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  1. Except one us in 48th and one 32nd and as has been very clearly learned simply blowing something up to a larger scale is a far more complex undertaking than just copying. All panel lines, raised detail etc will be far far overscale and look horrendous if simply copied. Besides that a cursory glance at both the kits gives immediate huge differences in the look of the two kits. About the only similarity is they both look like Fairy Swordfish. Different fuselage designs, completely different style wings with completely different canvas effects. Not only are they not copie
  2. Well given the issues both these kits have by the time you get the resin for the Revell kit it will be the same price and nothing can save the nose on the Trump 109’s. The ZM kits come into a very open market. Hasegawa kit- Nice kit but pretty old and lacking in cockpit detail and needs a new spinner. Revell kit-numerous replacement resin parts required and complex over engineered design. Trumpeter kit. Needs new rudder and entire new lower nose for the overly curved lower cowl which gives it the distinctive pointy nose. If ZM nail it the 109 will be the only real al
  3. A quick look at the GWH SU-27’s will quickly relax those fears. The GWH Flankers have better surface detail than any kit i er ever seen including the Minibase kit.. Simply superb...
  4. Are you doing a combo with the bulged bomb bay doors s well? Great products!
  5. Anyone in Australia get there Bolo sheets just wondering how shipping times are going over the Pacific from order to arrival? PS Arrived today awesome production standards as always. Cant say how great it is to finally have a AAA+ standard sheets for multiples of some of the most important aircraft of the Vietnam war. Again superb work to bring together all the stuff gathered over the years and a pile more so a big thanks to Jennings.
  6. What you only have one? Lucky for me the the Joshin Tamiya store cleared these 10 years ago for $50 each. It would be nice to see the big T re-release the kit as an Aggressor boxing ditch the Tbird stuff and put in sensor pods. It would sell hand over fist...
  7. Quite a goid summary here on Tamiya F-16’s and what is needed depending on timeframe. http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/f16blockssb_1.htm you can add Cowl Gills to that list..lol..
  8. The 48th kit didnt include the lawnmower blades but the 32nd kit most definitely did. You can see them in the IPMS review. https://ipmsusa.org/reviews/Kits/Aircraft/Tamiya_32_F16C_Thunderbird/Tamiya_32_F16C_Thunderbird.htm
  9. Ordered a pile of Bolo sheets the other day via Jon very swiftly. Amazing research on the aircraft involved and having been pursuing info on 680 for a pile of years it is a superb piece of work.
  10. Thanks for the share. Wonderful read about a fabulous model producer.
  11. Aires, Eduard are both original size. You need Dmold, Wolfpack, GT resin or Sierra Hotel. They are the only correctly sized exhausts i know of. Highly recommend the SH and GT sets as i have used or test fitted and compared them. Ive said before having the right sized burners makes a massive visual difference to the Tamiya F-4. A base kit and modified one look noticeably different.. Well worth the effort.
  12. If your having difficulties getting spares you can also find Tamiya sprues on Ebay. Several sellers are breaking kits down into sprues which is a great way to get extra bits and pieces.
  13. With a fleet of great helo kits in recent years out in 35th now the choice of 32nd is if anything an interesting one. It also leaves the door open for 35th which itself would be popular for a Cobra. Interesting to see them bucking the trend and targeting the kit at aircraft only modellers rather than those who do both aircraft and armour/military or primarily armour/mil. After thinking about it i probably would of preferred it in 35th now as it would fit in with the remainder of the helo kits in my collection and not be an odd scaled outlier that fits in with fast jets but not i
  14. I must be an art snob as stuff by Robert Taylor, John Shaw and Nick Trudgian that has been painted always has so much more atmosphere to me. Computer rendered are of 3d models miss the entire concept of what art is about. Its not about rib spacing and rivets but portraying a moment in history not a technical drawing. Clouds etc are something you cannot render with any atmosphere ive yet to see on a computer rendered picture. The old Airfix box tops with the awesome art by Roy Cross to me are head and shoulders above the multitude of computer renders they use now. Likewise w
  15. Some guys posting here might want to go take a look at the very very long list of kits Meng has in their catalogue. Anyone thinking Meng “needs” WW information to release a kit is oblivious to the obvious. DId WW help with the Me163? Did WW help with the Me410? The M-1? The Bradley? The mentality thats very obvious here from many posts is that somehow a Chinese company cant do work of there own is blatant and clear ie without help they cant do it. Oh did WW help with the F-35, Jagdpanther, King Tiger, D-9, M911 etc etc. Meng are very capable of tooling anythi
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