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  1. For those of you who build the plastic ships from Revell, Heller, etc, check out this ebay seller if you want to take that plastic to the next level: https://www.ebay.com/sch/hismodel/m.html
  2. His kits build up very nicely. Fit is very good. I've built the MiG-9 and have an Su-7 mostly done. I have a few others. Great kits for sure.
  3. I built one. It isn't bad. Actually pretty darn good.
  4. Su-9/11/15 MiG-17/25/27 IL-28 An-2 Yak-28 family Kamov helicopters
  5. They sell on ebay for around $70-$80. I got mine there last year for $65 + shipping.
  6. I don't know if you've ever had the opportunity to get close to one, but it's an impressive sight. Those afterburner cans are massive!
  7. I'm in if it's Russian. Preferably Cold War era.
  8. Currently building the Meteor F.8 conversion. I have the F4D and a couple of others. I bought them to build. And built they will be. I wish I had gotten his 1/72 Connie parts, but that's the breaks. Whatever Paul decides to to do, I wish him happiness and good health.
  9. I have the Vostok and Soyuz rocket kits. At least there's no "clear" parts involved with those.
  10. I have an HPH kit here that I bought a couple of years ago. Suppose I need to make a quick decision whether to list it on ebay or just keep it and build it. Right now I'm leaning toward the latter.
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