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  1. This is great! It really tells a story and the painting on the figures is really well done. I love it!
  2. It looks fantastic! This is one of my all time favorite FW-190 color schemes. Makes me want to start work on a FW-190!
  3. This is beautiful, and I LOVE the livery/markings on the tail! Very interesting.
  4. Looks beautiful! I have always liked this look with the eyeball on the gun bulges...
  5. That's great! I didn't realize there was aftermarket for that feature. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this baby come to life!
  6. The digital camo came out great. The whole thing is lovely.
  7. This is what I was wondering about. Chrish: have you given thought to how you are going to proceed with that? Tape? Masking fluid? Free hand (!)... Someone should sell tape templates for that! It would save hours of time.
  8. It does nothing for me either, just like the Mosquito...a kit that sold so poorly it scared Tamiya away from 1/32 aircraft forever....apparently.
  9. I love these! Your model looks great and I'm glad to hear you are on the mend. Best wishes and keep on modeling!
  10. This is great! The tight camo pattern is really nicely done and I love the use of the lights.
  11. I love Tamiya extra thin, but I have a bunch of different glues for different situations. The Gunze Sangyo black liquid glue is fantastic for filling seems---it's thicker than normal and you can see it when its on the plastic. I highly recommend this stuff!
  12. If possible, put the entire model in a plastic "food leftover" container with a sealable lid. Spray Oven cleaner on it (the good old fashioned kind with LYE....the more environmentally friendly stuff will NOT work). Give it a good blast and seal the lid. The fumes are what really do the job. Leave it along for a few days, and see how its coming along. If the paint isn't ready to almost wash off the plastic with hot water, give it another blast. You might have to lightly scrub a few problem areas with an old toothbrush where the paint just won't come off. I've tried 10 million different solutions and this is what works best for me.
  13. I haven't used any of them, but I find them interesting. I have studied various youtube videos of them, and think the Quinta look the best to my eye. I will definitely get a Quinta set and try them at some point, at least once, and see how it goes. On the right type of plane I think they could make a big difference, like a modern jet for example, where you can actually see all that detail particularly on the side panels. I have been thinking about using them with the Tamiya 1/48 F-14 kit.
  14. I remember box covers like this from when I was a kid. Those photos of the finished model didn't make me want to buy the kits even back then! Sort of like anti-advertising.
  15. I have learned over time that when that modeling "writer's block" sets in and you can't find enthusiasm to work on a project, simply picking something and MAKING yourself start works well. Usually within an hour or so the act of performing some modeling skills gets the juices flowing again, and you start thinking of the various problems the kit presents and how you are going to proceed, and suddenly you're back into it. The next session usually comes along easily, and the next thing you know, you are right back in the middle of a project and building models again. It may sound strange as we are supposed to be doing the for fun, but if you can't get yourself to start something, simply FORCE yourself to do it. Treat as work that must be done...and see if you don't get hooked on the project. I guess you could say "the appetite comes from the eating" if you will.
  16. I am not an F-14 expert! But looking closely at that part of the plane, and in other photos, I agree that it looks like some type of composite material. You can see the "weave" in it. I wonder what 1/24 scale carbon decals would look like on your 1/32 F-14. Not sure if you build cars/bike kits, but there are lots of carbon/kevlar/composite decal sheets out there. If you want to paint it, I'd go with some sort of "graphite" type appearance. Not super metallic in appearance, but not just a simple "gray" type color either. Kind of a hybrid between metallic and not metallic! Here's a link to some carbon decals that might work. (or something like this) https://www.megahobby.com/products/carbon-fiber-sheet-1-24-1-25-gofer-racing-decals.html
  17. I hope you tell us about the kit when it arrives, Dr. Rizzo. I have been following this kit with interest, simply because it is going to be ENORMOUS. Something like 26" long and 38.25" wingspan! Not a small kit! Have you given consideration to where and how you will display yours? Just curious what your plan is.
  18. These kits are fantastic! They are a sad reminder of what we could have gotten all these years from Dragon in 1/32 scale, but did not, simply because Dragon doesn't seem interested in airplanes. Had they popped out a few kits a year since, say, 2005, the entire 1/32 landscape would be dramatically different, and the best kit out there for many aircraft would probably still be the one from Dragon. If only they had done it!
  19. It looks gorgeous, Pascal! I grew up a few hours away from The Glen and have watched racing there and done track schools there many times. I would have loved to have heard this car and engine in person, but that was before my time. When this engine wasn't misfiring, which apparently wasn't often, it sounded glorious. Pascal, have you seen this yet? Turn up the speakers!
  20. Lovely! I always liked the elegant simplicity of the Mirage. Clean design and this model is really nicely displayed!
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