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  1. Good deal. Happy to be of service.
  2. Try this: support@fineartofdecals.com
  3. What has happened is there's a new vaccines for this. My VA primary care doc told me the old one used a live virus. I was offered that at one point, but after discussing it with with the doc we both decided to risk skipping it. When the new dead virus one came out i was willing to take that one, but the shortage is pretty bad. Of my three siblings, two had the chicken pox as children and both got the shingles over the past four years. If I'm not able to get the vaccination, I'm afraid I'm a ticking time bomb.
  4. I'm in the VA healthcare system here in the U.S. They offer the shingles vaccination to those over 60 but there seems to be a shortage of the vaccine so I am waiting.
  5. Soon will be the season to be tearing through Michigan's snow filled back roads and trails with my jeep. Can't wait!
  6. The name would be Safonov, not Safonova. Safonova is feminine.
  7. Mine will be delivered tomorrow. The Trumpeter kit is headed for ebay.
  8. I was wondering if that would be caught!
  9. It's about two feet longer than an F-15.
  10. I'm one of those owners. I'm looking forward to it!
  11. I like the way you think Brian!
  12. I officially became a "senior citizen" or "OAP" in the UK and now will get discounts on stuff. Whoopee!
  13. I just got the LEM Kits La-9. His stuff is really nice. I'll buy the La-11 next and am really looking forward to the Yak-25.
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