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  1. I'm not sure what's better, the quality of the paint work, or the quality of the photograph! Both are spectacular!
  2. Any photos suggesting its size and scale?! This thing must be huge, but you can't tell from the photos. The quality of the work is top notch!
  3. Gorgeous FW-190! Always liked this particular aircraft and your model does it justice!
  4. The "wishing" can be continued forever. That's the beauty of wishing! But Tamiya is pretty clearly out of the 1/32 aircraft game. I think it's best to assume they are done with it forever, until they shock us and demonstrate that they are not. Some of us have been waiting since 1993 for their next 1/12 F1 car kit! LOL A number of years ago I realized there ain't gonna be another F1 car...move on.
  5. Just saw video of this! It looks like a scene from the War itself, with a B-17 being sliced in half by another airplane. This is the sort of thing I have read about my whole life but never thought I'd see. And 6 dead too! RIP!
  6. Oh no! It says "35" when it should say "32". Avoid it like the plague! Because, you know, that's what model kit building is all about!
  7. The work is coming along nicely! PLEASE, PLEASE do the Nowotny aircraft from JG-54! That is a really interesting color scheme that you don't see modeled all the time, and those oddball JG-54 camo schemes are in general really interesting. As far as I can tell, they were not using paint sourced from the RLM! It's like they got a hold of some Italian army paint or something. That green in particular is a weird one! Who knows, they may have appropriated some Soviet paint along the way.
  8. Looks gorgeous! I just learned something new the other day about these Flying Tigers aircraft. Apparently the "flying tiger" cartoon logo was a printed STICKER and shipped over from Walt Disney Productions! A product of their art studio, I guess. And a STICKER?! Always loved these planes and this kit is really nicely presented!
  9. Looks fantastic! I'm impressed with that really crisp demarcation line you got between the 2 main camouflage colors. Very crisply presented! Thanks for posting.
  10. I absolutely love the color scheme on the 2000 5-F ! The paintwork and the FIGURES are really gorgeous! Great looking aircraft, and that's no mirage! LOL
  11. I'm pretty sure they didn't do any work on a 1/24 kit beyond the DR.I. Don't know why someone else couldn't do it themselves, and just as well or better, to boot! If there was money in it, we'd be flooded with 1/24 WWI subjects...which I would LOVE
  12. I have been thinking about FINALLY giving a crack at this old kit lately, and then your build comes along! It looks fabulous! What impresses me is that you seem to have very clean shut lines around the engine cowling, yet still have all the engine detail included in there, so you can display the plane either way, with engine exposed or not exposed. From what I have read over the years, that isn't easy to do! The cowling bits don't like to line up and there are fit issues all over the place at the front of the plane. Some photos of finished kits on the internet show huge gaps and misaligned surfaces at the nose. Yours look perfect! Gives me confidence to try my luck! Thanks for showing us your work.
  13. This looks great. I have really turned onto these sorts of P-51 paint schemes with the green wings but NMF sides...it's a really interesting look. I used to prefer the all metal appearance but this is cool. Well done!
  14. Very interesting and somewhat rare subject matter! Looks really good. I like that plane a lot!
  15. As I was scrolling through the photographs, I thought "beautiful model" and "nice photography" but I was getting ready to ask you to provide us with something that shows the SIZE and SCALE of the aircraft! Then I got to the last one with you holding it. HOLY MOLY, that airplane is BIG! I knew it would be huge but that is....huge! Anyway, looks awesome! Display with pride!
  16. That's a really nice looking model! What brand of metallic paints did you use? Do you recall what the 2 or 3 or 4 main colors were? It looks like you varied colors in quite a few places to get that beautiful, detailed appearance.
  17. I've built this kit myself and I can tell you that your kit is absolutely gorgeous! I really LOVE that color scheme you have chosen. That's a good one! Weathering is spot on and the photography is excellent!
  18. This FW-190 looks AWESOME. I love these color schemes on these butcher birds! So intimidating and your paint job is spot on.
  19. Some people are going to say it's too beaten up. Not me! I think it looks REALLY COOL and your weathering techniques are awesome!
  20. The aircraft, the paint work, the base, and the figure are ALL really well done. That's a very nice looking display you have there! And the figure even looks like H.J. Marseille!
  21. The paint job looks REALLY good! I like this color scheme very much; it's more interesting than any of the Hartmann planes. I've always thought it was a shame that the Big 3 (Hartmann, Barkhorn, and Rall) all kind of had boring aircraft.
  22. I love these planes! Keep up the good work!
  23. I really like the P-47 razorback. It kind of looks like an automobile of the same time period, at least in some ways.
  24. This beast in 1/35 scale is really quite enticing!
  25. Hasegawa hasn't done any new tool kits in a long time! I like this kit so I'm glad it's coming back. Prices have been hiking up on Ebay b/c it hasn't been easy to find for a while. This will reset that.
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