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  1. OK folks, moving ahead. Went back to working on the empennage and fuselage, vice the wings. You'll understand why as I walk through it... If you look at the photos I posted above, you'll see I've got one heck of a moment arm going on. Unfortunately, it's at the exact spot where Trumpeter gives you the options of opening the speed brakes and the birdcage. Almost 2/3 of the circumference is missing, making it a natural weak point and it was flexing waaaay too much for my liking. It was a problem on my 1/24th scratch build as well, so I decided to bite the bullet and get
  2. Pig, the Helo is superb. But it's the figures that take this to the next level. I can't imagine the pain it was/is to get that gunner to where he's holding on to TWO different locations, and it's looking spot on. Most of us struggle to get the danged landing gear straight and all touching, let alone a gunner leaning out of the window... Brilliant work and tanks for taking the time to document it all.
  3. Awesome! Brilliant scratch building and I LOVE the labeled photos. For some reason I get immense satisfaction looking at cockpit diagrams. Always amazing to see how things developed over the years. From this to HOTAS / HUDs. Three different trim wheels to a coolie hat on the control stick! Thanks for taking the time to share!
  4. I’ll have to make space, but worth it in the long run. Have a couple old builds waiting to be donated to various associations that’ll free up some room in the cabinet. As for the putty, this is the first time I’ve used it. On the tail, I sanded it, and it held up reasonably well. On the wing above that I’ve started modifying, I wiped it with a wet makeover remover cotton pad thingy. That worked, but appeared to make the putty dissolve a bit, so there’s little indentations. Actually about right for the wings, other than the fact that they’re in a wrong pattern for the EA-6B. All in al
  5. No hijacking at all! I love sharing stories and it helps others learn and pick up little details. Also helps keep me honest. They did miracle work with those F-5s. I was a branch head at Fallon, so I know what has transpired to keep our Adversaries going. As for those photos, IIRC, they’re old PA photos I found on DTIC! Also, if you haven’t seen it on WIX, there’s 57+ Pages of photos from the Grumman Archives! Everything from WW2 through the 70s and 80s. Some crazy shots of them making the turtleback (that’s the area right behind the aft canopy) Urban legend had it that those
  6. Oh, WOW! Made a few ferry trips down there myself! Always amazed to get a bird back and see the magic that was done. I still have a vivid memory of getting a jet back and being blown away at how pristine the landing gear and gear bays were! Somewhere in the 1/24th build (don't remember if here or Z5 where I started) I have some photos of your facility as they rewired the cockpit. I'll have to repost them as I dive into the cockpits (after I figure out how to make the canopies...) -Peter
  7. That and it's missing the refueling door on the spine from AF versions.
  8. OK. After mulling it over, and second guessing myself etc. I think I'm set. I say second guessing--was wondering if my hook would actually work. In my mind, yes. But I set out to check it. Grabbed a piece of scrap lumber and drilled a hole to accept the tailhook and set it in place. Then started adding parts--just a close approximation mind you. I don't want to cut every piece of the sprues to tape them on etc. Surprisingly sturdy (hook is tacked in place w/ superglue--it'll get a TON of JB Weld when the time comes). I'll still have to watch my weight, which means n
  9. You are correct, but there was an airframe change that resulted in them being locked “up,” due to stall issues at catapult launch speeds. There were also issues with the stabilator, eventually led to the new tails. I’d have to dig, but it was around 65 or so and was rapidly incorporated in the fleet. Anything for Vietnam would have them up.
  10. I know, I know. Which is why I’m debating...I’ll make either look good, but I wanted to set it aside and give it some thought. She means too much to me. Of course, I can still hose this up with the canopies and jamming pods that I have to make. in the interim, I got a wild hair somewhere and bought a Tamiya F-4 to make an F-4B scene like I did before. Whenever it shows up it’ll be another WIP to make people wonder about my sanity. -Peter
  11. OK, I’ve lost it...just pulled the trigger on one from HLJ. We’ll see when it arrives, but I’ll start a WIP to show the way. I’ll try it with a J vice a C, only so I could get the drop tank and outboard pylons. Figure then I have the cockpit and only need the exhausts and the IR sensor.
  12. Ooof. Well, I just realized where the next big difference between the 2 wings are (not an Intruder guy mind you, so my mind has been blown as I realized this). Here's a pic from Jake's wonderful book, "The Modern Prowler Guide" (used for illustrative purposes). The slats on the Intruder stop before the dog leg. On the Prowler, they extend inward to that notch in the wing. I didn't realize this and now have some decisions to make. Here's the kit. I started to cut it out and stopped to ponder things over. Have to decide here and no
  13. More like a screw (or several) loose! I do like a challenge though. My problem is I don't like to build static scenes, which ends up being some sort of dramatic action snapshot in time (e.g. the F6F I just finished). I think this'll work out, just gonna have to take my time. Thanks. Unfortunately it's my only option to get a Prowler (other than 1/48th), so nothing ventured, nothing gained! I flew the old girl for 18 years and realized that although I've built a bunch of models of it, I've given them all away. Needed something to display, but wanted it to be big enough to make a stat
  14. OK, quick update as I battle through the wings. Managed to work on the wing fold fairing and get it situated. I sanded the basic profile till I was happy then added the folding doors on the top out of .10 sheet styrene. I scored it and snapped it, but didn't break it. I might go back and add the piano hinges out of stretched sprue or something. You can see where I primed it once already to see how it looked. Lot's of sanding later, we have this. Flaps and slats are just sitting there to see how it'll look. Here's a comparison of the port and starboard wings. Pay
  15. I agree w/ everything Ziggy said! Was able to find some photos on my hard drive of my conversion from back in the day. (Please excuse the really poor early digital camera photos). You can see the cuts I made etc. For the thicker bottom, I just sanded it down (had to fill in with styrene where I broke through). I made gear doors and speed brakes by making a template of the kit parts on styrene. I used the AF style pylons and cut them to make the USN style (would be easier to just by the sprues for certain). Don't remember what I did for the cockpit or the intakes--I know I converted them,
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