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  1. Surprised there aren't any Russian/Soviet aircraft designs shown here yet. There are some weird contraptions here though - keep them coming:) Didn't the French design something similar to the Westland Wendover?
  2. I purchased the necessary sprues a while ago, and passed the intake to a friend who wanted to improve the Academy kit. I mainly wanted the P&W exhausts and launchers (this was before ResKit did their beautiful exhausts). Apparently it wasn't too difficult to modify. Now, Zactomodels make a small mouth improvement for the Academy kit, so maybe it is possible to tweak this to fit the Tamiya kit? Combine with a ResKit exhaust, the only things missing are the early Sidewinder launchers, "flat" main wheel doors and lightweight main gear legs if required...
  3. Maybe it's sold out, but I just see the Academy F-16I and Tamiya F-16CJ (Block 50) on their site.
  4. How are these decals printed? From the picture, the colour of the sample doesn't even appear to be consistent across the entire area, so that makes me think the colour on the sheet - and therefore the logo - may be off anyway. The sample certainly doesn't appear to match the photo of the real aircraft as it looks "stonewashed". The logos are small, so any colour difference is likely to be not very noticeable, so I would go with a colour that matches your perception of what you can see across a wide range of photos. Having said that, if the all the aircraft Compass had were placed side by s
  5. Would have thought the explosive charges for the seat would have been taken out for museum aircraft, so it doesn't matter which position the arm/disarm lever is in. Oh, and I certainly wouldn't use that aircraft as a reference for matching colours...
  6. Is there a logo or something else on the decal sheet you can use to match the blue? I would have thought they would use the same shade of blue in the company logo as they do on the top of the fuselage and fin...
  7. Have you tried contacting Paul Budzik? I believe he lives (or at least used to live) in Fresno.
  8. From what I've read and seen, the F-15 kit will also be a challenge in terms of fit and finesse - check out Chuck's magnificent build of an aggressor Eagle. The Eagle dates from the early 1990s, so not to the same standard of fit and finesse as the F-16, Spitfire, Corsair and Mosquito.
  9. Those aren't slats, but leading edge flaps, and similar to the ones on the F-4J.
  10. The pod on the left is a jammer pod, and if the jammer doesn't shut down or overpowers the radar, then the bomb surely will:)
  11. Fair point. The F-4S slat certainly looks more "aggressive" (and "draggy") than the F-4E slat that I would have thought would have less impact on performance.
  12. Fantastic metalwork...
  13. Wonder why the slats on the F-4S were different from the F-4S though...
  14. Tamiya F-16 Block 25/32 kit or the F-16 Aggressor boxing that includes some of the pods the Aggressor/Adversary jets carry. This jet only seems to carry a couple of inert AIM-120B missiles that come with either kit together with the LAU-128 (?) launchers.
  15. Debbie Harry says it best: One way, or another, I'm gonna find ya I'm gonna get ya get ya get ya get ya One way, or another, I'm gonna win ya I'm gonna get ya get ya get ya get ya
  16. You're putting a lot of faith into the bond between the decal and the fuselage to hold the engines...;)
  17. I would love them to, but I can't see Tamiya doing that ever. So far they have shown no interest in releasing a two-seater even though they designed the kit (as they did the 1:48 kits) to be able to easily add some parts for the family model.
  18. For peat and smoke, you should look closer at Laphroaig...
  19. My guess is that they would paint the red with the same paint, so I would go with the red that most closely matches the red on the decal sheet for consistency. Assuming you are using decals for the red NAVY and other minor markings...
  20. True, the VC10 was designed initially for a very specific customer with very specific requirements, and by the time the aircraft entered service, the short runways at hot and high airports were no longer short. So, BOAC were certainly lacking in foresight on the specs, and then tried to pull out of ordering an aircraft they had themselves specified. Sometimes one wonders if British airlines were the worst enemy of the British aircraft industry... However, there is more to operating cost and revenue than the fuel burn. The VC10 had a higher structual weight proportion than the 707, as well
  21. That white finish on the fuselage - before you clearcoated it - looks fantastically smooth. The end result looks very nice too. How about a Super VC10 for comparison?
  22. I find that a lot of Aires products suffer from shrinkage - possibly because (some) sets used the kit parts as a basis for the master, then there is shrinkage from moulding the part in rubber and then further shrinkage from the resin copy. They might even make resin copies to make multiple masters for moulding, further increasing the shrinkage problem. Their 1:32 F-15C cockpit is about 3 mm too short to fit the bulkheads on the panel lines where they should. You just can't line up the cockpit bulkhead with the panel line and line up the rear bulkhead of Bay 5 on that panel line - you will
  23. The sharknose has a shorter pitot tube than the pointy nose, so I'd say this one requires the sharknose.
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