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  1. Still the same, there were never any doubt's... OY-DIN ex G-ADAE 6272 - Blue/silver dope. I've had a steady flow of orders from Poland during the Corona crisis, no delays, so fingers crossed... Kent
  2. Mine is on it's way too!!! Can't wait...
  3. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/5222-132-spirit-of-st-louis/
  4. The upper wings. The Richthofen wing had the streaking done before covering it with red paint. For my interpretation of Richthofen's Fokker triplane I wanted to tone down the 'red' as much as possible. I did not want a 'stark' red color but a weathered and well used triplane. So i've used my favorite red: Vallejo Cavalry Brown 70.982. Standard application, first a base layer of red on top of the streaking. Then the ribs were masked and a darker color for the shadows. i decided to highlight the 'white' base for the crosses, showing a bit through the red paint. Cheers: Kent
  5. Ready to go... Łukasz Sznajder De Havilland DH.89 Dragon Lukgraph 1:32 scale kit is ready. Kit available in Lukgraph online store: www.lukgraph.pl The set will include: - resin castings with reinforced by wire struts and wings - 3D printed Gipsy Six x 2 engine with exhaust pipes - 3D-printed passenger seats 8 pcs - 3D printed interiors the pilot's cabin - 3D printed engine cover x 2 - photo-etched sheet (post card dimension) - decals - instruction - foil masks for main cabine and side windows - laser cut side windows - professionally vacuformed negative cabine x 2 (one reserve) - 3 painting schemes (military operators) The aircraft in the pre-war, war and post-war period was very popular. Many of them fly today to enjoy tourists and aviation enthusiasts. Paintings of civil aircraft are particularly beautiful. At the present time, the modeler has no problem making masks or decals for 1 piece (your favorite). We can always help in technical preparation of the project (especially for civilian versions). IMPORTANT Shipping from us from 15 to 60 days + transport time. NOTICE 40 pieces available for sale - shipment in mid-May. Please remember that shipping to most countries is now more difficult due to a coronavirus pandemic. To the USA, Australia and the UK - an economic package, you can already send priority to most European countries. If in doubt, you can ask for shipping. Remember that money can be returned until shipment. There may be delays in the delivery of the model - there is always contact with us. Due to the big interest may be problems with the availability of the model, the next 20 pieces will be thrown in mid-May and then the next. There will be plenty of models - we will do them where there is demand, it may be delayed in time, but they will be. NOTICE If the aircraft will not be available in the store, it means that it is sold out. But soon the next tranche of 20 pieces will appear. You just have to check back in from time to time. Greetings Lukgraph Order send...
  6. I'm sorry but I think we are equivalent to the dinosaurs, when we are gone it all ends at some point. I hope of course, that I'm wrong, but I don't see a lot of younger guys at the modelling 'seances'. I haven't been able to pass it on to my kids (god knows I've tried many times). They find the modelling 'nice' - they are even proud of what their dad is doing and then move on with their own interests... Would be interesting to know how age is represented on the LSP forum (those who are active) if that is even possible? Kent
  7. Thank you Rod, Pip, Rick & Dany Boy! I've been 'nudged' by LSP_Ray to post the build thread on the three 'Fokker's' Fokker Dr. I 'dreidekker' - 'Flying Circus' Triple build thread. Kent
  8. No Kevin I have not seen this book before, I would be surprised though, if there was something unique in the book, nearly every book I've come across have almost identical contents. except the one from Paul Leeman, it's a truly remarkable book on the Fokker 'dreidekker'! The second best is the one from Windsock: Fokker Dr. I Jagdstaffeln, it's almost as comprehensive... Kent
  9. So, I managed to take some better photo's of the 'Triple'... Hope you like it - Cheers: Kent Richthofen's 'Flying Circus' - Jasta 11 'dreidekkers' (Ready for Inspection) - 'Flying Circus' - Jasta 11 (Diorama base)
  10. Parts for the still missing planes: The full triple... Cheers: Kent
  11. One of von Richthofen's triplanes 477/17... My two 'Fokkers' more to come... Cheers: Kent
  12. The triple fuselages... For the 'red' color for the Jasta 11 Triplanes I decided to use Vallejo Cavalry Brown. The markings are done. At this point I will try to finish one of the triplanes... Kent
  13. Well I tried OK, but I had to give up on both the PE rib tape as well as the HGW ones. It would have taken forever to complete the many wings in this way. So I resorted to my own 'homebrew' rib tapes. Actually it is not that far off, it's masking tape. All the wings ready for painting... Tails too.. The bottom side of the wings were masked to add the ribs and shadows. White area for the markings. Tails.. The top of the wings had the same recipe for the streaking as for the fuselages. The upper wings. The Richthofen wing had the streaking done before covering it with red paint. For my interpretation of Richthofen's Fokker triplane I wanted to tone down the 'red' as much as possible. I do not want a 'stark' red color but a weathered and well used triplane. The triple tails. I finally decided for the red stripes, it might as have been black stripes, no one really knows? Cheers: Kent
  14. So, after a massive 'stint', many of the major parts have come together and has been given a base color. Fuselages ready for streaking. The many, many wings and ailerons. The Jasta 11 red parts... So, I've started the'streaking' process... I decided to use the same method for the streaking as for the first ½ Fokker. Winsor & Newton oil color Raw Umber (Green shade) over the base fabric color. It's simple and fast too. Not unimportant looking at the many wings to come... Some of the other parts are also close to being finished. Cowlings and wheels etc. Work on the wings is continuing with the opening on the top wings for the ZAK stamp. I've spend some time working on ekstra stenciling for the 'Fokkers' Using the 'Factory Finish & Markings' guide found in Windsock Datafile Special 'Fokker DR.I Jagdstaffeln'. (A little hint on which Jasta 11 planes I've decided to go for) Thanks for looking in: Kent
  15. So, I'm considering the interiors done. I doubt it that much of it will be visible when finished, well I know it's there... Cheers: Kent
  16. So, the Triple Triplane build has begun adding the plywood to the inside of the fuselage... Many of the parts were already prepared during the 'skeletal' build... Almost all the parts/detailing of the interior parts are now done and ready for assembly. I tried to 'sew the pilot seat bulkhead in place, using some fishing line... After this, I made resin copy's of the bulkhead. Frame parts with added detailing fuel control/line/pump, altimeter with spring mounts, scratched leather. map cases, magneto etc. The pilot seats mounted with added seatbelts. Cheers: Kent
  17. My first attempt at the Fokker streaking camouflage... I'm sort of feeling my way through unknown territory... The real 'Fokker's were painted with a paintbrush and by hand, leaving some kind of streaking texture... The front cover is painted with olive green. Also the axle wing, but not happy with the result, I will have to have a go at it again... First little half 'Fokker' is about done... It's supposed to be the Fokker Dr. I of Ltn. Hans Joahim Wolff of Jasta 11. March 1918 (Serial not known) Cheers: Kent
  18. I'm still researching what planes to do. Right now I have narrowed the subject down to Jasta 11 planes from early 1918. Possible subjects: Manfred von Richthofen's Fokker Dr.I 152/17 Ltn. Werner Steinhauser's Fokker Dr.I 564/17 Ltn. Hans Karl von Linsingen's Fokker Dr.I 163/17 Ltn. Eberhard Mohnicke Fokker Dr1 155/17 Pilot unknown Fokker Dr.I 502/17 These planes are all very colorful, hence the nickname 'flying circus'. Work on correcting the Roden parts and 'duplicate them continues... Some of the corrections needed, tailplanes, elevators and rudders... Covers with corrections, added machine gun blast plates etc... Work commences with the Oberursel engines... The different stages of the engine build/detailing... Engines are fitted with spark plugs + scratched lifter arms... Cheers: Kent
  19. Hi, LSP Ray has asked me if I could post the triple 'dreidekker' build thread - So here you go... This build was initially part of the Memorial Group Build over at ww1aircraftmodels, honoring Des Delatorre. Des' work has been a big inspiration to me. Making me try things I never would had dared without his guides. This build is a part of a larger project of making a counterpart to my previous "S.e.5a 74th Squadron diorama". Hence the working title: 'Richthofen's Flying Circus' Three Roden Fokker Dr. I + Photoetch from Eduard, Part & Tom's Modelworks. AM from Aviattic, CMK, Airscale etc. Some very nice books on the Fokker Triplane. A little run up of what was used to 'fix' the Roden Fokker Triplanes: Aftermarket parts: Aviattic rudder Aviattic cowling Eduard photo etch set Eduard Linen stiching External corrections: Tailplane contur corrected Depression in stabilzer's Front decking corrrected with filler holes Gun blast protection plates Fuel tank and filler caps Engine push rods and spark plugs and wire Engine access hatch - scratched Inspection window in upper wing moved Viewable ZAK stamp and Werk nr. Axle wing corrected Wheel openings detailed Rib tape added to all wings Internal corrections: Machine gun boxes scratched Fuselage plywood sections scratched Pilots seat reworked with seat cushion Bulkhead reworked with string Linen cover for shoulder belts Machine gun and throttle cables Map case scratched Internal rigging Magneto + instruments Fuel pump Rigging: Monofilament fishing line for the rigging Infini Black Aero Rigging for control cables 0,12 mm steel wire for eyelets 0,5 mm brass tube Painting: Fokker bleached linen (homebrew) Fokker Turquoise Tamiya XF-23 Streaking camouflage: Windsor & Newton Oil. Raw Umber Green shade. Richthofen 'red' - Vallejo Cavalry Brown. I wanted to do the obvious choice 'Richthofen' Flying Circus - Jasta 11 with one of the Red Baron's planes. Beginning the journey, with the cockpits. I wanted to try different approaches to the wooden floor. The two on the left are oil on acrylics. For the three on the right I've experimented with some real wood veneer of different sorts. In the back the kit seat with some improvements before casting copy's. Just to clarify. I took the photo etched tread plates from the PART set and made a silicone mold. Made a silicone mold for the improved seat... The seat cushions are made from milliput. Not that I'm going to make 6 'Fokker's but I like to have a little extra to be able to sort out the best ones for use. Cheers: Kent
  20. Inventory count as of yesterday! 23 LSP kits Planes & Helo's. WWII: 10 kits WWI: 8 + 2 'duellists' boxings 'Modern': 3 kits Kent
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