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  1. You know, looking at the instructions in the picture on his web site, it looks like some of the supports might be doubled up compared to my 4802.
  2. I have 4802 but I don't have the instructions anymore. And I don't really know how similar in construction but perhaps a few photos would help. Dave
  3. Seat, main fuel tank, auxiliary fuel tank, not sure how much of the fuel tanks will actually be seen. Waiting for some Evergreen plastic to make cross members to mount the fuel tanks. I'll use lead foil to make the straps that hold the fuel tanks in place and plastic tube for the filler spouts. The brass of the seat is from the Tom's Model Works British PE. I made a seat bottom out of plastic sheet, didn't want to use the brass piece from the PE. The blue is wire insulation.
  4. Work on filling ejection marks and adding dimension to the framework.
  5. Looks very nice! But, the tail should have 13 stripes.
  6. Thanks Maru. Yeah, I looked at the Eduard piece and wondered how noticeable it would be. There's another 1/32 item out there too, don't remember who the maker is. I had also looked through Scalemates and I believe Copper State made a piece way back but its not in their catalog now. I'll just have to make up the Tom's Modelworks items or use the kit parts.
  7. Dark Gull Gray on now. Still some Light Gull Gray spots to put back. Need to touch up some of the Intermediate Blue too.
  8. Stefan, Go here: Model Paint Conversion Charts - ModelShade As Alex said, it appears that the small text is Mr. Hobby/Mr. Color numbers. At the link you can cross reference the colors. Per this conversion chart, C79 crosses to Model Air 71.003, 4 out of 5 stars. But for example, C58, the conversion chart doesn't show 72007, but 72007 is a Game Color that looks close. I have a Vallejo color chart that came in one of those combo paint packs that shows Model Color, Game Air, Model Air, and Game Color paints. I really think that the7XXXX numbers are
  9. First color on. Got a little carried away in the nose area, I'll have to put some of the light gull gray back. Then there's the dark gull gray to add.
  10. This one. There are two different versions shown in the instructions for this same aircraft. And I've actually found photos of two other aircraft, similarly painted but I'm going to go with this one.
  11. Primed and the base color Light Gull Gray.
  12. Yeah, there are comments from folks who placed orders over the weekend. Some of them received confirmation emails, some did not. It appears that some folks have tried calling but only get a "message box full" message. New ownership perhaps? Although you would think that they would have planned on some sort of continuity. Usually when some wayward soul hacks a place like that they put up different types of messages than just "closed for renovation".
  13. Yeah, but this was the sale that ended on Sunday. There are some comments there about "Clearance".
  14. Hmmmmm, yeah, interesting. I don't recall if they have a FB page.
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