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  1. What, no engine? Uhm, no thanks then.
  2. Too rich for my blood, for now. We still planning our Canada trip, just waiting for visas. Airfares are a killer though.
  3. So sorry to hear. Condolences.
  4. Man on oh man. My heart goes out to you. All the best and be strong.
  5. This is kind of how I feel about my 1st ICM kit I am busy with.
  6. Whooop, I am officially a Grand Dad now. Hope to get to Canada as soon as we can. Visa's are taking forever, and the price of airfare is crazy. Young Ayden is born, 4.12 kgs and healthy.
  7. Paint job is fantastic. You missed a spot!!
  8. Some threads need a PG 18 rating, this is one of them. Work is fantastic.
  9. You are lucky, mine just walk without a word.
  10. I have spotted one or two on fleabay, but upwards of USD250.
  11. Cant find any is stock, anywhere.
  12. Good review. I am pretty sure I can source decals for a SAAF version. We also flew them.
  13. Good going Cheetah. I am becoming Grandad for the 1st time in 5 days from now.
  14. There is a video on Youtube exactly about this. It boils down to the type of airbrush. Some it's a no go, other are fine.
  15. Exceptional. Really well done. Thanks for sharing.
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