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  1. Darren Howie

    HB B24 discussion: AM and fixes.

    Of course you can use them. Only 0.2% of the community know about the innumerable different variations in Liberators or care that a pitot tube is in the wrong place or the framing on the tail turret is incorrect for that individual model. The majority of the community are happy to have a 1/32 Liberator its a pity your glass is fully empty outlook pops up to tell people what they cant do and we are all wrong and Hobbyboss are to be blamed for not including another half box of optional parts. You cant be serious can you?..oh thats right you just dont like Trumpeter/Hobbyboss.. You just cant help yourself to criticize a Trumpeter/Hobbyboss kit for missing the 8 extra sprues it would take to satisfy you increasing the price massively however you failed to criticize HK Models for missing the 2 parts for the two major Lancaster canopy variations..how surprising. Everyone knows Liberators had more variations than you can point a stick at and most will be happy to see some AM stuff to fill the gap of the huge variations. Many dont care... But please the company you represent failed to include 2 parts that are a massive omission on the Lancaster which is double the price so how about you worry about HK Models mistakes first before you heap criticism on another manufacturer. Glass houses et al...
  2. Darren Howie

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Enjoyed this review of the B-24 by Phil. Always found his assesments of relative value and detail etc very close to what I consider realistic value and its merits relating to your time. To me his reviews are about as unbiased and balanced as you will get on video anywhere. https://youtu.be/K4aTzRu3UQc
  3. Darren Howie

    Trumpeter 1/32 P-40F Soon to be Released??

    Censorship or basic realities of the world? Aircraft modelers have flooded forums with rampant criticism of Trumpeter and Hobbyboss since the Wildcat justified or not. In some cases yes in others far from it. Armor modelers have welcomed a flood of Russian Armour never touched before with open arms. Just take a look at the past pages on this site for some fine examples of hyperbole and gross exageration. It didnt matter what the kit was like it was just a forum flood of standard anti Trumpeter hyperbole exagerating errors and lynch mob mentality. So instead of Devastators, F-100F’s, Prowlers, F-111’s we get...1/16 Jagdtigers, MkIV’s, Panthers, King Tigers and every Russian AFV for the last 30 years in 35th. Realistic assesment of Trumpeter aircraft stopped at the Wildcat and the good old boys stride in at every turn to magnify the smallest errors into huge issues. Has any single manufacturer helper the model industry so much? Their failures have lead to how much resin etc? Think of how many aftermarket producers would never of existed or be smaller without Trumpeter? Their problems have actually launched some great dealers like Zactoman replacing parts and resulting in some stunning kits, Like em or not the flow down they provided in resin, decals, PE etc is pretty staggering. PS a build of the P-40F and some close ups. https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/6011-trumpeter-p-40f-build-checkertails/
  4. Darren Howie

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Exactly...its the standard fair by the standard crew saying the standard things although i must say i have not heard the “box beng tight” before as a kit criticism. New fertile ground including the cardboard..lol. Its very hard to take most criticism seriously with the hyperbole and contradictions flooding out the accurate assesments. Whats acceptable for Revell is a hanging offense for a Chinese producer...how surprising...
  5. Darren Howie

    Zoukei Mura in 2018 - Ki-45 / Hs -129 NEWS

    Just picked mine up from Volks Osaka. ZM have topped themselves box is chocka block with clear and grey styrene. Definitely getting another. Bargain for 13000¥.
  6. Darren Howie

    Revell super Hornet

    Anyone thinkng for a moment Revell cant do overly complex poorly engineered kits has a short memory. 1/32 109’s.... the Tornados in 1/48th Revell can pork it with the best of them...
  7. Darren Howie

    HK Lanc review

    $479 in sunny Australia and thats a decent price some have it higher. Well over $500 in Japan...most arond mid 500’s. HK have controlled prices tightly being pretty equitable across countries you did well to pay so little.
  8. Darren Howie

    HK Lanc review

    Dont worry Americans mis-pronounce and mis-spell the English language continually. I enjoyed your review thanks!
  9. Darren Howie

    F-4EJ Kai - Japanese Phantom conversion help needed

    Best reference by far is the F4-EJ book by Modelart if you can find one. There where other smaller changes like antennas in the Kai as well. Superb photo coverage of cockpit etc. Try to track one down its a great book...
  10. Darren Howie

    HK Lanc review

    This isnt to do with modelling or modelling skills but either budget restrictions or laziness to eliminate issues that should not exist in a 500 dollar model kit. In the same vein as they couldnt be bothered to include 2 or 3 canopie options for $500 it takes the polish of what is otherwise a very good model that im happy to have in my collection. .
  11. Darren Howie

    Lanc has landed

    One of the Aussie retailers was saying that they had sold the first 2000 to shops/distributors worldwide so when the clear fuse edition is gone its gone. Glad to see HK getting some money back on what is generally a very nice kit. Far from money wasted and yea if you dont want a stressed skin looking Lanc its a great kit. And it has two of the high time Lancs that flew some of the most dangerous missions of the war and they are RAAF machines to boot. Just need Mick Martins dambuster now and the RAAF Lancaster collection is complete!
  12. Darren Howie

    Lanc has landed

    HK have done a very impressive kit with the Lanc. Been harassing mine for a few days and other than short changing us on the canopy blister situation the rest of the kit is outstanding. It will sit beside the Wingnut kit well and certainly holds its own...
  13. That is one hell of an awesome looking Cobra. Some 40 years on we still await a great Vietnam Cobra where it made its name and established its reputation. Would still love by far to see a Vietnam bird covered in nose art at some point...
  14. Darren Howie

    Trumpeter 1/32 P-40F Soon to be Released??

    Back then aircraft was THE major product market for Trumpeter. Now its armor and ships but primarily armor. Wildcatgate with its completely porked fuselage etc caused a huge uproar after Bretts review and if they did not retool it would of set them back a huge amount. There was also quite a build up to its release leading to even more disapointment. Over time though the volume of criticism rose over ever smaller errors/overly detailed kits which ended up with Trumpeter now focusing 90% of its releases onto the armor market an untapped area particularly modern Russian and German big scale. If you dont care about a overly curved nose good for you. Dont like a P-40F with a slightly over curved upper nose easy dont buy it, or buy and and correct it.