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  1. I needed some colors for a future project. Dave
  2. Another update. Various assemblies, now need to do some filling and sanding. Don't like those wire hinge pins for the flaps. I have a -1D kit too which I assume uses the same sort of thing. I'll have to find something else to use for those pins. We were at the beach a couple weeks ago. Got to watch occasional passersby. Ospreys and Cobras too.
  3. Hmmm, are you assuming that the wooden rudder is a sheathed item, with perhaps with thin plywood? I think I would assume that both rudder descriptions are about the frame and that both are fabric covered and would have the stitching, etc. Edit: Missed your comment about plywood skins.
  4. Oooo! That is looking NICE Max!
  5. Very nice! I have one as well as a GeeBee R2 in the stash.
  6. I've bought some items from them in the past, no problems.
  7. Thanks guys! I wasn't really looking for an F-14, but I saw the kits and wondered about them. I didn't look inside the boxes, so I haven't any idea whether they might be started or if all the parts were present. The two kits were $70 and $100 and the boxes were obviously very worn.
  8. How many releases has Tamiya done for the F-14? I saw two different Tamiya F-14 kits, two different boxes, over the weekend and was tempted but didn't purchase because I wasn't sure how many releases there have been. It's Tamiya so I figured that they were good kits but I wasn't sure about the vintage and perhaps which release would be 'better'. Dave
  9. Dennis, for whatever reason, I thought your location changed. Welcome to TN, I'm a PA transplant. The website for Chattanooga. Home Page - Chattanooga Scale Modelers (chattanoogamodelers.com) If you go to the IPMS website and then click on Events, there's a whole list. The Chattanooga event is at the top of the list right now. I've not been to this Chattanooga event yet. I was there for NATS in 2019. I believe it's the same location that NATS 2019 was at. Which is a nice location. It's about a 3 hour drive for me. The wife and I talked about going down last year but something came up. If she goes along, I'm sure she'll ditch me for going to a yarn shop. P.S. Fairview is about a half hour on the other side of Nashville. Dave
  10. Thanks, Juraj. Those are great photos.
  11. Nice photos and nice models. The Lanc is impressive but I wouldn't have thought the bomb bouncing would have made that much of a splash, I guess I'll have to do some reading on that operation.
  12. I picked these up at the IPMS Middle Tennessee Show today. The Malibu is a stock car kit that I want to convert to 'civilian', that was the first car that I owned. The Prowler is because I wanted to pick up a Kinetic kit to build. The LSPs were either $20 or $30 each. The P-51 has extra goodies, two sets of wheels cockpit parts, and decals. There's a paint brush stand from Lazy Dog Studios there too.
  13. These aren't LSPs but I thought they looked great!
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