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  1. Tamiya rattle cans, I dont have an airbrush.
  2. All orders are delayed. I have a kit siting at our international mail centre since January.
  3. Gosh, I have 4 109's in my stash, I will love a 1/32 Tamiya one though.
  4. I'm also busy with one, but pandemic has forced me off the bench for the last 4 months. Mine is going to SOD soon, need to get MOJO back with something quick and simple, maybe a 1/32 Spitfire Mk.IXc. I have Revell on my shelf.
  5. Will the Mosquito qualify for Target for today? It was used as a ground attack in numerous roles.
  6. Thats super cool. We were also "off grid" for a week due to a substation that blew up. Having no electricity suck.
  7. Amazon wont ship any liquids to South Africa.
  8. Dont delay, it will change your modelling life.
  9. After nearly every hobby shop in South Africa is out of stock, and a hunt that lasted about 5 weeks, I managed to find some at $3.75 a bottle. Some other Tamiya products are just as scarce, for instance the fine grey primer. Bought the last can of that in the same store as well. What's it like that side of the huge pond?
  10. Will PPD have more sets of PE for the Mosquito?
  11. Yes, it was the early edition. The one with the tiny stubs to fit the wings and the terrible wheel wells.
  12. The Trumpy one is the 1st kit I ever dumped in the trash. It was a disaster.
  13. You are lucky. Cant get that kit here in SA.
  14. I painted normal olive drab, and then used shades of MIG Pigments to lighten. I dont have an air brush though.
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