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  1. Thank you all for the positive feedback Petr
  2. Hi Martin, imatriculation (CY-02) and stencyls are decals from Profimodeller. Flags are sprayed over the masks(homemade). Thank you Martin.
  3. Excellent work. Responsible. The result looks great Congratulation!
  4. Very nice "40". The surface and weathering look great. Congratulation Miloslav!!!
  5. Looks very good. Congratulation on a nice Arado.
  6. WOW, beautiful. Very nice surface and weathering.
  7. Very nice Zero. Cleanly built. Congratulation
  8. The Tomcet look great. Very nice job. Congratulation
  9. Great work. Very motivating...thank you. Petr
  10. Bronco is my favourite plane. And so thank you. Very nice. Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!
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