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  1. I am busy with a 1/32 Tempest and at the painting stage. The only reliable local paint brand we have is Tamiya. I wanted to try their new lacquer paints for the project. Their colors are a bit of a mystery to me . Light grey is a good match for RLM 76 and Ocean Grey can pass for PRU Blue, so I had to mix the colors to approximate the RAF DFS colors. I had to test it on a model , so the 1/48 Hasegawa Spitfire was used. A very nice kit appart from the incorrect proportions of the fuselage. I used the measurements of the 1/32 Tamiya Spit, scaled it down and then added 3 mm to the rear fuselage and 1.5 mm to the nose with plastic card. Markings from Xtradecal for the serial number. The Squadron codes and roundels cut with Silhouette cutter. Subject 1 Sqn SAAF in Italy 1944. Enjoy Nick
  2. Hi Kevin If you are looking for color schemes only, try and get the 1/48 sheet from Pastor John. I have not really seen any more well documented Ju 88 G's than the ones on the 1/48 sheet. BTW it is the same schemes that came with the initial 1/32 conversion. If they are not in stock I can scan the pictures for you. Nick
  3. Ok that makes sense. The intakes are spring loaded in the closed position and only open under full power and low speed. The whole assembly (indicated by the outside panel lines)is normally removed during servicing . I will send you a photo tomorrow. Nick
  4. Hi, this build is fantastic with the metal foil giving such an realistic appearance. I just have one question. Why are you opening the auxiliary intakes? Are you planning to pose the model in flight? Nick
  5. If you are a bit into scratch building the tank pylon can be used with a 3 mm extension at the bottom.
  6. Nice build Aircav. I build Showtime 112, the mount of Cunningham’s first two kills, a while ago and also could not find outboard pylons. I later found they are only included in the Marines boxing on Sprue K. Nick
  7. Hi Max You are right. Your research is all wrong. To help you start over I have included a photo of a pre-war German Civilian plane with your 'number/letter style'. Nick
  8. Just a few comments Ade as I went thru the same search a while ago. Not or all the Luftwaffe aircraft had the same font. Most of the factory codes used the standard font but the Fi 156 for example did not. Numbers and letters at squadron level mostly approximated the official font. Even with the USAF and Navy fonts there are variations at squadron level. Fortunately the Sillouette software allows for adjusting the spacing of the fonts. It is relatively simple to do your own letters by using the drawing tools over a side on photo. I am mostly doing this to get the letters and numbers accurate. Nick
  9. Hi Check I am doing a Hasegawa F-104G in Marine colors using the decals from the Italeri kit, which in the future will become a S version. Just check the Aim-9B launchers. The German F-104's used a slightly different launcher than the ones in the Italeri and Hasegawa kits. Here is a photo of the launcher on a Danish F-104 although the missile type is wrong. Nick
  10. You won’t have to do an interview, you will straightaway see who the instructor is.
  11. If you want them in 1/32 Grey Matter make resin two stage Merlin cowling.
  12. Fanes see if you can get Oramask 610 for the masking. It is the same material that Montex uses and produce very sharp cuts. It is pretty cheap when you buy a roll. Just an further observation. After I started doing my own masks, I was surprised at the amount of size errors on decal sheets. I now try and verify everything with photos. Nick
  13. Great one Sean I like the toned down panel lines. Very realistic. Nick
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