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  1. Looking at Osprey Combat Aircraft #62, it appears that Catalinas involved at Midway probably were blue/grey over light grey, not the tri-color scheme. But they also appear to be -3 or -4 models. It would probably need some more research to see if there were any -5 aircraft at Midway. You could also have a look at this link over at Military-Meshes, is is a Catalina involved with hunting down the Bismarck. PBY5 Catalina WIP (military-meshes.com) It is artwork based upon 3D models, etc. you probably would want to do some more research.
  2. Hi Woody, Thank you for the offer. The parts for the LG are E7, E25, C28, & C35. I can probably salvage E7 but the other pieces are broken and I've tried repairing them without success. Dave
  3. Thanks, Ayovan. Yes, he shows one of the sprues. Unfortunately, the parts are on two separate sprues. One of is the sprue with the engine parts, which isn't listed. I could do a search in general on ebay for Trumpeter/Hobbycraft F4F and see what I come up with.
  4. What I recall from the conversation, someone else (Signal?) started the product line (books) and when Squadron took it over, they changed the order of some of the books that were in progress/just published. Both books in the photo are the same, not just the cover, except one is in German.
  5. I hadn't posted this one, but this is what I'm going for. This information is from the latest Detail and Scale on the Hellcat. This is why the need for the extra wing tanks. It should be interesting painting the Intermediated Blue.
  6. Perhaps this one is better. I've been using imageShack. Posting Images using ImageShack - Posting Images - Large Scale Planes
  7. Yeah, it was listed as Intellectual Property. It won't be the first time the line has changed hands. Squadron bought it or into it way back in the early stages. I've forgotten the explanation I heard that explained this pair. I have a copy of #1 that just says SIGNAL. At about the 200 mark, I had a copy of each one. Then my economy slowed down so I haven't kept up.
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