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How good are 3D cockpit details from Quinta Studio?

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Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the 3D printed cockpit details from Quinta Studios and how they compare to the ones by Red Fox.  I've used the Red Fox offerings before and have been very satisfied with them.  Now I see in the "What's New" column that Quinta has come out with a full cockpit set for the Trumpeter F-14D.  It looks great from the pictures, but it's $54 plus shipping and that's a lot of $$ to spend if it's not as good as Red Fox.


Anybody here have any comments?

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Hi, Steinerman. 


From where I'm sitting, the difference between the various makes of 3-D printed cockpits is largely in the eye-of-the-beholder, to be honest. I recently bought the Kits World 1/32 A-10A cockpit set. Is it as good as its rivals? No, probably not. Will you be able to see the difference once it's been used in the kit? No, almost certainly not. The fact is the set is packed with good details and really looks the part. It's certainly a major upgrade on the (largely-fictitious) kit supplied parts. 


The Kits World sets are significantly cheaper than their rivals and will give excellent results. 


I guess folks should follow their instincts in this situation. 





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I've used them in 3 or 4 builds and have been impressed. Easy to use and look good once finished, I add some CA to stick them down properly. You get seatbelts and seat cushions as well as cockpit and side walls when needed. Not used red fox before (funnily enough I was just looking at their website). Whilst they are a lot of money they do finish the cockpit to a much higher standard than I could do within them.  I always close my cockpits up so only use them where you can see them, if the view is not too good I go with the kit cockpit.



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I think both Quinta and RFS (Red Fox Studio) are at the top with the level of 3D detail.  In fact, it some instances, I think in some sets, the RFS details like raised switches is a little better than Quinta.  Downsides for me on the RFS sets are the lack of seat belt equipment and sidewalls, and the background color (e.g. FS 36231 cockpits) of the IP and side consoles is usually a bit off, plus the solid color look a little pixelated in some of the sets.  If I have a choice between the two sets for the same kit, I’ll usually choose Quinta.  On the plus side though, RFS sets are cheaper than Quinta, and they do kits that Quinta doesn’t.  I’ve bought one of the Kits World sets and one of the Eduard sets, and although maybe better than nothing, they aren’t quite up to the standards of either RFS or Quinta IMHO.

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I looked at Red Fox closely before opting to go with Quintas' F-4C set (see below).   2 reasons - first in the case of this particular set, the Quinta IP's seemed to have details that were a bit crisper.  2nd, Quinta included the inner cockpit sidewalls, which in the case of the F-4, were pretty visible and had a lot of details that the kit parts didn't capture.    If I was building something that didn't require sidewall decals, I would have no problem going with Red Fox.  Just in this case, Quinta's product better suited my needs. 





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I'm working with these for the first time on my latest Messerschmitt build.  I think they're very good in many situations, but etch metal still has a role to play.  For things like instrument panels, they're simply brilliant.  Much more realistic than etch jobs and also better on consoles etc.




I'm not so sure, however, about things like seat belts.  The latest steel etch products are just as convincing and easier and faster to work with.  This is the seat for my 109, and while the results are good, it's much more fiddly to assemble, and I found it takes a lot longer to complete the seat as I had to wait hours for the PVA to dry before I could attach another part.




Also, the colours of some parts are not from the same colour charts I've seen.  The border around the hole for the top belts is supposed to be RLM02 gray, and it's not close at all.


So that's my thoughts at the moment.  I'll be using more 3d decals in future builds, but will likely take a mix and match approach.





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I haven't used any of them, but I find them interesting.  I have studied various youtube videos of them, and think the Quinta look the best to my eye.

I will definitely get a Quinta set and try them at some point, at least once, and see how it goes.


On the right type of plane I think they could make a big difference, like a modern jet for example, where you can actually see  all that detail particularly on the side panels. 


I have been thinking about using them with the Tamiya 1/48 F-14 kit.



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I think the Quinta stuff is very nice indeed especially the instrument panels which have a lovely finish to them including very nicely glazed dials. Also they take color washes very well also. 


My two main gripes with them is the seat belts are not a match for HGW for instance and they should sell the belts separately and also sometimes you have a rather noticeable and ugly white edge to the decal as well, here are a few pictures of my experiences using Quinta Sttudio decals
















Used HGW belts on 110 though and a real cut above the Quinta 3D belts




Regards. Andy 

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On 6/21/2022 at 1:58 AM, KiwiZac said:

I used Quinta decals in my 1/48 Lavochkin La-9 (IPs and belts - they came as a bonus with the kit) and I'm a convert: I'm looking for any excuse I can to buy more!


I don’t know about you but these belts look rather ‘festive’ to me (like Xmas ribbons?) :P

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