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  1. As the 2000N is the nuclear delivery version, I'd assume the French would keep security rather tighter on this one than the B, C, D and -5...
  2. The outside of the canopy has a mould seam from the slides in the tool to enable the correct omega-shape of the canopy. This runs the entire length of the canopy and needs to be removed. The lightning arrestors are moulded on the inside of the canopy and will be safe. The only way to tell which mid-breech panel (or gun gas vents if you like) is having a photo of the real thing. From what I can recall, they were interchangeable, so technically, an airframe that came off the assembly line with the style included in the Tamiya kit, could at some stage have the 7-hole mid breech pa
  3. I hope the gunsights are properly aligned, otherwise you'll be losing points...
  4. Really good work on that wheel well...
  5. What are the FFSMC decals like? Screen printed, ALPS or laser? I see a 2000-5 that I like on one of the sheets. The Berna Decals look translucent and does seem to be risk getting a sheet out of register... I have both the Duke Hawkins book as well as the Eagle Aviation book, and the latter has more of very intimate shots of all sorts of open panels, whereas the Duke Hawkins book has more shots of a variety of aircraft as well as excellent detail shots of the areas we tend to detail - cockpit, wheel wells, general airframe details, and engine. The DH book also covers more variant
  6. Looking at Berna decals on Hannants' website, the lack of registration on this sheet they use to sell the decals makes me a bit anxious regarding the quality... https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/BER32067?result-token=4aPPO I bought a set of Procal decals for Greek F-16s, and the amount of carrier film around the designs is unbelievable. HAve no idea how they will behave, but will definitely try with a decal I don't plan to use beforehand.
  7. It looks like a Phantom, but I'm beginning to think it's not even the same aircraft:)
  8. Dropped by Hannants in Colindale today and picked up the Mirage 2000C that was sitting on the shelf. Thinking about making one with a full load of MICA's - would anyone have a couple to spare? The kit only gives you two. Can swap for other missiles/stores in the kit. BTW, is it just the 2000-5 and -9 variants that can carry the MICA missiles on the fuselage pylons?
  9. Did that Phantom have to go supersonic to catch the bogey? Might also explain the absence of tanks to reduce drag once they had used up all the fuel in the tanks...
  10. If I should hazard a guess, I'd say the 6-3 wing has the sharper leading edge to allow a smooth transition to the existing aerofoil after extending the leading edge. Good craftmanship and research here - thanks for posting.
  11. It is the early mid-breech panel (that's what Gerry Whiteside - ex-Tomcat maintenance guy - caleld it) - the type that the Tomcat went into service with. The panel that Tamiya has in their kit is the type that was replacing this. However, this panel was interchangeable, so you can see this style of panel being used on late 80s aircraft too. Check photos of the aircraft you want to build. I have used this on two Tomcats, and the fit is pretty good. Add some shims here and there and a litte careful filing, and it will go in just nicely and look like Tamiya tooled it:)
  12. The first time I dryfitted the forward fuselage to the rear, I couldn't believe the precise fit. I was grinning like an idiot while taking it apart and putting it back together just to make sure it wasn't a mistake:)
  13. Thank God for that, because the mockup looks as awkward as that Iranian stealth fighter mockup.
  14. There's a thread on ARC Jet Modelling Forum discussing intakes and other F-111 modelling related stuff - written by Jim Rotramel. Can't find it at the moment, but here's a link to a post on Hyperscale. http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/f111indetailjr_1.htm One thing I've noticed - the TPII intakes appear to be larger than the TPI intakes. The TPI look like a perfect quarter circle, whereas the TPII have a slight straight extension at the top, so it is more of a quartered oval. Anyone else seeing the same thing? Found it! http://www.arcforums.
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