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  1. kalashnikov-47

    Your favourite paints?

    Xtracolor enamels.
  2. kalashnikov-47

    Bronco starts new line of armor...

    The stock number is 32001. Also box art was posted somewhere on FB and "1/32" was on the box. Unless someone is pulling an early April Fool's stunt.
  3. Resin kits from Ukraine. http://lemkits.com/ You can also look up ebay seller ruporator
  4. La-9 and -11. You have my complete attention!
  5. LVG C.VI W.29 Hannover Cl.II
  6. kalashnikov-47

    Anyone with an HpH Tigercat

    Brian, mine is the same as yours.
  7. Yawns on the Luftwaffe subjects. A decent P-51B is most welcome!
  8. kalashnikov-47

    WNW Christmas Surprise

    When buying these, be careful. I ordered one from the original Bristol F2B Fighter kit and all they did was put it into a bubble pack and ship it. by the time it had traveled halfway around the planet to my place, it was pretty mangled up. Best to request a hardened package when ordering these decal sheets.
  9. kalashnikov-47

    WNW Christmas Surprise

    Yeah that trilogy sold out in less than 200 days. I wonder if that's the record? I'll have to go sort that out.
  10. kalashnikov-47

    WNW Christmas Surprise

    I missed out on the RE.8 before so I'll be buying this. It's like buying the RE.8 for less than the crazy ebay price and getting a free Halberstadt.
  11. kalashnikov-47

    Aires F-105 wheelbay will the fit?

    I also used the G-Factor brass landing gear legs, and there was no problem with that either.
  12. kalashnikov-47

    Aires F-105 wheelbay will the fit?

    Yes. I used them and they fit.
  13. kalashnikov-47

    The next WNW kit..? 3 wishes...

    I'm just hoping they'll start rolling out some French subjects. Some of you guys said Breguet 14 . That would be a great start.
  14. kalashnikov-47

    Aires Cockpit Fit Issues???

    I have all the Aires stuff for the 1/32 A-7D, plus the Zacto corrections. I'm interested to see how all of that will mash together.