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  1. Going to be loads of AM for this, looks like an easy build compared to the 1/200 Battle Cruisers.
  2. Jeepers, that will make for an impressive display with some LED lighting.
  3. I like. I have used pigments with watered down white glue on rubber. Worked a charm.
  4. Subscribed. Thanks
  5. The preliminary report into the Ethiopian 737 Max 8 crash has revealed that the pilots attempted to use Boeing’s new instructions to save the doomed aircraft. Ethiopian Airlines has said that their pilots followed the Boeing/FAA instructions to the letter but were unsuccessfully in pulling the aircraft out of repeated nosedives, that ultimately killed all on board. https://simpleflying.com/ethiopian-...ft-despite-correct-procedures/?utm_source=pop
  6. You MUST get the Barracuda wheels though, the kit ones are awful! Thanks Anthony, I have them in my stash
  7. Ok, technically it's not, Just 17km's at Golden Sands.
  8. Our 3 yearly company incentive trip is sending the wife and I to the Melia Grand Hermitage in Varna, Bulgaria, in June. We plan on flying to Sofia for a day and also spending a day in Plovdiv. Who has, been? Any pointers?
  9. Sigh, me too. But with the value of the ZAR now, I probably wont afford it.
  10. Hi Guys, not sure if this is the right place, if not, mods please move. I made a start on the 1/24 Mosquito. Waiting for some cockpit goodies, so decided to start with the engines. I will get better pics up soon. Disclaimer: No airbrush was harmed in the making of this model.
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