from Sprue Brothers. I've been saving my pennies (a lot of 'em!) from the time this was first announced.
  20. Nevermind. Mozart beat me to it. Admins please delete this.
  21. I have all the books written by those nerdy guys. You want to know how the Titanic's toilet system worked? I have that information. My paternal grandfather helped build the original article in Belfast. I've had a keen interest in it since I was a kid. Now people buy me any Titanic book they see, including childrens' books. I have quite a library!
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