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  1. Looks promising. Just beware leaving Tamiya masking tape on the Extreme Metal for too long. Somehow it reacts with the adhesive of the tape and leaves adhesive on the surface that is hard to remove. A coat of waterbased clear will protect it. Found out the hard way and trashed a Tamiya Spitfire MkI that way... Jens
  2. I know the FAA use the birdcage Corsairs, but I don't like the look of the birdcage Corsair - I prefer the later raised canopy.
  3. I am looking to use some store credit, and only the Birdcage Corsair is available. Is it possible to order sprues to make that kit into a non-Birdcage Fleet Air Arm Corsair? If so, which sprues would I need? Jens
  4. Don't know if this is common knowledge, but I stumbled across this site that seems to be able to tell all you wanted to know (and more!) of the F-4 Phantom. https://phantomphacts.blogspot.com/ Enjoy! Jens
  5. Yes, according to the Morgan and Shacklady book on the Spitfire, the serial numbers for (some at least of) the low back fuselages are for Mk.IXs. Strangely, they were fitted with the high altitude rated Merlin, yet they wer given clipped wings... The Mk was relating to the engine, not the shape of the fuselage. Mk.XVIs could be either high-back or low-back. The high-back was by far the most common with the Mk. IX. Apparently, in an effort to standardise on parts, the Mk. IX were fitted with bulged cowlings (in profile) that were used with the Mk. XVI. All you need is the sprue to convert the C-wing to an E-wing.
  6. Well, the Airfix kit has the very early nacelles without the fluted exhaust, and frankly isn't as good as either the Authentic Airliners or AModel Caravelles, which is why I didn't bother mentioning it. There are aftermarket resin engines available with the fluted exhaust which will help. There is photoetch for Caravelles available too - a search on Hannants website will show some options (except Authentic Airliners). Jens
  7. The easiest option is perhaps the Authentic Airliners kit - they do different versions; the III, VI-R and 10R. AModel also make Caravelle kits in injected plastic which are nice - they make the III, VI-N and 10R. F-RSIN Plastic make the 10B and 12. Personally, I would stay away from the F-RSIN kits are they are moulded and mastered to Mach-2 levels of quality. F-RSIN's decals do appear to be nice in general, and they do a Caravelle 12 with 1970's Air Inter markings. I don't know if they would be appropriate for the shorter fuselage versions though. Jens
  8. The hard work paid off. Got the same kit in the stash, and looking at it is rather demotivational. I think there was a review on Internet Modeller that mentioned the windshield is either too high or too low, so the cheatline running through the windows won't match up. The window decals certainly look the part and will help a lot in that respect. Jens
  9. How did it go? Is he flying Bones all over the world now? Also, how much did you add to the wings?
  10. I like it. Should be easier to spot the tanker as well:)
  11. I would:) As long as the parts fit the kit, I don't see an issue cutting up a £100 kit. A Spitfire 22/24 conversion would require a new wing, and radiators and tail and nose, and that would be cost prohibitive I think, but a new Griffon nose, new tailfin and rudder(s) and radiators should not be too taxing. The radiators would fit on the same footprint, the nose could fit to the existing break with a little filler for the fuel tank, so only the tail would require cutting, making a Mk.XIV well within reach. The short span ailerons could be modified from the XVI kit or perhaps some resin pieces be included in the conversion. Starting with the Mk. VIII kit for a high-back XIV, the ailerons would already be sorted. Panel lines for the leading edge fuel tanks would need to be scribed on the XVI, and e-wing armament may need to be included as an alternative for the VIII basis. Jens
  12. Any chance of seeing Griffon conversion sets designed to fit the Tamiya kits?
  13. Good find! When looking at pics of Phantoms I spotted this: https://www.history.navy.mil/content/history/nhhc/our-collections/photography/numerical-list-of-images/nhhc-series/nh-series/USN-710000/USN-710526.html The style of main wheel hubs are unlike anything I have ever seen on F-4s... Could they be F-101 Voodoo units? Jens
  14. A means an Atlantic Fleet squadron, N means a Pacific Fleet squadron. The complete code AJ refers to a specific air wing.
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