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  1. The plane looks great and the figure is really well done too! Nice work!
  2. That is a gorgeous BF-109 and the figures look great too! I always loved this particular aircraft paint scheme. Well done!
  3. Gorgeous model and gorgeous photography, but I wish we had one that showed the size of the model! Impossible to gauge size/scale with these types of photographs.
  4. Gorgeous build! There is all that glass all over these planes and yours looks great! Clean, clear, with crisp frame painting. The color palate of the Gunze paints looks really good to me, too. Just a gorgeous model!
  5. The Tamiya 1/25 Tiger was the kit with the interior. I don't have the prints but they sound great!
  6. Nice work! A colorful Albatros scheme, no doubt. I like the wood graining on the propeller and the "patina" on the intake manifold in particular!
  7. Armorama is my go-to forum for armor/military modeling, though it sounds like you don't do much of that.
  8. That's lovely! I am not a huge helicopter enthusiast, but it's hard not to like the Apache! Looks like a flying mechanical insect or something. Nicely done!
  9. Scalemates has these "new" 2020 kit releases listed as "reboxes" and not new toolings. On a more positive note, it does look like they are re-releasing the old 1/12 Bentley. I have the two recent Italeri releases of the older Pocher Fiat kits in the stash and that Bentley is calling my name.
  10. They all look really nice and you built a nice diversity of subjects. That Do-335 looks killer; great photography!
  11. Nice work. The canopy looks very clean and shiny! Always nice to see an "in flight" display.
  12. Looks really good! I like the mottling spots on the sides of the fuselage; they are nicely represented. I also like your idea to close the plane up. Closed canopy, closed 30mm gun bay doors, closed engine panels. Makes the plane look very clean this way and she's a beauty!
  13. One of the best rock drummers of all time. Drummer for the Canadian rock band RUSH. RIP Neil!
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