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  1. Have you been able to progress further on this, Derek? I'd hate to see such a cool project fade away.
  2. I'm very excited to see this come together "for real". Well done on your work so far!
  3. Bravo Jim, she's shaping up very nicely!
  4. I'm glad you brought it up - I didn't want that on my conscience
  5. Forgive me if I've missed the explanation, but what's the story behind the company name? The only blue pill I can think of is used for erectile dystfunction...so this is the opposite?
  6. That really is lovely Tony, thanks so much for sharing. What a beauty!
  7. Lovely work Paul! A fascinating build to follow and a terrific end result. Well done!
  8. Lovely job Tom, the old girl polishes up well! Thanks so much for sharing this very pretty Emil.
  9. It was such a thrill and pleasure to follow along with the highs and lows, Jay, and I'm so stoked to see the end result. A most hearty congratulations!!
  10. Lovely work! Is this representing VH-UFO, or another airframe?
  11. A fantastic concept executed very well, thanks so much for sharing!
  12. Magic work Craig, I'm so excited to see the next update!
  13. I'm so excited to see progress on this Derek!
  14. I haven't been on the board since before I moved to Blenheim, so to see this post really made my day. I am so, so very happy for Cameron and for both you and Belynda. What wonderful news!!
  15. I stop visiting forums for a while due to study and travel, and I return to all this? Wow, Peter, wow. Truly beautiful work!
  16. Having recently seen a rotary-powered E.III replica fly I've suddenly fallen in love with the type so I'm eagerly following your progress Jim. A kit I'd not heard of and I for one am glad "Build it!" won!
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