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  1. Foto: My frend Miloslav (thank you) more photos...
  2. Bf-109K 4 10./JG 27, Prag-Kbely 1944/1945 Kit: Hasegawa Cockpit: Aires Wheels: Barracuda Belts: HGW Guns: Quickboost Exhaust: Quickboost Paint: Gunze C
  3. Wow, beautiful Huricane. Nice job. Congratulation.
  4. Nice X-1. Congratulation. I like these experimental planes.
  5. Japanese Avalanche Miloslav. WOW, very nice Zero. Congratulation.
  6. WOW, very nice birds. Beautiful finish. Congratulation
  7. Hi Jardo, very nice job. And beautiful Hawk. Congratulation. Perfect. Petr
  8. Nice job and beautiful plane. Congratulation.
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