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  1. Until they clipped the wings. I understand why, but to me it's like removing an interesting part of anatomy from a beauty queen.
  2. I have 21 WnW kits in the stash. Just bought the DH.9 'Post War' kit a few days ago off of ebay for a reasonable price. I think I now have all the ones I want.
  3. I just looked that up on their web site and it's well within my planned budget. Thanks for the recommendation.
  4. The LHS here is mainly R/C cars/trucks now. He has a few plastic kits, but nothing of interest. For some time I have been entertaining the purchase of a 4WD R/C vehicle. I think I will follow through on that when he opens back up after all this is over with.
  5. "Angeles City PH" is the old Clark Air Base now used as a civilian airport.
  6. I just got mine. Yeah, nice touch by the crew at Kitty Hawk. Thank you.
  7. I think the desert painted ones had recently returned from deployments with a high ops tempo. Africa. Chad or that neighborhood. I checked my records. I shot these in September of 1994.
  8. I bought one from Sophia Lynn via ebay. Just got the ship notice. Should be here next week. I took these years ago at Nancy-Ochey Air Base:
  9. One you won't see every day. Here is my 1:32 scale LEMKITS MiG-9. These kits are very well engineered.
  10. I will be buying one. Anything Soviet. I'd love to have BOTH of these Su-9's. Keep them coming and I will keep buying. My MiG-9 is almost finished!
  11. They had a problem like this a day or two ago and mentioned it on Facebook. The only browser that was working was Firefox.
  12. I know the prices. And I had good reason.
  13. I was born in the U.S. My parents and grandparents all came from Belfast. I also have NI cousins in Canada. When I'm in a room with the lot of them I can't understand a single word!
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