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  1. Thank you. That's the second time I've searched for something on sprue bros' site and had nothing come up. Last was a set of tracks for a Sherman Firefly.
  2. He looks like one of the aliens from Mars Attacks.
  3. How does the Eduard "Space" line stack up against the Quinta and RFS products?
  4. There's absolutely nothing wrong with annealing an entire PE fret per se. You absolutely can do that without major consequences in most cases. I tend to do it on a piece by piece basis because I find I get sharper bends when the piece is harder (i.e. not annealed). If I'm looking to do a hard angle bend, I'll typically leave it unannealed. If I'm rolling a curve or need to make a bend that I don't want springing back out of shape, I have better luck with annealing. Bummer on the AFVC tracks being too short. I was in the same boat and it frustrated the crap out of me. I felt the same way about the bogey assemblies. Kind of an odd way to do it, having to open up a glue joint to fit subsequent parts in place. But, it does turn out a nice finished product I suppose. Anyhoo, the build is looking good! I'm making progress on my vignette with this kit, so I hope to post it soon!
  5. Thank you, all. I realize the fire may be a bit ahistorical, but somethingsomething artistic license somethingsomething.
  6. Silly putty. Lots and lots of silly putty. And I did small sections at a time. I find that just piling the putty on leads to haphazard camo results. Thanks for the compliments!
  7. Hi, all. Back in December, I set a new year's resolution for myself to complete 8 models in 2022. Well, here we are halfway through June and I'm up to a whopping grand total of 1. In any case, here it is. This is a diorama that depicts a King Tiger and its crew in the run up to the Ardennes offensive. I wanted to do something to show the articulation of the tank's suspension, and while it's subtle, it's there. The Takom kit has a full interior which is built, painted, weathered, and locked away forever, never to be seen again. The build features 3 LEDs in the tank itself and 3 more in the firepit. See it in action here: https://i.imgur.com/F7iDcxG.mp4 I forget who made the crew, but they've all got some level of custom sculpting. Though there's no way to photograph him, there's actually a 5th crewman in the turret reaching up for the ammo cans being handed down by the guy on the turret. The pine trees are hand made with dowel rod, wire, and static grass. The tarp is MagicSculpt and the small arms under maintenance are from the spares bin, as are the bucket and stool. This is a pretty tough subject to get good pictures of. As a night theme, it's challenging to get a good shot with the tools I have available, so the photos are not my best work. I hope you enjoy. The full photo gallery is here: https://imgbox.com/g/oPhHfdALvU
  8. Awesome, Mike. That prop looks absolutely real.
  9. I typically pop the part off the fret and hold it with a pair of steel tweezers while I heat it over a cigarette lighter. Once it changes color slightly, it's good to go.
  10. Annealing PE for the lightguards like that is the only way to go. I annealed mine - used a lighter to heat, then just air cooled, no quenching necessary - and they conformed perfectly to the former piece. And yeah, the offer stands on the RFM tracks. I've got 3.5 sprues available if you need them. Just shoot me a PM.
  11. I have to say that I've just not been impressed with Takom's molding and engineering. I've done several of their armor kits and they have all had extensive ejector pin marks and prominent seams everywhere. I've come to expect better from modern molding techniques, so Takom has been a bit of a disappointment over the years.
  12. Let's talk about the Firefly and tracks for a moment, as they were the part of the build that frustrated me the most. First, the kit tracks are great, and once you get the hang of them, they're not too bad to assemble. No worse than any other individual link tracks anyway. The kicker is that they give you just enough links in the kit to make both runs. So, if any of your links are damaged in the box (like mine), you simply will not have enough parts to make both full track runs. The AFV Club rubber band sets are too short. Even with the idler set at the most idle position, they weren't long enough to fit. I ended up buying the Asuka tracks, but never tested them as I then later realized that RFM sells the kit tracks separately. So, I bought another box of them and finished those. So... in short... If you need extra sprues of kit tracks, shoot me a PM. I'll send you some no charge.
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