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  1. Im very hesitant to wait for anything Italeri based off the 104 and Mirage kurs. Incredibly poor fit on Mirage and trench like panel lines on the 104. Hopefully they dont screw the pooch again..
  2. This sheet is going to be a true revelation after many years of people being knocked for discussing dorkless F-4’s in Bolo. Its great to see so much additional info coming out on what makes these aircraft now even more special. Still i will never understand why the USAF failed to officially photograph the aircraft etc after such an historic mission. Its been left to private photos and accounts to document what really should of been covered thoroughly. Superb work Jennings...
  3. From what i understand they go on reverse hence why reverse printed. Never bought a set so havnt seen them but they are all like that. reinventing the wheel!
  4. Anyone saying the new ICM stuff like Ju-88’s, HE 111’s, Mig-25’s are “average” needs to reassess what they expect in a box. I’d put up any of those kits on a plastic vs plastic viewpoint dual with any manufacturer. If ICM’s stuff like the Mig-25 Family is average good luck with other manufacturers..
  5. Im more interested in the more historical aircraft ie Bolo or personality based. So if aircraft are not overly significant be happy to skip them. But it would be good having done all the work if you left the details for them in your instruction sheet just for the information..
  6. The interesting thing to me is why the second biggest conflict in human history is considered a “niche” topic. It may be niche to Americans but to other countries ie Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France etc etc its a huge part of their history. Its been the ability to design kits with smaller tolerances to allow for the more complex engineering that has allowed WW to really launch an ignored genre. Realistically its ignored because if you look at kit manufacturers other than Airfix not one manufacturer comes from a country which played a significant par
  7. Jennings do you know what the purpose was of the red band around the nose aft if the radome? Almost if not every photo i have of aircraft with dorkless noses seems to have the red band.
  8. You only have to go back a year to see Tamiya used some very spurious P-38 images to get word out thats what they where working on. Funnily enough the internet lit up with people denying the possibility of them doing a new P-38. Door is wide open for a great 32nd 109G family, wide open. In fact we need a good 109G in 32 with every other kit having issues from small to nit so small. If they do it will complete the big trio in 32..
  9. Im feeling the need... the need for like 4 more ZM F-4C’s and 4 more Tamiya F-4C’s...
  10. An interesting discussion in this vid that relates back to the fact that just because the Russians gave up didnt mean the game was over.. The game never stops its just the players that change. https://youtu.be/0bFs6ZiynSU
  11. He did at that! Like Robert Taylor he spent from what im told and read a lot of time with Gen Olds discussing the specifics of the mission and aircraft to prepare the painting. The guys saying he got it wrong really dont know the detail “some” artists go to get it right. Taylor, Shaw, Ferris to name three. Cant wait for the decals its about time these guys got some coverage of the quality Fundekals provide. Im sure they will be good sellers in every scale.
  12. What Dave says. The CWS stuff for the Mig-29 is incredibly detailed, very accurate but there is a lot of work in the cockpit and seat. They do look quite amazing when finished. All the Zacto stuff is outstanding For both kits if you can find one the most important mod to the Flanker is the windscreen/canopy. Its the single biggest issue the curved edge in side view which is visually very obvious. The SU-27UB and other two seaters have a far better looking front windscreen you can swap out. They never fixed the single seater. A radome/nose replacement is needed as well.
  13. In such a great kit its truely an enormous letdown and really a review brushing this off as being “easy to leave off” is pretty average. Most Lancasters had the blisters and i cant see a way to put them on that will look even remotely close to reality. For such an expensive kit to not mould a second glasshouse with them in place is being truely cheap. Multiple nose pieces for the B-17F but the most numerous config for the Lanc is a cheap afterthought. And its only the most obvious thing you will see when you look at any finished kit as yiu cannot hide it anyway you try.
  14. No matter that at least a few people like the Ju-52 it simply doesnt sell. When i was working in a large well stocked heavily frequented big selling shop when released we got in 6 Ju52’s. 2 sold i bought one. 4 sat in the shop for a year until we sold a third. That was 25 years ago the other 3 are probably still sitting there. Any manufacturer that thinks investing huge cash in tooling highly unpopular aircraft is smart is simply tearing up $100 notes in a cold shower.
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