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  1. Seems probable. Kinda depends on how quickly they can get it out of the saltwater. The pilot's ditching technique was absolutely perfect, so it's airframe damage will hopefully be minimal. Glad the pilot is safe. Poor Grumman. There must be some sort of unwritten cosmic law dictating the maximum number of airworthy Avengers at any given time; bring one back to life, another one goes into the drink.
  2. aaaaaaaand sadly, another Avenger bites the dust. https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2021/04/17/mechanical-issue-forces-pilot-to-land-close-to-shore-at-cocoa-beach-air-show-organizers-say/
  3. I think they look fine. A little weathering and they'll be perfect. The pursuit of perfection is the enemy of happiness.
  4. Sadly, this is pretty much SOP for any major update from Eagle Dynamics. While they've gotten a lot better about QA with patches over the last year or so, it's always a matter of 2 steps forward one step back with their patching. That said, their P-47D has pretty much broken all other WWII sims for me. The hi-fidelity cockpit, the sound, the flight model... it's just awesome. I currently have a single player P-47 campaign going in Il-2, but I just can't seem to get into flying it because the flight model seems like such a step backwards from DCS's. I do loves me some Thunderj
  5. I fly both sims plus IL-2 Great Battles regularly. Really boils down to what you want to do. If shooting ILS approaches into any airport in the world is your thing, FS2020. If shooting .30cal minigun rounds from the door of your Huey is your thing, DCS is the best choice. My question to you is why not both? DCS is actually free with a limited plane set and the modules go on deep sale regularly. Buy FS2020 and watch DCS for a cheap sale.
  6. I've built both the TBM-3 and the TBF-1C (that I converted to a -1). They are wonderful kits and I highly recommend them.
  7. You just triggered 11 year old me.
  8. Wait, did you guys have unique bookmarks to individual items on their store pages?
  9. I had (had) a pair of the God Hands ones. They were awesome, but then I tried to cut a part whose gate was at an awkward angle and the blade broke immediately. I couldn't justify the cost, so I bought a set of Tamiya cutters and haven't looked back. They don't cut quite as close as the GH cutters, but they're close enough.
  10. On the flip side, my wife bought me the ZM Ki-45 Nick for my birthday a couple weeks ago and is completely supportive of my hobby. She's a total gem. <3
  11. Well, that was supposed to say Bandai, but I'm leaving it for the comedy factor.
  12. Same. It's quite an investment, but it is absolutely a game changer. I know this will sound like blasphemy, but recently, for small decals that don't require much shaping around bumps or panel lines, I've started using Future as a setting solution. Brush a small but of future where I want the decal while the decal is softening in warm water, place the decal, press out the bubbles underneath, and seal with a little bit more future. For placards and small stencils, this works surprisingly well. No need to spray gloss coats... Just brush it on, decal, brush again. F
  13. Kinda there too after a couple long, complex builds. My son and I spent a few nights sticking to get her a Bandaid star destroyer and it was a lot of fun. Got me back in the mood to model, so after this lovely Saturday morning coffee, I intend to hit the bench and get moving.
  14. Anyone care to postulate how it ended up in that position? If it were a landing mishap, I'd expect more than just a single bent blade and dented cowl.
  15. The hilarious part is that they changed the shape of the fuselage with the new-tool, but they didn't make a corresponding change to the firewall piece. So, no matter what you do, the firewall will have an impossible-to-fill gap somewhere.
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