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  1. I just love what you're doing with this Revell kit and especially your application of patina ;-) Just one humble question: Weren't the 'cuffs' of the prop actually made from rubber, meaning there wouldn't be any bare metal scratches in this area? greetings, Joerg
  2. Yes. The quality of your primed assembly looks impossibly pristine, just like those 3D-renderings used by manufacturers to market their products. I wouldn't paint that either. It's already perfect. > You might buy another one, build it to a lesser standard and hide the shortcomings by way of your masterful paint techniques ... ;-)
  3. Hah! That's what I'm waiting for, too: Moving intrument hands, real screws and bolts instead of just some fake "PE-blobs" and of course all those switches and toggles actually totally switch- and toggleable... ! Come on, Peter ...!
  4. Holy C*w! This tug is in dire need for a fresh paint job!
  5. No way. What you do, cannot be called "scratchbuilding" really. Do you mean "building from scratch" perhaps...? Cheers & congratulations for the completion of another gorgeous Masterpiece. Joerg
  6. Dear Chuck Considering the casting of votes so far, at least it's crystal clear which path you would have to follow, if you wanted to "get off the beaten track" a little... ;-) I can't wait to see further progress on this bird, anyway. Cheers, Joerg
  7. Go for the restored one, Chuck! You are one of the few modelers who can pull that off without getting a toylike result. Warbird models built to a pristine condition are rare enough...
  8. Fantastic! Possibly the most realistic paint job on such a model, that I've ever seen: No overly accentuated panel lines, no hollywoodesque shading effects, and the subtle, uneven shine on your beautiful bird makes the appearance very credible. Here's hoping that this lifelike surface does not need to be buried under a unifying "flat coat" in the end? Cheers, Joerg
  9. You will never need some prefabricated plastic core for one of your models anymore, Peter. To correct and modify one of these is probably more time consuming than building your subject completely from scratch, as you have demonstrated here; and considering the pace of your progress with the Fury. You are the perfect model whiz now, anything you want to build within your grasp ... Congrats ;-))
  10. Oh yes pleeeeease! You gotta make one from the dark side, at some point!
  11. Whoa! More models should be finished like that, the combination of selectively applied 'stressed skin' and this semi-gloss surface strikes me as much more convincing than the usual flat coates ... Thank you for sharing this!
  12. I'll be da***ed. In twenty years time, with approx. 600 hours of flight under its wings, the restored LOPE'S HOPE can perhaps aspire to look as realistic as your model, Pete...
  13. ... Which then leads us to the Emir of Khemed, of course. I seem to remember that he posessed a Spitfire (MKI with a flat canopy?) in a quite striking yellow livery which he used for 'information warfare' against some unruly (and analphabetic) desert tribes ... Perhaps a diorama with stacks of those nice rosy leaflets beside the aircraft...? Enough of this. ;-)
  14. It's almost a shame that there never was a "Battle of the Laughing Cow"... Cheers, Joerg P.S. Now perhaps, you could tackle the air forces of the two infamous banana republics of "San Theodorus" and "Nuevo Rico"?...
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