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  1. Hi Kevin. To get that color I used Model Masters Jet Exhaust and after it dried I used Tamaya Smoke by twirling the gun barrel against the brush to give it a circular look. Did this twice and then don't put any final coat on it. Leave it as is.
  2. Not sure what happened, Kev. I couldn't seem to get anything to work. Finally closed everything down and restarted from scratch. Software glitch, maybe???
  3. Hi all you LSP friends out there. It's a wet, cold, gloomy day and since I can't be outside picking up leaves, I thought now would be a good time to give you an update on my "Plastic Toy Boat", or, as I call it - "The Monster Mo". I would say it's probably 75% finished ay this point. I have to put on the smoke stack assemblies and the front upper control bridge yet, then add the rigging (ugh) and add a bunch of little piddly stuff on the main deck. And oh yeah, I've got to do the airplanes that attaches to the catapults. And don't forget the people! I take that back, maybe it isn't 75% done!!
  4. Greetings friends. With this quarantine in effect I thought I'd be able to make tons of progress on my ship. Alas, such is not the case. My wife just has that much more time to spent on her "Honey-Do" list. And, I've come to the realization that if you spend too many hours a day working with little tiny pieces of PE, you soon get to the point where you have to take a break and walk away for a while. This is a hobby, remember - not a job. It's supposed to be fun, and when it isn't, it's time to do something else. But, I have managed to make a little headway from when I last posted back i
  5. Hi Iain, You are doing just fine. It's slow going and it's a HUGE project! Just take your time, work at a pace that's comfortable for you, and most of all - HAVE FUN! I, too, plan on adding sailors to my ship at the end. So far I have 3 sets of Trumpeter US sailors (180 total) to add. I may get more, just haven't decided yet. Have you by chance had an opportunity to view Wojtek's (Voyteque) build photos of his Missouri on the Modelwarship forum? You might want to take a look. http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=167658 He has populated it with sailors and cre
  6. Hi Chek, Thanks for the kind words. Yeah,I've been watching his videos too. He's done things that I haven't and by the same token, I've done things he hasn't. I have picked up a few tips from him, though. In regards to the Veteran's 40mm Bofors sets, that's what I'm using. If you buy the Pontos Advanced Detail set (also more $$$), it includes 10 of these Veterans Bofors sets, as well as brass props, added detail for the 36" searchlights, and more detailed MK51 gun directors
  7. OK, it's now 11PM and I guess I have time to add the rest of the pictures. So, here they are: Progressing further aft on the starboard side, we see the life rings, the fire hoses, and the compressed air cylinders. There are red fire water nozzles that are glued to the main deck near every fire hose. These have not been added yet. I’ll do that after deck #1 is glued down. The short squat compressed air cylinders are acetylene, the ones with the green top are oxygen, and the ones with the white top at the far left are hydrogen. This is the way the tanks were painted in 1945.
  8. OK, are we ready for Part 2? I'm not sure if I can get everything posted tonight or not. It's already after 10 PM and I have to upload the photos to Flickr, then get the URL to post here and then do the write-up. See what I go through for you guys! OK, let's get on with it. Once both sides of the deck are detailed (we’ll show more of that later), we turn our attention elsewhere. As you may imagine, a model of this size and this delicate must be screwed down to a base. Up until now, the ship has been mounted on a temporary base that is not nearly as long as the ship. Now, thoug
  9. Hi Folks! After going through Ian's thread on his 1/200 Hood, I suddenly realized that it's been forever since I posted an update here. In fact, the last post I made was way back in July of last year. You probably figured I got burned out and quit, right? Well, I haven't, but the progress on my "Monster Mo" has been in fits and starts. When you have both a house and a wife that's an expert at creating "Honey-Do" lists, you find your modeling time becomes low priority. But, little by little I'm making progress and it's probably time to bring you up to date. So, what say we begin, OK?
  10. Gorgeous!!! I wish you would write a tutorial on how you achieved this weathering look. Hell, I'd even pay for it!
  11. Man, I'd grab up a 1/32 B-29 in an instant. I love big models, and a big B-29 would be absolutely awesome. That bomber had beautiful lines and, in my opinion, was the most graceful of all the WWII bombers. Now, if you want big, consider a 1/32 B-36!!! That sucker would be 60" long with a wingspan of a little over 7 feet! Now that would be an awesome build!!
  12. Sounds to me like you lived in the upper midwest. Living here on the west side of Lake Michigan I certainly can relate to the cloudy sky all winter. That and "Lake effect" snow. And you're right about idiot drivers who seem to forget that driving a 4 wheel drive SUV doesn't mean that you can stop any better. But, aside from that, Fall is gorgeous with nice crisp days - if you don't mind the leaves, and summer is absolute pure heaven. We don't have the fires they do out west, no danger of hurricanes or Nor'easters. No drought, no floods, and only very rarely do we have a threat of a tornado
  13. I can log in fine. No problems whatsoever.
  14. I have my Kindle nearby and am reading a couple paragraphs waiting for the pages to load. Slower than trying to pour molasses out of a bottle in January.
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