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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"


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Took the time last night to go back through this thread and discovered work I missed the first time round. 


Repeating what others have said, your engineering skills are second to none and your attention to detail is superlative. 


Another stunning build. I look forward to seeing it in the flesh.



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aww shucks, thanks folks :)


On 3/1/2020 at 10:26 PM, dodgem37 said:

Wet media acetate.  Radu uses it for his Bf109K-4 canopy.  I'm using it for the 1/32 Bf109F-4Z Trop I'm working on, found in my signature.  Flexible.  Won't yellow.


If you're interested.





Thanks Mark - I will have to get me some of that - you can never have too many choices when it comes to transparencies :)


On 3/2/2020 at 8:21 AM, Starfighter said:

Absolutely stunning, Peter!  Regarding the dry transfers, maybe you could try to contact HGW? 


Thanks Ben - I did find someone online and got an A5 set made for £60 - still expensive, but hey I only build one model every 2 years :)


On 3/4/2020 at 3:55 PM, JayW said:

So Pete - can you give us an idea of what remains, and when you estimate crossing the finish line?  You gotta be really close!


Interesting question Jay - I think there is only one big thing that needs fabrication - the elevators, the rest is mostly made but needs adding - working from front to back:


Prop blades need fixing into the spinner

All stencil data needs adding

exhausts need adding and sooty streaks

L/H canopy glazing & cockpit sill needs finishing


Flaps need attaching

LG needs attaching along with all plumbing

LG door hinges need fabrication & doors adding with all fittings

Tailwheel and doors need adding

Rudder needs adding

Elevators need making, painting & adding

Rad exhaust door needs adding

Radio loop needs adding

couple of small airscoop fairings on the fuselage need adding

whole airframe needs weathering


Once thats done it will be complete :) It's actually not too much more work, so it's more about when I get the opportunity to do it that determines the when - no more than a couple of months...




22 hours ago, brahman104 said:

Absolutely magnificent Peter! I haven't posted for a while but I have been watching the magic continue to unfold. After having seen the real thing in person I can only say that you've captured it perfectly!


You're inspiring me to get back into my build!







Hi Craig - been missing you round here :) please get back to your build soon! If you think it compares well to the real one I am a happy man :)



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13 hours ago, airscale said:

Thanks Ben - I did find someone online and got an A5 set made for £60 - still expensive, but hey I only build one model every 2 years :)


Still rather expensive compared with normal decals - that's more or less the price I pay for 10 offset printed decal sheets with at least 4 printing colours... But you are right - it's certainly worth the money. 

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evening folks :)


On 3/5/2020 at 10:55 PM, Antonio Argudo said:




thanks for that pic Antonio, I haven't seen it before - interesting it doesn't show the black tail - I assume that came later. Also very little exhaust staining so that will save me trying to do that badly :)


thanks again - great find!



On 3/6/2020 at 8:17 AM, Trak-Tor said:

I bet you're going to repair that little crack in the canopy...



I hope I'll be able to stare at this masterpiece in flesh anytime soon. November?






Hey Juraj :) - no the canopy stays as is - i would need to start again and well I just don't want to (plus I only have one set of PE parts which would be destroyed trying to disasseble it..


And as for seeing it, yes if you are at Telford again, it will be there :)



..so, as I said before it's the bitty stage in trying to get around the airframe in a logical order and get it finished,


..I covered the whole model and sub assemblies in flory wash and wiped down to give some definition to the rivet & panel detail (especially on the painted wings)..




I removed the decal stencils and replaced them with rub down ones I had custom made - £60 for an A5 sheet so not cheap, but then a great improvement over the unavoidable decal film on natural aluminium..




..these gun panels will be weathered & chipped when it's on it's wheels..




..this vent door was added, the larger rear one will follow when I have finished the landing gear & doors..




..the cockpit sill was added and the canopy panel that hangs here finished..




..massive moment - the landing gear legs were fixed with JB Weld - funny story, about an hour after fitting them when the model was in a jig, I walked past it and thought 'I will just check a photo to make sure it's right' - well I looked and I had mounted them the wrong way around with the torque links facing forwards! A mad panic ensued, but as JB Weld takes 5 hours to cure I could just re-do them correctly (Thank God..)..




..the inner gear door hinges were fabricated and added - they are the two black structures on the centre rib at the top of each end..




..the corresponding lugs were added to the doors..






..and the doors were hung... I know there is a debate about having these up or down on the ground, but I made them and everything under them so I want to be able to see it - so these are down :)


..you can also see the retracting link assembly on the right connected to the door and piston, and a cable with fixings on the left which I assume stops them opening too far (?) although they are loose like this in refs I have so maybe not..








..outer doors next, and as I found I have a load of leave to take from my day job before April 1st, I hope to have it finshed by the end of the month :)








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