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  1. Great review of a beautiful model kit. You get what you pay for...
  2. Given we have a beautiful Mossie in 32nd and Strike wing Mossies are a popular subject would you think a dedicated Mossie rocket set would be a good seller? Id be up for at least two sets...
  3. Personally almost anything you guys put out for this beast ill be buying. Your decals have always been of the highest order and be queuing up to get markings, stencils, whatever else you out out.
  4. Thats fine just trying to point out there is a difference.
  5. Ok Oil canning is the metal bending etc due to fatigue and tends to run at an angle to panels a great example is the B-52. Its skin flexes under load eventually stretching enough that it flexes in that wavey pattern..ie oil canning. Stressed skin is the flexing of the skin caused by riveting or other means and placing the skin under load ie P-51 flaps etc and the stress is visible along the panels ie spars and ribs etc where riveting took place. Trying to make a point that they are not the same one is fatigue shall we say generated one manufacture process. oil canning Stress skin page very well put together. http://www.ratomodeling.com/articles/stressed_skin/
  6. Having spent a few days pouring over the Hellcat...i bought another... Simply an awesome kit and a superb example of a great kit selling itself. Well done Airfix!
  7. Wow battered for 75 quid...i can buy them new in Japan for a tad over 40..lol...you guys get ripped on Japanese stuff over there.
  8. Oh just got my Iconicair Upkeep mine and trolley. Absolutely beautiful product. Packed with great care for the trip half way around the world, superb detail. Very impressive work. Off to buy a big cookie now highly recommended.
  9. Your “best” option to me is to use the nose from an E on the single seater C and apply whatever timeframe mods are needed. You will also end up with a conformal tank single seater you could throw 57th FS decals on who used them a bit out of Iceland. Obviously there are some other E things to remove but its how i did an F-15DJ Aggressor.
  10. Got my three the other day. What a cracking model kit. i love WW!
  11. Considering how much amazing modelling content is on there its certainly not time wasted...
  12. I thought that until i read this hence the question. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235036607-lancaster-bulged-bomb-bay-question/#comment-3005895 it would appear from the link above the 12000 was larger in diameter but id be interested to hear if it was as i to thought it was three standard cookies end to end.
  13. Graham a quick question. Was the Lanc bomb door requred to be modified to carry the 12000 pounder? Or was it the same diameter as the 4000 and could be loaded on a standard bomb bay doir lanc? thanks!
  14. Nice work mate! Ill have to add one of these to the Upkeep i ordered the other day.. looks fantastic..
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