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  1. Wow! Look great, Craig. I admire your patience and dedication. I sometimes struggle to finish a kit in its OOB state. What keeps you coming back to this year after year?
  2. Wow, incredible work! Are the markings masks or decals?
  3. Wow, thank you for the compliments about the figure. I'm humbled.
  4. If missing avatars is the worst we have to worry about after a complete server migration, I think the operation can be considered a success.
  5. Many years ago, I was a novice modeler who hadn't built anything in ~30 years. I had just learned that a company had started making a 1/32 scale B-17. I couldn't believe it, so I googled it. One of the results was this thread, round about the time you were working on the bomb bay, I think. I remember we were riding in the car at the time, and I leaned over to my wife, showed her some of your pictures and said, "Check this out! Can you believe it? This guy's nuts!" Little did I realize what a tiny tip of a massive (and growing) iceberg that was. This thread is what brought me to LSP and it still delivers all these years later. Amazing work, Craig. I wish I had a fraction of your patience. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.
  6. Oh sweet. That's slick. In my experience, DNS propagates worldwide pretty quickly, so hopefully downtime will be very minimal. Again, thanks for your hard work, Kev. This place is great and I'm really thankful that and the mods put in all the work here.
  7. Are you able to do a delta backup of the content that was posted between when the backup was completed and the new server is online? I don't envy you, Kev. Been there, done that. Thanks for your hard work.
  8. If they want my money, the two best things to do are to make it very easy to find what I'm looking for (search filters) and price competitively. I'll give Squadron v2.0 a fair go, but a few minutes on the site today didn't look promising in either of the two above categories.
  9. Thanks, gentlemen. Few kits match Hasegawa's modern 1/32 offerings for ease and out of the box detail. They are really a great value.
  10. Thank you, Kev. I was pleasantly surprised by the final results of the figure too. I wish I could say, "that's what I meant to do," but my figures are so hit and miss sometimes.
  11. This is the 1/32 Hasegawa N1K2-J Shiden Kai (George) - a very late war Japanese aircraft that was capable of giving aircraft like the Hellcat and Corsair a real fun for their money, albeit too little too late. I had originally thought to make this a late entry into the Air Superiority group build, but forgot to take pics during the process and soon ended up with a half-built kit. So, I binned that idea and decided to just try to get it done by the GB finish date - today! After the 5 month slog through my RFM Panzer IV J, I just wanted something quick and easy that looked good. Having done a few 1/32 Hasegawa kits in the past, I figured this would fit the bill and I wasn't wrong. Fit was great, out of the box detail is excellent, and it ended up being a great kit. I started it around May 5th and was able to put the finishing touches on it today. Done up with Tamiya and Alclad paints with AK washes, oils, some silver pencil. Really happy with how the chipping turned out. I tried this dramatic chipping on a Ki-84 a couple years ago and it turned out like crap so I gave it to my kid to play with. I was worried it would happen here too, but it ended up turning out really well with Vallejo chipping medium. All major markings were painted on with custom-cut masks.
  12. Saw this last night. Good news!
  13. Thanks, Jennings. I picked up the first one and it arrived today. While the ERCO turret was more prevalent by far, the book does show at least a few photos of the tri-tone blue without it. I don't recall what model turrets are in the kit off hand, but I think this is enough grounds to say that a non-ERCO nose turret w/tri-tone Pacific blue camouflage is feasible.
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