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  1. Nice video and great quality too. Gives you a flavor of what it would have been like to see these planes when they were new.
  2. Love these models, especially the Emily! Buona fortuna with the XC-47C.
  3. It was 90 degrees F where I live today....was sweating and cursing the heat while I walked on the beach!
  4. This is cool! I have a 1/20 Maschinen Krieger "Fireball" kit that is built but never received any paint. Kind of a similar thing. Your project here inspires me to break it out and get some paint on it! Keep up the good work. I'm curious to see this completed now!
  5. Cool project! Reminds me of this Kv-2 inspired creation I have seen around the 'net.
  6. A 1/48 B-17 project is a massive undertaking. Broken down to an hourly entertainment fee, this kit is dirt cheap relative to other traditional entertainment options enjoyed by most adults. But I am not going to tell any modeler here what he can or can't afford!
  7. When I am looking for something I know exists at LSP b/c I have seen it before, I do the Google trick you mention and I usually find it immediately!
  8. There are also many outstanding modelers doing similar channels from Japan and the far east. They are usually entirely in something other than English so it is hard to find them! They usually come up as suggested videos by Youtube. I have found 5 or 6 guys like that who are phenomenal, though none doing large scale aircraft. I recently just found a user "AME" who is a Japanese fellow making ships. He's incredible.
  9. The search term "He-219" with a hyphen between the letters and numbers retrieved 16 pages of hits. Did you try it that way?
  10. Yes, that's the right 4 carriers. Shokaku and Zuikaku from Pearl Harbor weren't involved at Midway.
  11. It's hard to say. The article mentions that much of the flight deck is now gone, plus the ship had to descend 5.4 KM to its resting spot. A lot of the aircraft may have separated from the ship on the way down. I would love to learn more about this and will keep on the lookout for info. Thanks to the OP for posting.
  12. Looks great! That base you have made for display also looks very nice indeed.
  13. Thanks for the latest update, Jan. I'm not sure HBO passing on the project is a good thing, and surely this is now way behind the original schedule. At this point I just hope it turns into reality!
  14. I've known about him for several years now and love his work. Always enjoy it when a new video is posted. I like that he builds a wide diversity of subject matter. He's definitely taught me a few tricks. He's one of the best Youtube modeler guys out there.
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