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  1. I have looked all over the internet but cannot find a photo or drawing of a F-4C rear cockpit bulkhead and side consoles to fix the Tamiya kit. Any suggestions or links I can try. Thanks Nick
  2. Hi Jennings Maybe you can include a few tweaks and corrections for the Tamiya kit in 1/32 in the instructions. Two that I am thinking off the top of my head are the wingtip antenna that needs to be sanded off and the outer wing pylons that need to be moved inwards. Also the Mk 5 seats. I am sure if everyone who is building this contributes we will be able to get most of the details sorted.
  3. Hi Jari Great photos I suspect the clips on the LAU-7 are more period and missile type related than Navy/AF related as the LAU-7 is also used on the Kfir with Python3/5 without clips. The AIM-9L launchers in Navy service seem to have double clips. BTW the photo of the Navy pylons with the AIM-9J being loaded shows the extensions on the launchers very clearly. I think this was to allow two missiles and three bombs to be carried simultaneously on the station.
  4. The early Sidewinder launchers were the LAU-7 Navy launchers. The LAU-17 was the inboard pylon with a Sparrow rail imbedded. As far as I can tell from the period photos the Aero 3 was introduced with the AIM-9E which was introduced later in the war than Bolo.
  5. Great model Malcom. A real treat to follow this build.
  6. There were no modelers around Seriously times were different and film photography was relatively expensive with only enthusiasts taking a camera along to a war zone. I think officially photography was discouraged for security reasons.
  7. I used .25mm plastic card and scribed the lines with a P-cutter. Maybe it can work for you.
  8. A quick question about the Phantom speed brakes. Do they sag or stay flush with the wing after power down? Nick
  9. Hi Malcom The Cheetah is coming along nicely. You can try adjust the brightness and contrast before posting if you want a better representation of the color. Cheers Nick
  10. Hi Jennings Any idea of the intake color. I know later aircraft had the first part of the intakes in the cameo color but I suspect how and when these aircraft were painted the intakes were left white. Any photos confirm this? BTW great decal sheet supported by excellent research.
  11. Maybe Pete’s helo met a F-16 in the modeling room
  12. Thanks it will help a lot. I think I will use paper masks like on my Tempest for the main colors.
  13. Great. I have started on masks for the Silouette but as you can see here the kit letters which I used as a reference are not nearly wide enough' so I will redo them this week. This was mainly a test to see if reverse masking is feasible and to test the color mixes using Tamiya lacquer paint.(Only decent non acrylic available for me.)
  14. Thanks for the heads up Jennings. Great thing there are so many options but I suspect 90% of 1/32 modelers will do 680 as flown by Col Olds. That is at least the one I want to do.
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