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  1. You have to assume Tamiya is out of the 1/32 aircraft business, until they prove they are not with a new release. The sales aren't there, and they have TONS of stuff to concentrate on in other areas, like paints, materials, tools, and above all, all the R/C stuff which is their real life blood, and what most modelers ignore.
  2. Why not? The modeler can stick to the dead/dying scale, or he can change up what he's doing a little bit, and keep on modeling with some great new kits!
  3. This is great! It really tells a story and the painting on the figures is really well done. I love it!
  4. It looks fantastic! This is one of my all time favorite FW-190 color schemes. Makes me want to start work on a FW-190!
  5. Awesome! Love it! Heavily faded and it looks great.
  6. This is beautiful, and I LOVE the livery/markings on the tail! Very interesting.
  7. Looks beautiful! I have always liked this look with the eyeball on the gun bulges...
  8. That's great! I didn't realize there was aftermarket for that feature. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this baby come to life!
  9. The digital camo came out great. The whole thing is lovely.
  10. This is what I was wondering about. Chrish: have you given thought to how you are going to proceed with that? Tape? Masking fluid? Free hand (!)... Someone should sell tape templates for that! It would save hours of time.
  11. It does nothing for me either, just like the Mosquito...a kit that sold so poorly it scared Tamiya away from 1/32 aircraft forever....apparently.
  12. I love these! Your model looks great and I'm glad to hear you are on the mend. Best wishes and keep on modeling!
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