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  1. Here she is. My first completed build for 2020. The Revel kit almost out of the box. The A-8 converted to an A-7 by filling the 3 panels on the fuselage sides and the MW50 access hath on the bottom fuselage . I did not move the engine access panel latches as I did not have clear info on this. The pitot tube was moved inboard as well. Addition limited to brass tubes for the cannon barrels and pitot tube and a few cockpit additions and in the wheel bay. Propeller weights were printed and added. The markings are those of the A-7 flown by Oberleutnant Otto Kittel at Riga-Skulte in June 1944. Enjoy Nick
  2. Thanks for all the compliments Azgaron, Alain , Maru ,Alain and Gazzas. I will be home tomorrow and post some more pictures taken with a camera and not the phone. Alain I will see if I can photograph the Tempest as well. The Green on the above photo is too green. My photo friend says that the fluorescent light gives of a lot of green light. We will see with natural light. Cheers Nick
  3. First one for the year finished. I will post more pictures as soon as there is more light. We have been having unusual cloudy weather lately. Enjoy
  4. Thanks Ray I wish I had more info but even Claes Sundin has two completely different profile side views of this aircraft. Cheers Nick
  5. The wife is visiting with her sisters, so I had a day of un-interruped modeling. The cammo pattern is my own interpretation as every profile has a different interpretation and no photos of the complete plane seems to be available. Thanks for looking Nick
  6. Thanks for the comments Gazzas but after posting the photo I saw a few small bits I had to touch up. I now looks better. I painted the wings and should have the fuselage painted by tomorrow. I am not sure of the cammo pattern on the JG54 aircraft as like the colors there are numerous interpretations. I do not know if there was anything like a standard pattern. The best I could come op with on the net was a Russion forum on the Second World War. It depicts some of JG54 pilots eating and a FW 190 in the background facing away. I drew the pattern from this as best I could and used it as a reference. At least the port side of the fuselage I can do according to Claes's profile and it matches the wing pattern where it joins the fuselage. Thanks for looking Nick
  7. All closed up and now I need to do some painting. First problem is the greens used by JG54. Every profile and model seem to have their own interpretation. I used one of Claes Sunden's profiles to mix a color from Tamiya enamel. I still need to mix the darker color. I also decided to do reverse masking on the yellow and do that first, The crosses were done on the Sillouette Cutter and sprayed onto the yellow. I will now mask all the yellow areas and the complete the model as usual. Nick
  8. Another milestone reached. I can now join the fuselage and wings once the cockpit is in. The stick (control column for the purists and training captains ) seemed thin compared to photos of the real thing , so I replaced it with a piece of plastic rod. I most likely spend too much time on the cockpit as not much can be seen once closed up. This kit is very good in some places, in other you ask what was Revell thinking. Nick
  9. IP complete and I added a few extra pieces to the cockpit. I also added ribs in the wheel well. All the 1/48 models have them. I don’t know how Revell could have left them out. Nick
  10. Not all LSP so I will post here. I made an effort to clear the shelf of doom and managed to get these completed. Nick
  11. Hi Gazzas Yep, not much will be seen after the cockpit is in the fuselage, but I have an ulterior motive. I have 4 Hasegawa kits in the stash and can now use instrument decals for them as well. I also need to practice for my 1/24 Trumpeter Fw 190 D as I would need to do as least the IP from scratch. Nick
  12. I copied the Hasegawa IP and trimmed it a bit to fit the Revell cockpit Worked surprisingly well. Now just for painting and a bit more detail. Enjoy Nick
  13. Thanks Ralph It looks like I need to round the edges a little more. Nick
  14. I decided too try and fit the Hasegawa IP. Dials drilled out and filled. I will make a copy tomorrow. The subject I want to do has propeller weights fitted. In the mean time, while waiting for the glue of the IP to dry I designed propeller weights on Tinkercad and printed them. I could only find a fuzzy picture and used the relative size from the prop blade to get an approx size for the weights. Enjoy Nick
  15. Thanks for the suggestions gents. One or two problems. Our postal system has collapsed. To courier AM will raise the cost to the same as that of the kit ! The Eduard and Yahu IP's are made from photo etch which is fine for a/c like the Mustang or in 1/48 but the Fw 190 IP is more 3D. I will give it some thought while I do the rest of the kit. Nick
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