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  1. Sure thing! Researching a topic is half the fun of a build for me, so sharing some of what I’ve found seems natural. I also like it when I run across someone who has a hobby that makes mine seem not too bad—can you imagine telling your significant other that you bought an entire cockpit section for a simulator? “Honey, we’re gonna need an extension...” I love VF-111 markings too, but they seem more natural on the Crusaders to me. For some reason, I’m just drawn to the Aardvarks and that bright orange. VF-142 is a close second with all their yellow. I just can’t fathom flying an or
  2. Alright lads, pics! Here's where we're at. Not much to say about the resin intakes. Not the best casting, not the worst. They work... You can see the super glossy white (again, appliance white). Might knock it back w/ a wash so it's not SO bright white. Here's the comparison. If you haven't built a Tamiya Phantom, the intakes are not good (being kind). You can see the half intake that I haven't cut out yet. Imagine trying to get that seam covered, while buried in the fuselage. There's limits to even what I'm willing to do! So now on to the c
  3. You and Timmy!s bantering about seating brought a memory back from the depths... Flew with a guy that got yanked from flying duty as a LT to go be an aide for a 4-Star. Said 4-Star was a Vietnam era Phantom Driver. Whenever they flew anywhere (commercially or via the Biz jets), the LT had to sit one row back, i.e. tandem, as the pilot 4-Star was NOT going to let a navigator sit anywhere that appeared side-by-side. My response is that side-by-side is the way God, Orville and Wilbur intended... But I digress, back to Pig's build!
  4. Early ejection seats are a hot mess, to put it mildly. The seats as included in the kit started being incorporated about the time the J hit the fleet. But not all had them (don't quote me here)--it was when the a/c went into depot level maintenance that they were updated. By 70 or so the majority of the fleet had the newer seats, including any B variant. Best bet is to find a photo of the bird your building and know the timeframe. Anything during Rolling Thunder would have the earlier seats. Linebacker or later would have the seats from the kit. As for AF Phantoms, I honestly haven't a clue,
  5. Been a full two months since I updated this?! Strange things happened when I went to work on those intakes. I cleaned them as you should with all resin, but they just would not take paint! Seriously, I tried Tamiya white primer, which sort of bubbled up like rain on a freshly waxed car. I tried the latex paint pour method and that worked somewhat, but my paint color was off. I set everything aside out of frustration and there it sat till this weekend. On Saturday, I really didn't feel like working on the Prowler, so poured a bunch of vinegar in a cup and let the intakes soak ov
  6. Continuing to faff about in the cockpit. This is attempt eleventeen thousands...we're at about a 75% solution. Or TLAR...that looks about right. Used the throttle quadrant from the kit, but flipped it so the throttles will be in the right position. Seats are in their approximate positions...ECMO1's seat is a couple inches lower and further aft. The circuit breaker panel is just resting there till I get the breakers on there (approximately 44 of em) Here's how it'll look under the canopies. This is one of my failed pulls, so have used it to mark up the approximate ca
  7. Seriously impressive stuff Pig. I can’t get over how well you nailed the rotors - everything is top shelf, but the torque in those blades just makes it pop. Totally looks like he’s redlining the motors at altitude while trying to maintain a hover. Well done!
  8. I was going to post this link: DVIDS - Images - LITTLE YET FIERCE (dvidshub.net) but realized it's the one Tim just posted. Posted it anyway if you want to register and download a higer rez pic. But DVIDs is your friend--the repository for all the PA photos from DoD. While I normally search through individual service's webpages for PA photos, DVIDs is sometimes better as it's a conglomeration of ALL the photos, including the ones that don't get 'published' or released. A good resource if you're looking for photos of things from the last decade or so. Totally a rabbit h
  9. How’s about this? https://verticalmag.com/features/training-the-night-stalkers/ second pic down has a great shot of the EADI/EHSI and engine displays. Look pretty standard actually. break break, looking forward to this build. This and the Kiowa always intrigued and horrified me at the same time. They’re so dang small and light weight. Can’t imagine doing the things they do with ‘em. Peter
  10. Pig, I’m not sure if I need to go light a sage bundle or buy a bottle of Jeremiah’s finest. Or like Annie says in Bull Durham, I’ve got to breath through my eyelids?! If anything it’s my fading memory playing tricks on where the seats were positioned as I reached for things in the cockpit. Regardless, we’re all good brother, and thanks for the bump! Booger
  11. OK, gonna hit pause for a moment and think through some things. Actually, in all reality, STOP overthinking things. Here's where I'm at. My cockpit measurements are all "Good" for the outer mold lines of the canopies (well, within 1mm of a whole host of drawings I'm using, from NATOPS to old squadron signal and D&S books) What's driving me bonkers, is that rear bulkhead of the front cockpit. I know where the IP is going to go and that lines up, but the rear bulkhead still seems too far back. Where I'm over thinking this, is that the Pilot's seat moves--up/down and front/bac
  12. That’s really cool, thanks for sharing! It’s always amazing to see such an historic event captured on film. Even better to see the Top Secret stamps on them!
  13. Ok, here's where I'm at. Aft cockpit is done, minus the seats and crew. Also realized I didn't add the decals to the instruments, so need to do that too. And here's where I'm at with the front cockpit. Need to rip the bulkhead out, as its about 5mm too far back. The whole area is complicated mess, and even though everything is buried and won't really be seen, it sets the spacing for everything to come in the cockpit. If I wasn't suspending this from the hook, I'd just build over it. But any weight that far forward is adding to the moment arm... minor setback,
  14. Daaaang. Those blades are perfect...that twist! The dust! It’s all perfect! Seriously good work Pig!
  15. Thanks for sharing. A LOT of memories just came flooding back and too many stories to tell (2058 and the Jedi Transition was one of those special spots). I agree w/ Pig too btw--you were always too busy to actually pay attention to anything other than the task at hand. That being said, I vividly recall a flight off Western Australia. Probably a couple hour drive north of Perth/Freemantle. We happened upon a small group of four wheelers parked on a moon shaped cove. We circled back around and gave them a good 15 minute air show before proceeding inland with our hair on fire. No people to file
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