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  1. The PE in the cockpit, is from the Big Ed set. It is not self adhesive though. I used mig Ultra Glue for all the flat surfaces and of course, CA for the small bits. Dave
  2. Well, everything is in the cockpit tub and a first fit in the fuselage. Looks like it needs some work. There is a piece at the top of the rear instrument panel that will need some work. Either filing in the plastic fuselage halves, or removal and relocation a bit lower, or perhaps AWOL . There are some other locations that need some adapting in the fuselage sections. And of course, there's a whole lot of other items that have to fit before final closing up. So far, I like what I've got.
  3. Kit plus Eduard PE, that's the nice painting. The seats are Aries resin and PE. I bought the seats and I was going to just paint the kit parts but I happened upon a sale for the Eduard parts, 32520, for $15 and figured 'what the heck'.
  4. Looking very nice. The only vac kit I've ever attempted was a long time ago in a galaxy far away (~40 years) and I ended up with a rotational twist in the fuselage. It was an Archer 1/72 KC-135 ( I think that's who the kit manufacturer was.) Needless to say, I didn't complete it and I've not attempted another one since.
  5. Thank you. In looking at the photo after I posted it, I noticed a few more 'specs' of paint that need added beside weathering. There are also shrouds for the scopes that I really haven't figured out how I'm going to add without gluing my fingers to it. They might just go awol.
  6. Progress in the cockpit. A little slow, not getting as much time as I would like. It still needs some weathering, etc. Then to see how it fits in the fuselage.
  7. Seats done, just need a coat of flat.
  8. Thanks Mongoose. The GTR Resin parts and the Avionix parts have arrived. If you look in the background, I've started on the ejection seats. Debating over the Eduard "Big Ed" set.
  9. Okay, I found comments by Thierry Laurent and I've ordered the GTR resin set. And I found Squadron had a great price for the Avionix Wheel set. And the Aries Ejection Seat set has arrived. Now to get to work.
  10. Thanks folks! I've been looking for a review or something that describes what the GTR resin fin, rudder, etc. parts correct. Or more like what is wrong with the Trumpeter plastic. My google foo has not been successful. Dave
  11. I've been a long time lurker (years). Now that I'm retired and things have settled and I have a modeling area again, so, I thought I would join in. I'm not going to get too carried away but there's a set of Aries Seats coming too. This thing is big! I've wanted to build one of these since Trumpeter released it, so now was the time.
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