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  1. Brilliant paint job and an outstanding build Alain, well done. Not an easy build but you really did the Mirage 2000 justice with its build Cheers Nick
  2. Ha Ha Malcolm now you are asking the impossible. The original cammo on the Saaf Mirage III CZ conformed to the well published BS Standard colors with light grey undersurface. Also the cammo Sabres) The Mirage III EZ aircraft were painted locally in gloss finish and were close to the D2 also with light blue undersurfaces. The change to satin/mat without national markings darkened the Green and lightened the Buff when the aircraft were parked next to each other but by how much? The best advise is to look at Mirage 857 which was delivered in the ori
  3. Hi Alain Thanks for the heads up. I missed this and see the part no is also not in the instructions. Bad Kitty (Hawk) Cheers Nick
  4. Hi Malcolm The Mirage is looking great. Just a small but interesting fact on the colors. The Mirage III D2Z and R2Z aircraft were painted in gloss colors in France before delivery. French equivalent colors were used which created a small variation on these aircraft compared to the rest of the SAAF Mirages. Cheers Nick
  5. Sorry to disappoint Derek All the Hellenic Block 30 aircraft had the wide mouth intakes, so it will be an Israeli Block 30 for me. They had the small intakes except aircraft no 360. The Israeli Block 30 F-16 aircraft all have numbers starting with 3. You could find someone who has done a Sufa and ask for the unused wide mouth intake. It should not be too difficult to graft onto the Hasegawa kit for a Hellenic Block 30. Cheers Nick
  6. Hi Tim The SAAF decals that came with the kit were printed by Microscale. They might crack up after all the years depending on how they were preserved, so test it and you might have to used Microscale Decal Maker to salvage them. The Springbuck roundels were the right size for the 30 inch roundels on the wings but the fuselage were 36 inches, so you will have to adjust it a bit. If you need a photo of the aircraft just let me know. One thing that struck me when I researched it was how few of the stencils were visible on the photo. The code 'A' aircraft 602 was the mount o
  7. Thanks for all the compliments gents. Hi Alain Of course yours will be different. It will have a stork on the tail I can't wait to see what you have done to the Mirage with your painting skill. Cheers Nick
  8. Terrific build with a difficult kit Chuck. The metal finish is just awesome. Well done
  9. This one is eventually finished. I still need to get a figure and base before posting it. In the mean time a few photos with the iPhone. Enjoy Nick
  10. Hi Alain No, I am just playing with a few photos to get e new avatar. BTW is your Mirage finished yet? Cheers Nick
  11. Hi Darren You are right. Apologies. I had a look at the instructions and part list but could not find it there. It is on the photo on the side of the box and hidden between the canopy mask and remove before flight tags in the box. Nick
  12. Hi Alain Thanks for the compliments. On the pylons and missile launchers I used a mix of Grey, Brown and Silver to try and replicate the different anodized alloys (not as successful as I has hoped for) . I think at a later stage these pylons and launchers were painted in the same color as the aircraft. Cheers Nick
  13. I think it is a "new" release as the lawnmower blades are included as vinal stickers. This is not in the original release. Let us hope. I have one in the stash but it is now almost too valuable to build.
  14. Hi Sean Great to see you back again at the modeling bench. I assume the house painting is done. Cheers Nick
  15. Thanks for posting the pictures Mike. It really take me back a long time. Of the Aurora 1/48 aircraft I only built the black Fw 190. In a world of 1/72 Airfix it was a ‘big’ kit. I seem to remember it ended its days on the BB gun test range. Nick
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