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  1. I'm curious of this too as I'm in the same boat. Everything I could find confirmed the same conclusion in that the Grey Matter backdate set could make an H too.
  2. Awesome. Can't wait. As a PacWar nut, this is a must.
  3. This has been my experience with them as well. Comms aren't super great, but I've always gotten what I ordered.
  4. If they released a 1/32 B-17 kit with a corrected nose (I hear the 1/48 kit's nose is far more accurate than their 1/32 kit), I'd buy it regardless of which variant it was. The tubular nose on the existing kit is subtle, but *really* off-putting for me. And, I'm usually pretty forgiving with accuracy errors.
  5. So, you're saying the poorly engineered kits that don't fit together worth a damn are better? (I'm kidding! ) I can agree with this sentiment to a point, and it's a great thought to explore as part of the philosophy of this hobby. I don't do too many Tamiya kits because there I feel like there's not much challenge in the build. That said, if a kit is too bad, it can be equally as unfulfilling (looking at you SH Brewster Buffalo). Often, I feel that with well-engineered kits that the challenge is the finish. With almost any kit out there, aftermarket decals exis
  6. Gotta cast another vote for the Trumpeter Avenger. I've done both variants and they're just wonderful kits of a fascinating subject. I'd also say that the HKM B-25 is a great kit too, along with the Dragon/Revell family of Bf-110s.
  7. Oh man, this is a must buy for me. Early Pacific war? Yes please.
  8. Okay, I rescind my previous statement and amend it to: "why manufacturers never settled on 1/3x as the standard is beyond me." My point is that I'd love to have one common large scale for ground vehicles and aircraft. 1/32, 1/35... I don't care what it is, as long as everything is the same.
  9. I have to agree with this. Why manufacturers never settled on 1/35 as the standard is beyond me.
  10. Thanks, Gents. This was a fun one. I'm glad it finally came to fruition and made it off the shelf of doom.
  11. Thanks for the information and feedback gentlemen. This is helpful. I'm with your assessment all the way, Dave. Based on the first cutaway posted here, the position of the access panel on the model kit itself (adjusted for, well, Trumpeter), and the photograph itself, I suspect this small access panel is there to gain access to part of the hydraulic system. With what you've given me, I think I'm off and running to get this build going. I've got the armature and one leg done for the wing figure. Turned out okay.
  12. Ah ha. Thank you. How is that book on other cutaway drawings and such?
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