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  1. I see that Curt ("Netz") hasn't visited since 2008, so PM'ing him may not give any results. Would be nice to get some copies of the F-15 wheels I mastered for them some five or six years ago...:( Jens
  2. jenshb

    Revell 1/350 Tirpitz

    The profile of the bow looks a little off for Tirpitz - it looks more like the profile of the Bismarck that had a more concave shape and a shorter length over the waterline. Tirpitz was slighty more vertical (i.e. longer over the waterline) and not as curved. Started modifying the Tamiya kit, and from memory the difference would be around 5 mm in 1:350. Jens
  3. jenshb

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    0.03...inches I take it? 0.76 mm?
  4. Don't sell yourself short Kai - terriffic attention to detail in the cockpit, and the pilot figure looks good with all the modifications. As for helmet painting - if you are using a brush, Vallejo Acrylics are very good for brushpainting. Thin with water and mixes easily with each other on a palette thanks to the nozzle in each bottle. Jens
  5. jenshb

    F-23A Black Widow II - the reveal

    Fantastic modelling and a sexy airplane results. Jens
  6. jenshb

    F-23A in 1/48

    Fantastic! I hope you find a solution for the dust inside the canopy. Jens
  7. jenshb

    Ugh... the gunk that won't go away

    I got the decals I need Rick - thanks to Jennings who printed out the serials for 23546. Started the project some ten years ago, and decided to breathe some new life into it. Where did I put the ejection seats...? Jens
  8. jenshb

    Ugh... the gunk that won't go away

    Hopefully these websites will make you feel better http://silverhawkauthor.com/1-canadian-air-group-canadian-forces-europe_367.html http://www.dhc-2.com/Gordon_Macadie.html Jens
  9. jenshb

    F-23A in 1/48

    Amazing plastic butchery - look forward to seeing it with paint on. Jens
  10. This looks really nice, and I can see myself getting a few of these. Will there be a pointy-nosed option on the sprues? And perhaps full intake trunking?
  11. Yep, the bottom of the exhaust shield needs to be thinned to the point where you can see daylight through it, and even then, the leads need to be angled down a bit to make them go together. Jens
  12. An alternative way to getting that armoured glass look on the windscreen is airbrushing it with Alclad Armoured Glass paint. Unlike the other clear Alclad paints, this doesn't attack the clear plastic (I've never had that happen yet - including Tamiya's clear plastic). If you get orange peel when applying it, let it cure, then micromesh it back to clarity. Here's the windshield I did for my (yet unfinished 1:32 Spitfire). Jens
  13. jenshb

    F-23A in 1/48

    Mindboggling plastic surgery going on here... Jens
  14. Thanks for the background story Paul. Jens
  15. A very good in-box review. Regarding the original - what was the reason for all that empty space behind the two front seats? Jens