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  1. ringleheim

    WNW in 1/48?

    Eduard do make a bunch of 1/48 WWI aircraft. If you are interested in WWI subject matter in 1/48 scale, have a look at Eduard's website.
  2. ringleheim

    Semi, Dull and Flat

    There are 2 things you can do to avoid the "dusty effect" while still flattening the finish of your paint work. First, don't use straight up flat" clear. Use "gloss" clear, that is flattened with the addition of X number of drops of flat. I find straight up flat clear to be too strong and cloudy. You can play around with ratios and shoot on some test subjects to see what you like. Second, a lot of modelers seem to use clear coats close to "straight up" out of the bottle or un-thinned. I don't know how they do it. I heavily thin my clear coats so that it is impossible to get orange peel or cracking or lots of other problems that come from using an application that is too thick. If you slowly mist on heavily thinned clear that is maybe 50% gloss clear and 50% flat clear, you will very subtly affect the shine of the subject matter. You can slowly add layers as you see fit until the level of dullness is what you want. It's very hard to overdo it and end up with that dusty appearance with this approach.
  3. ringleheim

    The next WNW kit..? 3 wishes...

    I'm curious if anyone thinks WNW will surprise with a sneak Christmas release in the next few days. They go on Holiday Break on December 22nd, so we still have a little bit of time for them to surprise with something totally new and unannounced. Will they do it?
  4. ringleheim

    B-2 SPIRIT | 1:72

    This looks fantastic! Would love to see a mini-build thread on the carrying case if you have photos! Very interesting.
  5. ringleheim

    DeAgostini Millennium Falcon 1/1 scale

    I've found my way to this thread again, just to admire the photos some more! PS: Noticed the Tamiya FW-14b in your stash; built that kit many years ago; great kit!
  6. For some reason this video totally astounds me. The slow flight speed, the maneuverability in a relatively small space, the lack of visible propellers for the "jet" engines....this is totally cool.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. This is the type of build that is arguably more interesting and beautiful in unpainted form, especially given the variety of materials used, and how most things are metals. But when the rosso corsa goes on, it will look great too! What a showpiece this will be!
  8. ringleheim

    JU-88A-4 crash site Youtube video

    I love these videos myself. Has everyone seen this one?
  9. ringleheim

    Sprue bros incredibly fast/good service

    I have ordered from Sprue Bros. dozens of times and I think they have gotten my order processed and shipped on the day of my order every single time. Their prices are usually not the cheapest you can find, but sometimes they are---it varies from item to item--but if I need something with ultra fast and reliable service, Sprue Bros. is the go-to choice.
  10. ringleheim

    Zvezda Star Destroyer - a new detailing project

    This thing is gonna be killer when it's done!
  11. Look up "hyperbole". You seem like you must be a lot of fun at parties.
  12. Sure, but it is presumed that the costs are incorporated into asking price with estimated number of sales in mind. WNW kits are fabulously expensive! Which is probably a function of all their costs combined with relatively low sales. I'm sure there is some price that would support a re-print of some of their aftermarket decal sets. I'm thinking mostly of the Fokker D.VII and Albatros DV stuff; they were very popular and some of them sold out almost immediately. I would think there is enough demand to support making some more. Would love to see this one in particular brought back: it's by far the best DV sheet going IMO and it sold out immediately: