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  1. What paint are you using for that old Maserati rosso color?
  2. Looking good so far! Takom and Meng are both excellent companies who have made some good kits in their short histories. There are others too...Rye Field Model, Border Model, Das Werk, Tiger Model, and others! There is a ton of new and good stuff going on with armor modeling.
  3. It's done when you notice that the last few things you did to the project changed it, but didn't improve it. That's when it's time to stop.
  4. Andrea, you may find this conversation interesting. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/304088-mig-ammo-su-35-flanker-e-colors/
  5. Love it, but I'm surprised it doesn't feature all the "hidden" stuff inside the turret going vertically down into the bowls of the ship. It's still pretty cool though. I'm always a fan of any unusual modeling subject matter. There are so many interesting and new things that could be done, but instead we get the same handful of stuff over and over and over and over again.
  6. Beautiful work. Makes me want to tackle this kit right now!
  7. This modeling work is just outstanding! The photographs are great too. This is easily one of my favorite Ferrari F1 cars of all time and it is going to be stunning when its finished!
  8. I lived for 13 years in an 800 sq.ft. 1 bedroom condo and modeled like crazy the entire time! I also did crazy stuff like build furniture and lots of other creative projects in there! Don't let your space limit what you do! Not saying the OP is! I'm just mentioning this generally to those who might be living in a cramped environment. Where there is a will, there is a way. You can overcome almost anything. Love the mini-tanks, Shawn!
  9. Not to go too far off topic, but I do often wonder how much of my enjoyment of modeling as an adult has something to do with a repressed desire to re-live my childhood. I have noticed in the past that a lot of my current modeling choices directly relate to modeling experiences as a kid. I am working on the Tamiya 1/35 Quad gun tractor right now. This kit was made in 1974. It's one of those kits that I always thought looked really cool, I always loved it, I was always aware of it in the Tamiya catalogs, but for whatever reason I never actually got the kit or built it. And so here I am at age 49 kind of completing a piece of my past from the 1980s. I'm not sure I actually have interest in the kit as an adult, if that makes sense. It's my youthful brain saying "build this!" and I seem to be powerless to combat the urge. I think much of the modeling I do now or enjoy the most has some direct connection to modeling experiences as a kid!
  10. My S.O. is German and watches German TV on the internet all the time. She had one of her "Krimi" shows on the other night. These are typical crime/police/investigation type dramas. Long story short, the bad guy who was found out at the end was a sociopathic loner who spent much of his time, when he wasn't killing people, building models! LOL. Had a nice Ju-52 hanging from the ceiling in his model workshop. This combined with the OP in this thread and it makes you wonder what your average person thinks of your average modeler. I know that when I discuss my modeling or show my work to "normal people" they just sort of laugh and think I'm weird and crazy.
  11. I would use some actual paint schemes from the War for inspiration. Just keep going with what they have started with, with this aircraft for example. It already looks like a racing plane design.
  12. Not totally related, but I think the modeling hobby is still enjoying a honeymoon period before this thing catches up with us and it's genuinely difficult/impossible to mail order stuff we need for our hobby. So much of this stuff comes out of China. I notice that Scale Hobbyist, for example, has a "warning" at their website now, urging the customer to expect large amounts of "out of stock" items in the near future. If there is some big kit you are thinking about buying, get it now while you can. My concern is more with supplies. I have plenty of kits in the stash, but you can't really model without glue, paint, that sort of thing.
  13. The wood grain on the closeup shots looks really good. Very natural effect with that fan brush. I have tried them but couldn't get them to work like that b/c the bristles are not firm enough. You have mastered the technique!
  14. These look terrific! I have always found R/C planes to be really interesting, but never got into for whatever reason and really know nothing about them. Fast forward to the last few years and wandering around on Youtube. There are TONS of really interesting R/C airplanes out there these days. Some are tiny and you can fly them around in indoor spaces! Some are gigantic! I find the whole thing really interesting and can see myself taking the plunge with one of these. The "Mimmi" Fokker D VII did catch my eye. It looks like 88 pounds gets you all that you need, plus a radio. That's really not bad.
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