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  1. There's a lot of dumb mistakes. Like all of the lifeboats not having the covers over them.
  2. Something interesting has happened. Last month Trumpeter set up an official Facebook page. Now they are posting pics of the Titanic model and asking for comments. And they're getting comments! I do hope that they take the feedback to heart and make the recommended changes. But the project is quite a ways along, and I'm not holding out much hope. https://www.facebook.com/TrumpeterChinaModels
  3. I bought the Dolphin. I have a LEM Kits P-59 on the way so I can't really do more than one kit on this right now.
  4. Some deals here for anyone interested: https://store.spruebrothers.com/dealoftheday.asp
  5. My grandfather helped build the original. I've had an interest since I was a kid. I've got a couple of the Revell kits and about seven of the 1:350 Minicraft kits under my belt. I always wanted a bigger one but the 1:200 Mantua and 1:250 Amati wooden kits are very expensive and would likely take longer to build than the time I have left in this world (I work at turtle speed). I'll be getting one as soon as they hit the U.S. market.
  6. I'm working on the Su-7. VERY well engineered!
  7. Begemot makes a nice sheet of Soviet red stars. Bort numbers can be found from various sources.
  8. 20 years ago in Sofia. I'm sure it's a completely different place now.
  9. I wanted this one so bad.... I'm normally a "if it's close enough" sort of guy, but this isn't even "close enough." I'm taking a pass. What a bummer.
  10. I just got the Ju 87 parts. I did not receive any sort of email reply. They just showed up in the mail (USA) about three weeks after I ordered them.
  11. Just finished up on my T-28. I used Harold's fine resin stuff and AOA Decals.
  12. I hope it won't be a tail sitter. There's no place for nose weights.....
  13. I live in Michigan and one of these years I'll cross the border and and come and see you guys. Besides looking at what appears to be a first class aviation museum, the HMCS Haida is on my list of things to see.
  14. Jennings if you're interested in doing that name your price and PM me. USSR era Aeroflot. BTW I'm currently working on a 1/72 Tu-114 and I have two sets of the decals you made for it years ago.
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