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  1. Great stuff ill be in for a couple of Woodpecker RF’s!
  2. cant agree more highly. I have a relatively large collection of Taylors plus a few Shaw’s and Trudgian works. There is something missing in Digital art. Looks ok but its missing heart or atmosphere something i still cant put my finger on.
  3. One of the coolest schemes you can use the Tamiya kit for oob.. The ADTW is a unit involved with testing so it not surprising to see an old non Kai with them. Aerodynamic testing doesnt need the latest ecm and radar gear..
  4. Ordered..much prefer the lines of the 2 seater Mirage 2000 to the single seater..
  5. Daco book is completely outstanding...
  6. You could buy 30 Hyundai’s for the price of 1 Ferrari and ill let you guess what id and a huge proportion of car lovers would rather own and drive. As for Mustangs thats why i have 1 Revell kit which needed a replacement for the crushed canopy and i have a Squadron of Tamiya ones which needed nothing.
  7. I think everyone grew up building kits with far larger problems than the Trumpeter F-100. Times change peoples tolerance for issues change. I used to obsess over errors buying tons if resin which made kits overly complex to build for very limited gain except my obsessed desire for accuracy. Guess what the number of kits finished plummeted and enjoyment degraded sweating issues only i worried about. These days a resin seat and some burners are generally enough...kits finished escalated, enjoyment returned. So bring on the F-100F and some stuff to do a Wild Weasel 1...and a gloriously shiny F-100C.
  8. Scooter=A-4 Skyhawk Viper=F-16..
  9. IIRC there was a long post on ARC on MER’s and the changes over time. Cant remember on dimensions though...
  10. If they did the A’s and other non late blocks plus a 2 seater they would sell a pile. Big money though...
  11. What price inside the EU? Only stuff i have seen on Ebay is near 40€. Im waiting to see it shipped from Korea who do good shipping rates and grab several.. Great looking chopper, plenty of weathering opportunities. And its coming soon in DCS as well!
  12. Be aware Academy are repopping the 58 in March fir 1/3 of the Revell price... https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10026635 be even cheaper direct from Korea..
  13. To give you some idea of what 1% of Smug Mug is capable of in under an hours work.. Shameless sharing! https://www.vortexaviationphotography.com PS im a big believer of taking ownership of your photos to guarantee changes in terms etc wont remove very valuable info from still being shared years later.
  14. Smugmug, i have been with them over 10 years. I run a photography website off them and astonishing functionality that i use only a fraction of. Cant recommend them highly enough.
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