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  1. This is one of the nicest looking Emils I've seen in a very long time. The entire "look and feel" of the aircraft is just right. LOVE IT!
  2. This is really nice work. All that P/E in the cockpit area adds a nice touch of detail. I love these planes! They kind of look like something out of a cartoon.
  3. Very nice indeed! The rigging, wood grain work on the prop, and the cockpit interior all look just fabulous.
  4. That's very ambitious and I think it looks fantastic! The plane itself looks great as well. These Fighting 84th F-14s with the black vertical stabilizers and skull and crossbones were, by far, my favorite aircraft as a kid growing up! I still love that scheme!
  5. This is one of the new tooled CAD kits, is it not? It's disappointing to hear it does go together very well. Your kit looks great nonetheless. I think the Mk. V Spit is my favorite of them all, especially with N. Africa paint scheme. I still can't believe Tamiya didn't do a Mk. I or Mk. V on their 1/32 Spitfire. But that's a topic for another thread ! Keep up the good work!
  6. I've seen this kit around the internet and instantly fell in love with it. Your model looks great. If ever there was a time to beat the hell out of a kit and have it be realistic, it's now ! I like the mucked up yellow paint areas.
  7. Looking good! I made this guy as well. These Bandai 1/12 figure kits are a lot of fun. Nice job!
  8. I was just looking at this video earlier today. Note how this builder has gone about construction so that the kit comes apart for viewing. Will you try to do something similar with yours? Good luck with it!
  9. WNW is gone for good. This was not ordered prior to the shut down. This was acquired post WNW going out of business, from the regional supplier in HK. It's similar to the batch MBK has had for a while now, as AHHQ and MBK are related entities. The understanding of this entire situation is horribly understood at this forum, and yet folks here post as though they actually know what's going on. An excellent example of the Dunning Krueger effect in action!
  10. Andy is only selling a small selection of currently produced kits from WNW. Many of the kits at the WNW website will not be sold through AHHQ on Friday, including, for example, the Gotha G.IV, which has been going for high prices on Ebay.
  11. He has mentioned the prices will be normal MSRP. He has approximately 300 kits at his brick and mortar store in AZ and another 300 coming to his online retail operation in Portland, OR. Those are the kits that become available on Friday.
  12. Really nice work. Great color scheme too.
  13. I thought the first one looked really cool, and then I scrolled down and saw the second one! Holy cow, what a cool pair of color schemes, and both models are beautifully presented. Congratulations!
  14. This is a great looking Fokker! I really like the color scheme, and it's even more interesting because it seems to be pretty rare. I don't think I've seen another build of this aircraft online, and I'm looking at photos of models all the time. The lozenge decals from WNW look quite good, as does everything. Great job!
  15. Oddball choice to be sure, but the quality looks quite good.
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