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  1. Nice Airoplane, nice Job, nice model... Congratulation
  2. Today I saw Blondie live. NICE. Congratulations to both.
  3. Wonderful job. I watched your work carefully...PERFECT.
  4. Beautiful. Nice surface. Congratulacion.
  5. Unusual artwork... Perfect work. Resin kit is wery exacting...Congratulation.
  6. N I C E ! I watched the building closely......
  7. Clean and perfect work. Congrat Perfectly managed camouflage spraying.
  8. Nice work. Unusual and very nice look. Congratulation. Petr
  9. Nice. Congrat Trumpeter is nice kit, but a bad shape damage conopy...
  10. Unusual artwork. Nice. Nice. Congratulation.
  11. Great work. Congrat.
  12. Nice scratch built. Joy look. Your work is inspiring.........
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