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  1. Congratulation...the anti-aircraft configuration suits him.
  2. Very nice Hunter. The olive color suits him. The weathering looks great.
  3. Hi Pete, R E S P E C T ! It's extremely detailed and amazing. I wish you a lot of strength to do the next job. heers Petr
  4. Beutiful UHU. Congratulation. And Dio-
  5. Very nice A-10. The evrope camouflage suits her.
  6. This spraying stain without mask is effective. Very nice.
  7. WOW. Great job. I am impressed.
  8. Very nice work. How to build a Fisher kit? Thank you. Petr
  9. Amazing solution with those flags. Good job.
  10. In one word- Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Beautiful...Great...Excelent...
  12. WOW. The prettiest Corsair I've seen. Beautiful. I watched the building-The Finish is super. Congratulation. Cheers Petr
  13. Yes, the machine can give the impulse to close ... Practically both configurations are with the intervention of a mechanic. But the standard situation after the engine shutdown is FOD open
  14. This video shows how is the left fuselage intakes opening after takeoff-when the nose landing gear relieves. Thank you for adding, Dave. Petr
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