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  1. The forward fuselage is the same - or in modelling terms very similar - between the F-5A and F-5E. The cockpit, rear fuselage, wings (with LERX), main undercarriage, wheels, exhausts and tailfin to fuselage interface is different. Res-Kit seem to think that there is a 1:32 kit of the F-5A in progress since they have released wheels for the F-5A/B in that scale.
  2. THanks for the rundown on how to achieve a shiny and smooth gloss black finish - stuggling with that on a build now, and wish I hadn't used enamels on this build...
  3. Beautiful gloss black finishes...ever thought of doing a Vandy-1 Phantom or Tomcat?:) Great tip on the damp microfibre towel - will try that. And I take it you're decanting the TS-14 and shooting through your airbrush? Jens
  4. Would it be easier to draw the panel lines on with a mechanical pencil? The control surfaces will need a bit more definition though... Then there is the method Mr.Airscale uses to lay panel by panel...
  5. I'm sure the BMW Car Club of GB would like to hear it as well. I wouldn't mind reading about it in Straight Six:)
  6. Excellent references in this thread for those who will make an FG.1 in the smaller scales. And excellent work too.
  7. Ah, that does indeed look rather different... I compared it with the AMS Mk5 seat in your pic at the top, which doesn't look to match either.
  8. The Aires Mk.4 seat has the metal "tray" for the parachute. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AIRE2109?result-token=f7p1D May be a starting point.
  9. Very convincing instrument panels Kent! As far as the seats - can you use MB. Mk4s as a starting point? The number refers to the *technology* of the seat, not it's appearance, so different numbers can look similar, and same numbers can look different. Jens
  10. I haven't noticed - indeed haven't even looked at the kit for more than a year, so I will need to check. Jens
  11. Interesting... Got any more details Thierry?
  12. The most realistic models I have ever seen are displayed in restaurant windows all over Japan. You'd swear they would be ready to eat, and what you get looks very much like the display.
  13. DeHavilland Hornet - nothing equal, nothing above.
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