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  1. Whoa! More models should be finished like that, the combination of selectively applied 'stressed skin' and this semi-gloss surface strikes me as much more convincing than the usual flat coates ... Thank you for sharing this!
  2. I'll be da***ed. In twenty years time, with approx. 600 hours of flight under its wings, the restored LOPE'S HOPE can perhaps aspire to look as realistic as your model, Pete...
  3. ... Which then leads us to the Emir of Khemed, of course. I seem to remember that he posessed a Spitfire (MKI with a flat canopy?) in a quite striking yellow livery which he used for 'information warfare' against some unruly (and analphabetic) desert tribes ... Perhaps a diorama with stacks of those nice rosy leaflets beside the aircraft...? Enough of this. ;-)
  4. It's almost a shame that there never was a "Battle of the Laughing Cow"... Cheers, Joerg P.S. Now perhaps, you could tackle the air forces of the two infamous banana republics of "San Theodorus" and "Nuevo Rico"?...
  5. I foresee the introduction of a new category there: 'Only Pete can Compete' Otherwise, the contest will become awfully lopesided () and the competitors brutally 'demoralised'. I'm off... ;--) Cheers Joerg
  6. February approaching. Here's hoping your shoulder has improved Pete, I'm in dire need for some Lopes Hope' shots... Cheers, Joerg
  7. Thank u for the extra clarification ;-)
  8. Fantastic! Positively Sci-fi. How were the pilots supposed to get into the cockpit during an alarm start? Backflipping by way of a trampoline?
  9. Given all the Alclad- and Reynolds-Aluminium-stamps on various panels, as seen in the above pictures (and beside the usual stencil fare), I foresee Peter to manufacture a complete rubber stamp-set for his Mustang. in 18th scale, IT COULD WORK ;-))
  10. Fantastic pics from Craig. Does anybody know what those rough-painted tracer lines over some rivets/welding spots and around the hatches actually are? I seem to remember to have seen similar traces on wartime pictures, but always assumed them to be perhaps from rainwater in the dirt, due to their random appearance. Some protective seal?
  11. Are you going to paint them? I cannot imagine that you'll have to bury that polished-concert-piano-black-surface under any kind of seal for the purpose of blending in stickers? Also: no panel line washes and generally no weathering, is it?
  12. You'll have to dust off this model every five minutes or so, as every single flake that settles on this perfect black surface will be tantamount to a fist in the eye. A high pressure laboratory environment seems to be required...
  13. I was about to tell you about that; staring at (pictures of old) aircraft for years&years, and still making such 'blatant' errors... That's the spirit!
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