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  1. That is too cool! Also, just a couple of days ago YouTube suggested I watch a video of a (that?) Rotak Chinook starting up...eerie!
  2. She's gorgeous Wayne, great work!
  3. Standing ovation. Utterly magnificent!!
  4. I love it when models are photographed as if one is walking around the real deal and this is a superb example, bravo!! I love it!
  5. Lovely job Tony! I'd not seen most of these before - very nice work!
  6. Stunning stuff John! I'm eagerly awaiting the next update!
  7. Box and sprue shots shared by ResKit on Facebook:
  8. Beautiful job! Now there's a scheme I'd love to see on a warbird.
  9. Lovely work thus far! I want to climb in and play with all those switches!!
  10. I'm so very happy you had that opportunity, Peter! How wonderful! Over on Wings Over New Zealand we have someone doing a David Glen-style 1/6 P-40N!
  11. I used their 1/48 Lavochkin La-9 set and I am a convert: Quinta is good, Quinta is wise! I'm really enjoying watching this come together.
  12. I asked Airfix on Twitter (or Facebook) about an e wing or - saints be praised - a XVI boxing, but their (very prompt, thanks Airfix!) answer was very much in the negative. But maybe they're just keeping it a surprise...if I cross my fingers any harder I'll do myself some damage. On the subject of AM for the New Airfix 1/24 kits, apart from conversions what is actually needed? Admittedly I've not handled any of them but the reviews etc seem to show enough on the sprues to keep most modellers happy.
  13. Another vote for the F-35 here - you can't get much more modern than that compared to your previous builds!
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