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  1. I am sorry. I mean those spots-sand, dust...and grime. Of course on the surface. Thanks. Petr
  2. WOW. The weathered surface is great.You sprayed it over masks? I mean weathering. Thank you. Petr
  3. Good work. This is a repair kit from Zactomodels? You can't buy it anymore...
  4. Amazing progress. I wish you a lot of strength. I will watch.
  5. Good job. Perfect details. I wish a lot of strength to finish.
  6. For Marcel: The Weathering is ordinary airbrush way. 2 shades-sand and light earth. All by photos
  7. Good Job, Marcel. How the air intakes from Zactomodels came close to you? Thank You. Petr
  8. Nice progress. You made these Controls famously
  9. You are teally handy. I like to visit your topics...because they are instructive and motivating. Thank you. Petr
  10. Good Work. I commend the improvements
  11. More Gustavs like this... Congratulation
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