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  1. Okay, I found comments by Thierry Laurent and I've ordered the GTR resin set. And I found Squadron had a great price for the Avionix Wheel set. And the Aries Ejection Seat set has arrived. Now to get to work.
  2. Thanks folks! I've been looking for a review or something that describes what the GTR resin fin, rudder, etc. parts correct. Or more like what is wrong with the Trumpeter plastic. My google foo has not been successful. Dave
  3. I've been a long time lurker (years). Now that I'm retired and things have settled and I have a modeling area again, so, I thought I would join in. I'm not going to get too carried away but there's a set of Aries Seats coming too. This thing is big! I've wanted to build one of these since Trumpeter released it, so now was the time.
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