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  1. You are not alone! Tamiya has been quietly going through the back catalog of 1/12 stuff and refreshing them. New decals from Cartograf and a set of photo etch parts, along with (I assume) modern formula rubber tires that won't disintegrate over time. It's all very welcome indeed! I am likely to grab the Renault Re-20, which I always loved but never bought/attempted.
  2. The only kit of theirs I ever bought was the 1/16 Panzer 38(t)....which was an OK kit, nothing special, nothing terrible.
  3. I'm not a fan of the new plastic bottles. I don't think this would have happened with the old glass ones. Given the cost of MRP paint, you would think they could have still sold it in the glass bottles.
  4. That P-38 is the "big news" for Tamiya aircraft kits at this particular show. And I'm sure it's one heck of a nice it. I'm pretty sure Tamiya are out of the business of making 1/32 aircraft kits, though that could change at any time on a whim; you never know.
  5. I think it remains a long shot but it could happen, you never know. I was extremely excited over Hasegawa's 1/16 "skeleton" kit of the Sopwith Camel. That came out in 2013. At the time, I commented that I hope we see more in a new series of kits, as I love that "skeleton" look particularly for WWI aircraft. Here it is 9 years later and we never got a second, and I doubt we'll see another one. We probably would have seen it by now. Stuff of this type is just too "out there" for manufacturers to take a chance on. Instead, we'll get 10 million Tiger tank kits, Spitfires, Yamato battleships, and so on. It never changes.
  6. Give them a few more days. HLJ will probably produce their usual 2 or 3 videos showing most of the content at the show. I look forward to those videos at every major hobby show in Japan, every year. There's stuff on Youtube right now, but not large scale plane specific.
  7. Don't forget about this baby at the old NASM down on the Mall.
  8. This kit will look great when it's done, and I absolutely love that Ukrainian color scheme on these! Keep up the great work!
  9. It looks beautiful! I never built one of these Bf-110s from Dragon...your model makes me want to start today!
  10. It looks gorgeous! Nice photography too!
  11. Looks great! I did this very same color scheme back when this kit first came out. Only that was before I discovered Aviattic lozenge decals, so my wings are covered in the stuff that came in the box. They performed beautifully, but the Aviattic stuff you used looks SO MUCH better. I love this scheme and you did a great job on yours!
  12. Looks lovely! What technique did you use for the paint chipping at the wing roots? It looks very good and in scale! I'm guessing a colored pencil but don't know!
  13. Youtube is filled with pilgrimage videos to this store in Tokyo. I've watched ALL of them, SEVERAL times. LOL It's on my personal bucket list. I love how the store has all the crazy stuff you will never find outside of a Tamiya store, how the collection is totally complete, and how everything is impeccably presented and organized!
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