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  1. Wow thank you all - Kevin, Brian, Jim, Thomas, Mr. Scale32, Rocky, Ferry, Troy, Jennings, Torben, Richard, Petr & Tom... For your generous comments. This is a special forum for sure. Most of what I do is just for my own 'amusement'. But you Guy's certainly add another 'level' to it, making the effort worthwhile... Thank you! Kent
  2. A little update on the Aeromarine build... Oil tanks and plumbing of the Liberty engines are done, started working on the propellers. Test fitting the parts.. Beginning to look like an Aeromarine. The passenger figures have been altered and cleaned up a bit, to fit the cabin. Thanks for looking: Kent
  3. So, the Aeromarine build has reached a major milestone... Maybe it doesn't look of much but I guarantee you it has been one of those moments, where I wasn't sure if all the work has been worth it and the parts would all fit together and line up correctly. Getting the engine mounts and the scratched struts to fit together with the upper wing. The instrument panel is in place... The radiators for the Liberty engines. Still the oil tanks aren't in place. A lot of pipes is also needed, but it's getting there... Cheers: Kent
  4. Thank you Thomas, you were surely missed at AROS! Kent
  5. I'm envious of you, it's such an iconic plane! I still got it laying around in pieces, from when I build it as a kid. Cheers: Kent
  6. Thank you Kevin & Brian, I'm really happy with this build. Wasn't at all sure if it would be possible. On to new adventures... Cheers: Kent
  7. And some closeup detail pictures... Enjoy! Kent
  8. Pictures of the finished build of the Fokker Dr. 1 'Skeletal'. I have always wanted to build something completely from scratch. This wasn't a 100% scratch, as I used some parts from the Roden kit, cowling and rudder from Aviattic. Photoetch from Tom's modelworks, RB Productions and Part of Poland. It isn't perfect, but it was a great learning experience and got me a step closer to the ultimate goal of building an all scratched model. Hope you like the result... Cheers: Kent
  9. The 32075 as being part of the 'Camel' family makes total sense. Or maybe we finally get this magnificent, long overdue, aeroplane... One can hope, right? Cheers: Kent
  10. You're right Mark, I'm trying to add as much extra stability to the structure, everywhere I can... Cheers: Kent
  11. Oil tanks done and ready... Now I need to find some mesh for the radiators. I got a lot of different, but I think it will one of these nice one's from Radu. I haven't been able to make out if the radiator's had honeycomb or straight mesh... Any of you have any knowledge on the Liberty engine radiators? Cheers: Kent
  12. So they' are at it again... http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/product?productid=3207 Kent
  13. Thank you Torben & Kevin. It's a joy to be back at it! , I think I'm almost done with creating molds and casting the parts needed for the Aeromarine/F-5-L conversion. Let's see: Engine mounts and exhausts. Two bladed propellers, radiators and the many reinforced struts. I've just poured the mold for the oil tanks. I need four of those. Hopefully that's it! Cheers: Kent
  14. Thank's Gent's. When AROS is over I will try to do some more pictures... Cheers: Kent
  15. Thanks Guy's I'm happy to be back at it! Once in a while you just need to finish something, before continuing on a 'venture' like this one. My Mojo is all 'tanked up' ready get on with this vintage project. Cheers: Kent
  16. Thanks for the encouragement Jan & Anthony. It's good to be back on the build! Work continues with the engine mounts which has to be extended as well as converted to fit the Liberty V-12 engines. It's beginning to look like a aeroplane rather than a submarine ;-) Cheers: Kent
  17. So, as promised I'm returning to this build after finishing the Arado dio & Fokker Dr. I skeletal... Picking up where I left, with the Liberty engines. Adding the carburetors and ignition cables. 'Better luck next time'... The 'Ninak' exhausts - 'rusty' version... I will be adding more details to the engines later. Next I will be concentrating on converting the engine mounts and the Liberty radiators of the Aeromarine. Cheers: Kent
  18. Your absolutely right Peter, this model doesn't even seem to be 1//32 judging by it's size... The Fokker 'Dreidekker' is very minute... Cheers: Kent
  19. 95 % done, all parts, cables and wires are assembled. Still need some touch up and a little finishing... Cheers: Kent
  20. I've been wondering about that too Wolf... My bad, I wasn't paying enough attention. I was basing the wooden coverings on the aftermarket parts. Apart from being the wrong size, they show the coverings being mirrored around the exhaust, but they obvious aren't. This photo of a Fokker build, clearly shows the issue with the wooden covering. It didn't become clear before the top covering was in place. I'll just have to redo the wooden side coverings to make them larger at the top. Cheers: Kent
  21. Oehmm, does it look like I'm keeping track of the cables? Thankfully the 'Dreidekker' hasn't got many cables to keep track of, so I just bundle them together with tape. So, after months and months of ridiculos detailing, this build is finally getting somewhere... All parts ready for assembly. Lower wing fitted. Struts and middle wing fitted. Top wing test fitted. It does begin to look like a proper little 'Dreidekker' Cheers: Kent
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