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  1. Absolutely amazing built John!! John
  2. Love it so far Kevin!! A lot of goodies there!! John
  3. Really goergeous Chuck!!! What about seat belts? Are you going to add any?? John
  4. Main gear legs Main Landing gear legs also needed a lot of work to make them resemble the real ones! I use the two metal ones for the main legs and the plastic one as i have to glue it on the resin and i need to put a pin inside to strengthen this point. Below you can see all the details added, some of them from Eduard exterior set! Wheel wells I placed the rest of the resin and i improved the rear section as it was wrong and to add some but not a lot detail inside!! Also the decals on the wheel well doors are custom made from photoes taken from a real bird! Hook Had to modify the trumpeter one from rectangular to cilindrical one, so i cut the front and rear sections, added a rod, epoxy putty and some sanding, modifying the ''horse shoe'' painted and weathered! Really happy with the outcome! Wings Trumpeter gives you the option for folded wing but if you want not to use this option you need to strenghten the point where the two halves are glued together, the joint is very weak. Also i used long strips of a really straight plastic in order to be sure that i will glue them really straight. The wings have a big span and even the slightest curve will be real present on the final symmetry of them!!! I also placed thick strips of plastic where the holes for the weapons are, i will use metal pins to make the joint stronger so i needed something to bite on! Weapons and pylons I will depict the aircraft as a Quick Reaction Aircraft for Attack Mission with 1 Aero1D external tank and 5 Mk-83 LDGB bombs. So i decided to deal with the weapons now as some details should be added to them. We used rear mechanical fuses for soft targets. So i needed to build 5 of them and try to place them on the bombs!! The external tank comes from a Hasegawa 1/32nd A-4!! The trumpeter ones are terrible!! Finnaly i placed the wings on the fuselage, with minimum of work, nice job here from trumpeter. I masked everything and i am read to throw some paint onher as soon as possible!! As you can see i have glued the windshield on...took me some time to make it bahave its self!!! Thanks for your time and patience, hope you like it!! John
  5. Good evening lads, Time to resurrect this topic once again!! It will be a long post with sections, please excuse me for that, hope all the work and photoes to make you forget it!! Closing the fuselage Before that I had to install the M-61A Vulcan gun and add some detail on the rear area of the gun. I also painted all the details not accessible after closing the fuselage. And i finally i closed the fuselage. Not an easy thing to do as i had to align everything, from the cockpit tub to the rear fuselage details to the intake and all the zacto details. Time consuming, a lot of dry fit before taking the decision to put glue on it, but thankfully everything went like a charm! Rear cone glued on without problems, and i spent some sanding periods to get the trumpeter plastic to behave itself!! i also glued on the canoe and the rear cone! Canopy frames I changed some of the details of zacto canopy frames to the A-7H ones.... Wolfapack AIM-9P4 pylon and launcer Engine area... Nose gear leg A-7E Nose gear leg was different from the one used on -7H. I needed the -7D one and a fellow modeller was kind enough to provide me with one!! As you can see i shortened the ''V'' shape of it and i added a lot of details (steering mechanism, landing lights etc.) painted and weathered! h [/thumb] .....
  6. Awesome work so far Jeff!! Did you encounter any problems with the cowling fitting? Especially any step with the fuselage at the bottom side?? I have seen a lot of builds facing this problem!! John
  7. Excellent work John... I am with you with the spinner John
  8. Great work and tutorial as always Chuck!! Really admire your patience John
  9. Thats why I used highly thinned future. Anyway, I am trully very intrigue about this lp9, I will be waiting for your test and results
  10. Good morning Chuck... Have you tried future thinned with lacquer thinner(leveling thinner for me) ?? Yes it can be thinned with lacquer thinner!!! Thinned 70/30 favour to thinner... I tried it on my f-86 with Light passes....just to cover the decals...In my case it did not cut the shine I wanted... But again I want it a slightly dull NMF!! As for AK Interactive Gauzy, it is nice, May be does not dull the metal finish But it is like you put a glass over the model... Did not like it... My humple opinion! John
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