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  1. @haveblue Whatever kits you choose, I hope you land on your feet. I know we don't know each other, but all of us here share a common camaraderie through a mutual love of the hobby. So, I wish you the best in these difficult times.
  2. This is why I love this place. An oddball question with a lot of really great suggestions. Thanks, guys. I don't have access to a lathe, nor a machinist, so those would be tougher, though I certainly appreciate the suggestions. I may snag the tools linked by Dodgem37 and see how they work, but I had another idea first. If I can determine the exact diameter of the full circle of the prop disc, I could potentially use the intersecting arcs method to make a paper template that would match up to the center. It's a bit iffy, but it could work. I may give that a go and see how thin
  3. In a corollary to my question about motors a couple weeks ago, I am now wondering how to find and drill the perfect center of a very small circle. I need to drill the back of the prop hub on my Avenger kit so I can glue it to the shaft of the electric motor. If I'm off even slightly, the prop will wobble noticeably when the motor is turning. I have a drill press, so I'm reasonably certain I can drill a straight hole... If I can only find the center. The surface I'm working with on the back of the prop hub is a circle all of about 3mm in diameter. Anyone have any go
  4. Vallejo gloss. Mixed 3:2 thinner to varnish, applied at 18psi. My thinner is a 95:5 mix of Vallejo airbrush thinner and liquitex flow aid.
  5. I learned to play when I had my leg broken in a high school football game. I spent six months in a cast that ran from hip to toes. I had plenty of time my hands, so I borrowed an old classical guitar from my grandmother and taught myself how to play. 24 years later, I'm still playing. Been in and out of a couple bands and have a lot of great memories because of it, but these days I pretty much just play for myself.
  6. Looks like my threads converted correctly. Huzzah for the automatic conversion process.
  7. From a long time IT professional: good luck.
  8. Fascinating site. Thanks for sharing, John.
  9. This is my method too and I have same success. After dipping the clear parts in Future, I dab off the excess with a paper towel and place them on a paper towel under an overturned plastic food tub. Helps keep dust and debris from settling in the parts while the future is still tacky. Edit: whoops, should have read the whole thread before replying... @Out2gtcha beat me to punch with a very detailed post. So, in essence, my response is, "what he said."
  10. Hi, I absolutely have the same problem when using Tamiya panel liner over future. It doesn't flow a millimeter. I've started using another gloss clear and the problem went away.
  11. Nicely done. Is there a build thread? I'd love to know how you tackled that camo job.
  12. I followed your build and can relate to this kit's... *eccentricities.* In the end, your project turned out wonderfully and I'm glad you stuck with it. Nice work!
  13. @Sgt Shultz II Here's the link to what I bought. I found that I had to reverse the polarity to get the motor to spin the correct way, but it seems to do the trick.
  14. @Sgt Shultz II Sure, I'll do that when I'm home tonight. I got them from Amazon and they were like $7 for 5 of them. @Theo I looked into those after the suggestion above and it appears they are out of production and hard to find.
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