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  1. Good looking aircraft. I'll buy one. I wish they would get back on the interwar airplanes.
  2. Fixed-wing aircraft kits in 1/35..... Tank kits in 1/48...... Surely the end times are coming.
  3. I still have and use a VCR. A lot of tapes were never released on DVD/Blu-Ray. I seldom stream. Not much of a television watcher, to be honest.
  4. Me too. I really have no use for a smart phone. I access the internet from a desktop computer.
  5. I liked having mine when I had it. Unfortunately the monthly bill got so high it just wasn't cost effective anymore.
  6. Wow! I don't remember when I got rid of my landline phone.
  7. And I just started getting bored with the Johnny Depp thing......
  8. If I'm not mistaken, there were only a handful of the B-3 variant made. Can't be many marking options. I plan to do something I seldom do - My B-3 will have fictitious markings.
  9. I have a Hs 129B-2 kit given to me by a friend who didn't want it (someone else had given it to him). Then another friend in Germany sent me B-3 gun conversion parts. I'm just gonna run with that.
  10. I've got the money....what I need is more room!!!
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