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  1. If they did the A’s and other non late blocks plus a 2 seater they would sell a pile. Big money though...
  2. What price inside the EU? Only stuff i have seen on Ebay is near 40€. Im waiting to see it shipped from Korea who do good shipping rates and grab several.. Great looking chopper, plenty of weathering opportunities. And its coming soon in DCS as well!
  3. Be aware Academy are repopping the 58 in March fir 1/3 of the Revell price... https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10026635 be even cheaper direct from Korea..
  4. To give you some idea of what 1% of Smug Mug is capable of in under an hours work.. Shameless sharing! https://www.vortexaviationphotography.com PS im a big believer of taking ownership of your photos to guarantee changes in terms etc wont remove very valuable info from still being shared years later.
  5. Smugmug, i have been with them over 10 years. I run a photography website off them and astonishing functionality that i use only a fraction of. Cant recommend them highly enough.
  6. Maybe they corrected it after the D/G release...?
  7. I have not assembled it but the detail etc is simply fantastic. The seat alone is stellar. After buying 1 i bought another 2...
  8. Love to see a Viggen in 32! Just love the splinter schemes...
  9. Same here. Ive had more bad Ebay purchases from the USA from careless sellers. The big Chineses dealers package fantastically and ship quickly.
  10. Hopefully they scale them up! I have the 48th ones and they are a nice selection..
  11. Love to see Eagle editions do a sheet or two. The kit comes with early and late exhausts which is nice.. So decals please!
  12. Did Trumpeter come into posession of the molds from 21sr Century at some point?
  13. Why on earth would Hobbyboss/Trumpeter rehash the 21st Century kit when they have the CADS of a very nice 262 in their library already released in 48th and 32nd? If its simply the 32nd kit blown up it will be a great start point for a collection center piece.
  14. If your getting serious about F-4’s id highly recommend these drawings as a great place to start. Particularly the poorly represented front end. http://soyuyo.main.jp/f4/f4e-1.html PS that was an awesome find on FB of 680 taxiing in after Bolo. Only photo of the aircraft showing the front other than those i was told where taken by Olds crew chief with his camera on the pre flight. Seems Robin Olds memory is to be trusted unlike what a thousand voices saying it wasnt. I guess having photos of the aircraft you flew standing by its nose helped his memory..lol.
  15. Hi Barry PM me your email and ill forward you the image with info. cheers Darren PS just notced somene posted them. They where sent to me via Gen Olds daughter and an artist andcwhere taken by his crew chief with his ever present camera you see in many videos. The images where of the Bolo pre flight around his aircraft.
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