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  1. Will PPD have more sets of PE for the Mosquito?
  2. Yes, it was the early edition. The one with the tiny stubs to fit the wings and the terrible wheel wells.
  3. The Trumpy one is the 1st kit I ever dumped in the trash. It was a disaster.
  4. You are lucky. Cant get that kit here in SA.
  5. I painted normal olive drab, and then used shades of MIG Pigments to lighten. I dont have an air brush though.
  6. Well, our Post Office has banned all parcels from Asian countries, and on Thursday they closed all branches until further notice. I have a number of items "in the air". Doubt I will ever get them, or at least, not soon anyways.
  7. I'm working from home. We have been quarantined for 14 DAYS. Sadly, I still have to be productive and cant spend time on kits.
  8. I read that 5 times and my brain is no fried. Off to the fridge to grab an ice cold Corona beer. They are dirt cheap now.
  9. A friend of mine son (17) wants to start modelling, and he is showing interest in building a F-16. I was thinking maybe he should start of in 1/48. Can you guys recommend a decent kit that wont frustrate a first timer with fit issues?
  10. I'll have to get a set of German decals then.
  11. I have the Hassegawa F-86F-40 , but with Japanese markings. Guess that wont count?
  12. LOL, my home language is Afrikaans, and that lots accent is even hard for me. Weird bunch.
  13. Come to South Africa, we have zero cases and we can pitch tents in my backyard and BBQ/Braai all day. Also, the bottle store is walking distance, you know, for our mineral water.
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