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  1. One day, I will try one as well. Looking forward to your build.
  2. Very well done. That Airfix FW190 has a reputation of being a bit of a dog to build.
  3. WOW, just WOW. We will never get to experience that here in the jungle.
  4. They look really good. Well done man.
  5. Man, that looks good. Now I really really need to upgrade my PC.
  6. I have already set a pin on Google maps. One thing I wont miss, just the visa process is quite a chore.
  7. How did I not see this before. What an EPIC Diorama. Brilliant.
  8. We will be in Canada in September, but in Toronto. Damn, wish we had the time and $$$ to take a flight there. Here in the jungle, hobby shops are almost dead.
  9. F-86 We have, unless you want a new tool. I will get back on my old band wagon. A proper and accurate DH 100 Vampire, heck, while we are on the impossible, how about a SAAF Impala?
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