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  1. I'm contemplating building a model of Nimitz for a friend who served on her '86-'91. 1. Anyone know of a friendly ship building forum? 2. There are a couple of ship models that appear to be of Nimitz in '75. At least that's what the box leads me to believe. I'm going to be looking for any noticeable changes made between '75 and the '86-'91 range. I'm sure my friend will notice. Thanks.
  2. I’m still planning on going.
  3. I have a "hobbyist" license set up too, but I haven't really gotten into trying to model something in it. I tried starting on that above mentioned part but I couldn't zoom in close enough (it's small) and I didn't try to figure out how to zoom closer, if possible. I'll get to it one of these days.
  4. Blender imports and exports stl files. I'm not really that familiar with Blender. What if you export an stl file from Fusion 360, open it in Blender, the export an stl file from Blender. The above seems like it would work. I'm assuming that Blender and Fusion 360 imports and exports will work with one another. If the Blender file ends up okay, you should be able to use the exported stl file in the slicer program. I'm not that familiar with Blender because I have Modo and I'm sure I could to it in Modo. Modo will import and export stl files too. And my first modeled part exported from Modo as an stl file went into the AnyCubic slicer program just fine. I just haven't printed it yet.
  5. Well, everything is in it, time to carefully close it up.
  6. I picked up a bottle of Burnt Iron a while back but only used it last week, for the first time. If this helps.
  7. An update. Working on all the interior assemblies, getting them to fit in the fuselage and be able to close it up. I still need to work in the tail wheel. I had purchased a set of AM wheels and the AM tail wheel doesn't look good on the tail gear with the way the kit part is made. I'm mulling over creating a new tail gear using brass tube and wire. Should be interesting. The left side console is a bit mangled. While filing along the plastic edge below it, the file slipped and beat the crap out of it. The elevator trim control is somewhere in the carpet. I'm not really happy with its present appearance so I think I'll work on it too. I've also managed to tear off one of the throttle quadrant controls and lost it too.
  8. I have to agree with Joe, something like that. Perhaps a Staggerwing.
  9. Tim, Thanks. I'll check out the basic gray. I purchased a wash/cure station while I was spending money. I was also looking on their web site and wondering about the DLP Craftsman Resin too. I'll see what I receive and probably purchase more resin to check out some of the other choices. I've already got my first job. My grandson (7) has a project that one of the parts has broken and another has gone missing. But "you've got a 3D printer, you can make the parts for me." Oh the faith!
  10. @BiggTimm If I may, which gray resin are you using? From your comment, I'm assuming when my first batch of resin comes it'll probably be that green stuff that you mention. I just clicked 'Resin' when I ordered the printer. Thanks Dave
  11. That, I'm not sure just yet. It's an Anycubic Mono X 6K printer. TBH, I haven't even tried reading through the manual yet. I just get the impression that ordering from them will not be the most speedy.
  12. For those in the US, where do you source your resin from? I purchased an Anycubic printer and resin, but the resin hasn't shown up yet. Dave
  13. Yes, I whole heartedly agree!
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