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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"


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Apologies in advance if someone has shared this before - Scott Slocum’s beautiful video of Lopes Hope in the air: https://vimeo.com/249476220


Proper eye-candy and of particular note is the really striking polished metal finish of the undercarriage covers. Screen shot shown only for reference - will remove if any copyright infringed.









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Smashing video Torben, thanks for sharing. Many interesting visual effects on display as the light changes over the airframe.

I'm very interested to see how Peter will replicate the arc of heat staining from the hot exhaust.


The anti-glare panel demarcation is also interesting. It looks to be asymetrical from the front three quarter view although I'm sure it is n't.


Plenty to enjoy about that video. 



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hi folks :)


On 2/9/2020 at 2:28 PM, JayW said:

To quote Peter:  "The fork turned out OK".   Being understated when in actuality you are a modeling tour de force is a quality I respect.


Having scratch built a P-51 tail gear in 1/18 myself several years ago, I know exactly what is going on here.  Fond memories - I really enjoyed that project.  Mine was ground breaking I thought at the time.  Yours is earth shattering. 


Now - have you fixed the tail gear extension/compression yet?  Just like the main gear, this detail can be screwed up, and the major maufacturers get it wrong with regularity.  Tamiya included.  I am convinced when these guys put out a new model, they send someone out to a resto project and get every dimension they can think of by whatever meas they have.  They use up their meager budget, come home, and wing the rest.   Or something akin to that.  In so doing, they either find a subject up on scaffolding with alighting gear fully extended, or they find one in a museum on static display with no air pressure in the oleos and the gear slammed down to the stops.  Which leaves them wondering (if they even get that far) what the extension should be.


With our access to Aircorps Library, we can do better.   So visit tail gear installation drawing 97-34001, if you have not already done so, and get the fully compressed, fully extended, and static numbers.  Then make an informed decision how much you want to extend the gear strut.  And my apologies up front if you have already done so.  

And BTW, that drawing will give you good info on the position of the doors when open.  Note it varies with gear extension, as the actuation links are attached to a bracket on the oleo assembly.


Hi Jay - as always thank you for the info - that drawing really helped and hopefully the positioning is right when the time comes!


On 2/16/2020 at 12:33 AM, TorbenD said:

Apologies in advance if someone has shared this before - Scott Slocum’s beautiful video of Lopes Hope in the air: https://vimeo.com/249476220





That is a fantastic film Torben thanks for posting - I actually took a few stills from it early on for things i didn't have photo's of. The only thing it shows that I won't be doing is the acid etch staining on a lot of the panel lines - it may be as it should be, but it is beyond me to do it and get it to look right :)


On 2/16/2020 at 8:25 AM, geedubelyer said:


I'm very interested to see how Peter will replicate the arc of heat staining from the hot exhaust.



Hey Geedub - now that is going to be hard - I wish i could actually blue the metal with a heat gun, but that would end disasterously! I haven't figured out how I will do it yet, but suspect I will just try standard airbrush & paints / powders, rather than go for the rainbow effect seen in the vid :)


I find nearing the end of a build to be a tricky period - there are lots of little bits to do and the order of assembly is important as the model is quite large details can be added then damaged if appropriate planning is not done. I started to add some of the decals onto the airframe that cover all the little hatches etc and after a test, found the ones on the alclad wing went on with no visible film after setting solution so didn't bother with a gloss coat...


I think it will look fine when weathered..






..added the gun camera - no idea how I missed that..




..for the stencils on bare metal I have no choice - I can't varnish the aluminium as over time it will degrade as the ali oxidises, so it is straight decal & setting solution.. I have to just accept it as is..


...in most cases it's passable..








...I decided to focuson getting as much on the top half done as possible, so there is less handling with all the gear & doors hanging out - the first part of this was finishing up the cockpit...


..I added the switch panel at the bottom right of the windscreen and made up the flourescent cockpit lamp..






..on the other side, I added the throttle quadrant and control rods..




..I have made a Gunsight pad and the first aid kit that hangs from the headrest from milluput, but won't show you that until it's finished (& if it's good enough..)


..otherwise, the cockpit is pretty much complete..






..will probably start to sort out the rest of the glazing next - here a dry fit of the right cockpit windows...




..still lots to do, but it's all bitty stuff :)






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