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  1. This is really cool. I didn't know this aircraft existed! I was just reading about it at Wikipedia, and that then led me to the Chinese J-20, another aircraft I didn't know existed! Of all these 5th generation stealth fighters, I think I like the J-20 the best; it reminds me of the fictional MiG from the movie "Firefox" with Clint Eastwood, if anyone remembers that! Keep up the good work; the cockpit looks great!
  2. I have bought and sold thousands of dollars worth of plastic model kits on Ebay. I use them for most of my buying, and for the most part, I will buy from anywhere/anyone if they have what I want and the price is right. I have bought many from Japanese or Hong Kong sellers. I've never really had a single problem on the buying or selling end either. It seems like a lot of modelers out there have their mind made up that Ebay is "evil" or filled with scam artists, and so that is the manufactured reality they choose to live in. I'm sure th
  3. Unfortunately, I do think the kits on sale at the air show amount to the "warehouse sell-off" we have all been waiting for. Congrats on getting a piece of the action. Very few people are in a situation to do that!
  4. If it means new kits actually being produced and sold, why wouldn't every modeler here hope so? I think a lot of guys here just like to *****!
  5. I have thought about this over the years, but never really found someone who would have the interest in the gift. I would enjoy making something for someone, if I actually knew someone who would want a model. Most of the people I seem to be around kind of laugh and giggle thinking it's silly for a grown man to play with children's toys. That type of thing. If they built one, they would understand it's not quite like that at all!
  6. Nice work! Those wooden decals look great.
  7. A very interesting effect you have modeled here. I think it looks great!
  8. They all look great, but I think my favorite is the P-40F "El Tigre". I don't think I've ever seen a model of this plane before, and I really like the overall presentation. Nice work!
  9. Both kits are far from great models, but I prefer the Trumpeter. It goes together better. The Revell has a some better detail in areas, though.
  10. Coming along great! I like the color you used on the transmission. Looks very good.
  11. This is an actual kit that we'll probably know about in a few weeks. I'm asking if anyone knows something about this release specifically. Not a wish list thread. Believe it or not, but you are free to not participate in threads you personally don't like! It's incredible isn't it?
  12. In a recent "new products" video, Andy from Andy's Hobby Headquarters mentioned that he has learned of an incredible, new, beautiful Tamiya kit that "caught me totally off guard." He promised Tamiya he wouldn't mention it until they gave him the green light to do so; apparently we'll find out soon what it is. I spent a good hour wandering around the web last night looking for hints, clues, or discussion on this kit, and found NOTHING. Anyone have any guesses? I think there is a shot that it's another new 1/32 aircraft kit, but then it could be lo
  13. Several of these have sold somewhat near the $1,000 (US) mark now. The market seems to have corrected somewhat on the last few Ebay sales, though, when prices have gone back in to the $400-$500 range.
  14. Looks great! I really appreciate the shots on the bench, pulled back a bit, with all those everyday objects all around. Really conveys a sense of scale and size. I wish more builders would include photos of this type in their build threads.
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