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  1. Awesome raffle once again. I would like to join as a recipient. I got retrenched end of November, so wont have any spare cash to ship a kit into the blue yonder.
  2. Very very nice. I need to get my hands on that kit. They havent made it to SA yet.
  3. Fantastic, all I can think of right now. Really really well done.
  4. Gerhard

    The cold

    And we had a lovely 39C or 102.2F at 17:00 today. Middle of a heatwave. It's our rainy season, but so far only 2mm in 4 months. Water restrictions in place, and our biggest inland dam that feeds most of the province (The Vaal dam) has dropped below 50%. Scary times ahead.
  5. The Trumpeter one is not bad if you are not a rivet counter. I also plan on building it, someday.
  6. Trumpeter have one in 1/72, for about $120 incl shipping from China. Even in that scale it's 75cm long with a wingspan of 77cm. I'm very tempted.
  7. Drat, really looking for those ammo chutes. Cant find them anywhere.
  8. Send me a link please. Do they still have stock?
  9. My son in law sent me pics of the place. Modelling heaven, We dont have anything remotely close to that here in South Africa.. I will bankrupt myself in that shop. Heck, I am tempted to save up and fly to Toronto to go see or myself.
  10. That pilot is fantastic. It takes real skill to do figures, I suck at them.
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