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  1. Gerhard

    My new additions...

    Thanks Alan, he filled a void ,you know, empty nest and all.
  2. Gerhard

    My new additions...

    We are burying our pup tonight. He died of Cat Flu in the morning hours. Only 11 weeks old.
  3. Gerhard

    Lancaster purchase

    Those were roughly the dimension I was looking at , but it takes up way too much floor space for where I can put it.
  4. Gerhard

    Lancaster purchase

    I have been playing around with plans for a display cabinet, but it wont work. SO I will be using the above tactic. I have loads of open wall space in my house.
  5. Gerhard

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    I guess he thought he was spying on your wife, but when the curtain opened..............aaaarrggghhhh.
  6. Gerhard

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    I think we are just full of sh^^t. Damn guys, a 1/32 Liberator. Comeon!!! A 1/32 Lancaster!!. Think 5 years ago, if I told you in a pub I am going to buy a 1/32 B24 for under a 150 Euro. You would have called me nuts. Happy times ahead.
  7. Gerhard

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    Send me yours then. I will quite happily sand the "round edges" square.
  8. Gerhard

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    Well, I'm no rivet counter by any stretch of the imagination. End of the day, it will look like a B-24, and the is good enough for me. If the MId 100's price point is correct, I will get one and let it rest on the shelf until the AM guys have gone ape and launched all kind of goodies for us, which we know they will.
  9. Gerhard

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    $250!!!! That's crazy, I saw it for EUR 129, so $149.
  10. Gerhard

    The rain has come!!!

    Hectic Jennings. They predicted a hot dry summer for us.
  11. Gerhard


    Very nice and clean. Hope I can replicate that.
  12. Gerhard

    Wingnut Wings Photo - Clues?

    I would love it if they go heavy into WWII subjects. They will make killing, maybe even revive Tamiya.
  13. Gerhard

    The rain has come!!!

    We have had a very dry start to our summer, eventually the rain has come, an hard.
  14. Gerhard

    Interesting take on hobbies

    As Dave says on his Youtube channel "I build models for my satisfaction, not for your approval". I will never ever be as good as most of you here on LSP, that is a given. Building a model is a journey for me. I spend more time researching, watching movies, documentaries about the subject than actually building. Also, being out of the hobby for more than 30 years, it is a steep learning curve. I never knew about weathering, panel line washes etc etc. Sitting at my bench. is MY time, when I can zone out and forget about the hardships of life. The big plus point is getting to know a lot of you guys on here, the generosity and kinship is mind blowing. That is one thing I never would have had if it wasnt for online platforms like this, and I have taken a lot of lessons learnt on here and applied them in general life as well. I enjoy the banter, the lessons and the skills exhibited. I can only learn and try and better myself. If Gazza says, "Hey, Gerhard, that is a pretty kak paint job", I will try and do better next time. No harm. no foul. Love this hobby, love this forum, love all you guys. PS: Gazaa, I just pulled your name out of a hat buddy.