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  1. Unfortunately, I do think the kits on sale at the air show amount to the "warehouse sell-off" we have all been waiting for. Congrats on getting a piece of the action. Very few people are in a situation to do that!
  2. If it means new kits actually being produced and sold, why wouldn't every modeler here hope so? I think a lot of guys here just like to *****!
  3. I have thought about this over the years, but never really found someone who would have the interest in the gift. I would enjoy making something for someone, if I actually knew someone who would want a model. Most of the people I seem to be around kind of laugh and giggle thinking it's silly for a grown man to play with children's toys. That type of thing. If they built one, they would understand it's not quite like that at all!
  4. Nice work! Those wooden decals look great.
  5. A very interesting effect you have modeled here. I think it looks great!
  6. They all look great, but I think my favorite is the P-40F "El Tigre". I don't think I've ever seen a model of this plane before, and I really like the overall presentation. Nice work!
  7. Both kits are far from great models, but I prefer the Trumpeter. It goes together better. The Revell has a some better detail in areas, though.
  8. Coming along great! I like the color you used on the transmission. Looks very good.
  9. This is an actual kit that we'll probably know about in a few weeks. I'm asking if anyone knows something about this release specifically. Not a wish list thread. Believe it or not, but you are free to not participate in threads you personally don't like! It's incredible isn't it?
  10. In a recent "new products" video, Andy from Andy's Hobby Headquarters mentioned that he has learned of an incredible, new, beautiful Tamiya kit that "caught me totally off guard." He promised Tamiya he wouldn't mention it until they gave him the green light to do so; apparently we'll find out soon what it is. I spent a good hour wandering around the web last night looking for hints, clues, or discussion on this kit, and found NOTHING. Anyone have any guesses? I think there is a shot that it's another new 1/32 aircraft kit, but then it could be lo
  11. Several of these have sold somewhat near the $1,000 (US) mark now. The market seems to have corrected somewhat on the last few Ebay sales, though, when prices have gone back in to the $400-$500 range.
  12. Looks great! I really appreciate the shots on the bench, pulled back a bit, with all those everyday objects all around. Really conveys a sense of scale and size. I wish more builders would include photos of this type in their build threads.
  13. Cool video I post here for inspiration and reference purposes, too.
  14. Especially if you aren't concerned about opening up the engine compartment, I would say it's a simple matter of sanding down the fan assembly from the back side, or whatever the fan assembly butts up against (engine?) to get more recess in there. Play with it until the fan is recessed into the cowl to a point that makes you say "that looks good" and your'e done.
  15. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-54761824
  16. Believe it or not, you are free to not participate in threads of your choosing.
  17. I often thinking about stories like the one you are telling, and then try to imagine poor German mechanics trying to do those jobs with 1930s technology in the freezing cold of a Russian winter and it gives me chills, literally and figuratively. Add in horse drawn logistics, and diversification of spares due to so many competing designs being in service, and the entire things scares the hell out of me. I can't fathom the repair difficulties sustained by the Wehrmacht on the Ostfront in WWII.
  18. I had this happen to me just a few weeks ago. I was digging through a moving box filled with stashed model kits. I remembered/recognized everything, until I got to the little 1/72 Tamiya A6m5 Zero. Unbelievably detailed little kit, but I had totally forgotten that I owned it.
  19. I had always though the weirdest model kit was Hasegawa's "School desk and chair" set. Then I saw the Cup o' noodle! This is way better!
  20. I'm biased here, because I have 2001 somewhere in my Top 5 movies of all time, but... The scene where we realize HAL is reading their lips and the 2 astronauts do not have the privacy they thought they had, despite being alone in the pod...and then the cut to intermission. One of the great scenes in cinematic history.
  21. I agree with the OP. I have one one my stash. There are some Youtube videos with them for those interested.
  22. I grew up in WNY getting my hair cut by the same barber for nearly 20 years. He was also born in the east end of London and was stationed to an RAF anti-aircraft unit of some type during the war, in England as far as I remember. He had countless stories he told my dad an I during our haircuts. One that I remember: the time he was knocked unconscious and put in the hospital when a V2 leveled "an entire city block" that he was on, in London, at some point late in the war. He used to sing war songs that they sung back in England during the War.
  23. My process isn't nearly as organized as the OP's. I have many projects in a working rotation, all the time. I like to work on the one that intrigues me at the moment. If the mojo isn't there to work on a given kit, even if I've spent a lot of time on it already, I wrap all sub-builds up in toilet paper (!), put everything away in the box, and even write down notes to myself for the future. Sometimes I don't get back to a started kit for a couple of years!
  24. Mr. Color Leveling thinner. The stuff is magic. You can mix all sorts of paint/brands with it, and when it's combined with Tamiya acrylics in particular, and well thinned, provides really great airbrushing results. My second place vote goes to the chromed Tamiya paint stirring sticks. They come in a 2-pack. Dirt cheap, perfectly engineered, extremely functional, I used them a LOT every time I paint, either by brush or airbrush.
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