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  1. Just awesome!! Thats what i think Brett!! John
  2. Chuck, you keep amazing us my friend. Like spyros wrote above, those small details make the difference!! John
  3. Any news regarding the decals Jenn?? John
  4. I am also in for a Dauntless set!!! All the best luck with it from me too Damian!! John
  5. Very nice work to this beauty too John!!!
  6. Thank you very much!! It was first time for me too
  7. Thanks Chris!!! Thank you very much Jan!! Thanks Albert!!! My friend, you hit the jackpot hahahaha, i am totally ignorant regarding the german birds. This is my first one abd i searched and asked a lot here and there!! But as my little experience tells me you can find all those details in the kit instructions, on the decal instructions (if you buy an after market one) and of course you can get a lot of answers if you ask here, in the forum!! The guyw here know a lot and they will help you!! John
  8. Thank you John!! Your G-10 work really inspired me on this one!!
  9. Here is my finished Revell 1/32 Bf109G-6 converted to a G-14 as Blue 62 as is shown on Barracuda decal sheet The complete build can be found here: As you can see i have added the drainage of the MW50 glycol tank Here among my other beauties... Hope you like it, please feel free to comment anything you want!! John
  10. ....And it was time to deal with the Photoedged canopy. I forgot to take pics, but i cut the clear parts provided by Radub, i sprayed the thin red line and i glued them with future on the pe frame. I glued the head armour and added some other details.... Then i really struggled to attach the canopy, glue the antenna tension wire inside the canopy, stretch the aerial cord, and all the small itemw in order to complete the build, ia finally made it!!! Finally i glued the landing gear as well as the propeller... And guys, some final ones, i will post more on the RFI section here Thank you very much for watching!! John
  11. Good evening guys, it's high time i posted my latest update!! I have finally come to the end with this lovely babe!! So lets begin.... First of all i corrected the wavy pattern of the wing leading edges... Gloss Varnish (ak real colors gloss) and HGW wet transfers combined with barracuda serials.... Wash... And i started with the weathering... More oil weathering on the fuselage and some silver pencil on the wing roots...I also sprayed through art stencils some grime, black and more lighter shade... ........
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